Full Moon in Aries

The Equinox time is upon us and it marks the moment when the Sun moves into Libra. And this year this occurs at 6pm PST on Saturday the 22nd.

Libra is a Cardinal sign ushering in the start of Autumn.  It is an air sign bringing the winds of change and clarity.

This Equinox we are moving into the energy of a Full Moon in Aries.

The Full Moon will occur in the evening of Monday September 24th at 1 degree Aries.

Interpersonal issues are sure to come up so that we can re-start and hit the refresh button on neural pathways and situations that haven’t been helping us to grow.


This Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon it marks the half way point to the Astrological year which begins at the Spring Equinox.

Spring Equinox is like the birth point and this Fall Equinox marks the death point where we evaluate that which needs to be released and buried.

And this relates to how we relate to others.

What is asking you to release? What do you need to let finally die?

This Full Moon is conjunct the Wounded Healer Chiron, internal emotional issues come up for healing not to frustrate you!

The Sun will be conjunct Mercury to help you communicate, purge and express your emotions and inner conflicts.

This Full Moon forms a T Square to Saturn in Capricorn and the frustrations that you may be having in work or making things happen in your material world.

The ONLY meditation point for all this is to nurture yourself and your emotions.

The meditation is in Cancer, the mother the water.

Find nurturing in healing work and self-care. It is a great time to work with me.

Watch the house by house below to understand more and please share this if it speaks to you.

New Moon in Virgo

On Sunday morning September 9th we will have a New Moon in 17 degrees in Virgo at 11:02am.

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that means it provides practical change, practical magic to shift and change our beliefs and behaviors.

The New Moon in Virgo is a perfect time to make medicines, magic and intentions for full health.  We have the opportunity to use this New Moon to propel us into fall with plans, self-care and mental acuity about what needs to shift.


This New Moon will be influenced by three other happenings:

An opposition to Neptune which may confuse and bring up boundary issues, a sextile to Jupiter in Scorpio which assists us in finally attend to our wounds.  This new moon brings the spiritual healing and asks us to find our spiritual healers.

A Grand Earth Trine with Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus which helps us ground into the changes.


A grand cross with Venus moving into Scorpio in the early morning which brings us full circle to this Scorpion expansion, squaring Uranus, the North Node in Leo and South Node/Mars in Aquarius. 

This is just everything. 

CHANGES are moving forward now.

This is a perfect time to work with me.

Our subconscious is ready to release and move us forward.  We are finally ready for the dramatic shifts that will improve our day to day lives.

This New Moon is all about foundations, structures and practical shifts.

We can no longer drag our feet on the changes that need to occur.

The Grand Cross energy is very intense at a New Moon this is all about tension and pressure to move into your creative power.

It's a perfect time to study Astrology or Intuitive Development.

Watch my you tube and subscribe to get the New Moon house by house guide.

Infinite Love,



Horoscopes for Virgo Season

Virgo Season is here, bringing with it a much appreciated time for sifting and sorting. 

Virgo Season runs from August 22 to September 22, 2018.

It is a mutable sign which helps us go with the flow of the transition to fall. 
Cancer season brings the nurturing warming waters of Summer, Leo brings the heat and courage of the Sun but it is Virgo season that we harvest all the fruits.

We gather and we share in the abundance of the season. 

We analyze and make adjustments to our daily routines and rhythms. 

Virgo is the sign of the virgin that stands alone to serve others outside of her family, it is the archetype of the nurse.

The way Virgin was used in ancient terms is quite different than how it is used today. 

It means the feminine part of us that is not belonging to the masculine.  It is represented by an indiviudal that stays true to their own path, a wise service oriented priest/priestess. 

And we all have this archetype in our chart.

Virgo rules all the things we tend to on the daily; small animals, our daily service to health and healing, upgrades to our daily life.  Virgo has a special kind of relationship to the Earth.

As an Earth sign we may notice our connection to the planet and where it requires adjustments to our actions in order to feel more synched to the care of the self and then ultimately her. 

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It is helpful to read your Sun, Moon and Rising sign if you know them.  If not you can get your free chart here



This season is one of self-acceptance and courage.  Things that you have postponed over the last few months are meant to be re-visited at this time.  Chiron the wounded healer is moving through your sign and Saturn the great teacher are squaring your sign that is no small feat.  I will validate that one.   However they are showing you some emotions and wounds that would appreciate some time and space.  Take them to the river, let yourself feel where they are in your body.  Ask the river to wash these places clean. Don’t forget to ask it to clear your head. Remember we cannot release without feeling what it is that we are actually releasing. This is difficult for action oriented Aries, sit for a bit it won’t kill you.   If someone shows up with advice for you, take it to heart. The advice may come from a homeless man whose skin has been darkened by the Sun and the Earth, let them share with you what they’ve learned. Or it may come from a leaf that has been crisped by the sun and lack of water, just listen.  Don’t give up, instead listen and ask for synchronicities to come in for guidance. Remember to always ask, otherwise the universe can’t answer.



Well well well my Earthy sensual friend, nothing feels quite as honey as when the Sun moves into one of your fellow Earth signs.  This Virgo season however is about change and moving with the flow of consciousness.  This time period marks a vital time for you to release the status quo and some of your desire for complete and ultimate security.  A little is ok but you are being challenged to find comfort in change. It is not a time to stick to your guns, it’s a time to take the day moment to moment. Do you hear me? You cannot plan, expect or force your will.  You must allow time for dreaming and utilizing the beginners mindset. Studying, learning and skill building are all great focuses to have. This means harmonizing your day to day to make space for the processes that are being asked of you.  Virgo season is about sorting and sifting and learning. Right now you are being asked to soften, to learn to practice. This will prepare you for mid-September when it will certainly be more a time for action for you, plan work events for then and prepare for them now.  



Gem this season looks damn fresh for y'all.  I’m slightly jelly as per the usual, of your ability to not personalize information but to simply use it as tools for your life flows.  Luck is most definitely on your side this season and not many transits with the exception of a blessing from the planet of desire, Venus.  So your only task this season is to harmonize your desires with your actions. This is a fresh start time for you, take it!  Improvements require a few modifications to your day to day routines.  Do not act in the same ways or you will get the same results.  Watch how you are spending the majority of your day and adjust.  The world tree is calling for your assistance, however you need a clear mind and an open heart in order to answer this call. Tend to your nervous system, get ample sleep and breathe fully and deeply. The world will speak to you and you will be required to answer. Celebrate what has lead you to this time period and soak into the sweetness of your life.  It truly is a blessing.



There may be an edginess to you this season Cancer, but that’s what keeps life interesting.  Your life is a combination of imagination and action. So lean into the edge this month because it will help you move the energy forward.  You can be bitchy crab and still have sweetness to your heart, it’s called balance. It means you have boundaries. This month is a great time for you to plan or take a trip, even if it is a small one.  You are not meant to retreat this month, you are meant to visualize your future and to be brave about it. Which may include #relationshipgoals. If you have ended a relationship that is the time to revisit, re-form boundaries that you let your lover crunch all over and re-establish your truth and your needs.  If you are in a new relationship, remember that the boundaries seem not fun in the moment, but they bring you happiness together in the long run. If you have been in the same relationship for a while it may be a good time to have a fire and burn some of your old resentments. Muah.



Why everyone seem to hate on the lions, though?  Don’t they know lions are secretly insecure about how much people are drawn to them.  And then once a lion let's them into their tribe they see how quickly the mood changes.   It’s the love hate thing that really can get a lion down.  All a lion truly wants is loyalty.  But this world is full of hyenas.   A Leo simply wants to bask in the light of the sun with everyone, they don’t want to be the Sun, they simply absorb the secrets of the Sun.  Therefore everyone wants to hear them roar it out but then they are the first to criticize Leo’s voice.  Well in Virgo season it is the time for all you lions to stop giving in to your insecurities, to let the old crash and burn to the ground, to let your natural energy and happiness guide you to a whole new view of your life.  This season expect the unexpected. A new job, a new lover, an invitation into a community or community role.  Just go with what arrives at your doorstep this month and leave behind anyone that tells you to hush your roar.



It’s your season Virgo.  And with that comes the time to cut through some old bullshit, with your sword of truth.  To gain clarity you must reduce the input that you have coming in. To create more understanding one must dedicate themselves to the truths of the universe, not the truths in their own mind.  You may not even be aware of the authority that you carry, however that doesn’t mean that the authority is not there. In order for you to let go of these last bits of stress or this whole bucket load, it will require a change in your perspective.  You will be required to dive into your inner sacred wisdom that goes beyond what you think is the best service to your tribe. It’s time to let the old die once and for all. Dedicate yourself to seeing beyond your fears, dedicate yourself to trusting the future will include care for you and all beings.  You are not alone in this, it’s time to cut through the lies sift through and create a new future. The great teacher and the sudden change maker are blessing your path, you simply need to walk it.



Sweet Libra even with Venus moving through your sign, this season may not be as easy as one might hope for.  Libra has a way of wanting everyone to be ok, but no one is ok, ok? And that’s ok. Likely you have been suppressed by this idea that you can make everyone else happy and because of that you have sacrificed your own needs for far too long.  It’s time for you to accept some outside guidance into your life. You may be confused about which way to move forward in your life but your intuition has been trying to speak to you about your desires for the last few weeks, what has it said to you?  This is opportune time to seek counsel from a wise healer, counselor, astrologer. It’s time to the bottom of your fears around being free from what you think everyone else wants from you. Information is simply information. You don’t need to make it about you or what you need to do, just be open to what comes through at this time.  Remember that writing is the best tool for clarity during Virgo Season.



I don’t know if you make art or not and I don’t know if you create shit with your hands but if you do...now is the time to crank up the volume on your creations.  Whatever calls to your creative urges, pounce on into it.  Jupiter is only in your sign for a few more short months. Use this time wisely. Let yourself really go into the vortex of complete and full abundance. What does it look like there, how are you spending your time, who is there with you, what colors fill the environment?  This is also an opportune time to look at where you have held resistance in your life path. There is no limit to the amount of joy that is accessible to you. Your past has shaped you but your vision will guide you. Believe in the unbelievable. Give yourself time to envision, to dream, to harmonize your internal compass to your desires.  This takes courage because you have to admit the true fear is in your not getting the thing that you are envisioning, the truth is though that you don’t have it unless you believe it. So what is keeping you from believing this truth? The final release of your past will clear you to your future.



This season is all about balance for you Sag.  There is no equilibrium without both the masculine and the feminine.  And because Sagittarius is a masculine sign, it can be tricky to feel into the divine feminine.  Yet Sag is a mutable sign along with the season we are now in. Virgo season can bring an opportunity to learn more about flow and the changes that need to occur.  The changes that can fortify you at this time. This season also speaks of collaboration on your part, that you can’t just go at it all alone which is a trait that all satyrs struggle with.   I know sometimes it feels like what is being asked of you is unfair but this is your path. You are a perpetual student and it is truly the only thing that makes you such an excellent teacher and friend.   Ask for help, learn to gracefully accept help and the rest will work itself out. If you resist the lessons, you are resisting the wisdom as well. To be strong is to listen to the wisdom that flows to you and when you let wisdom flow in, money can’t help but follow suit.  Your inner voice won’t lead you astray at this time.




Is life feeling more like a burden again sweet Cap?  If you find yourself falling into the heaviness of it all this season, don’t be surprised.  This is just a feeling and feelings are temporary. However in order to flower into the future with more freedom and lightness requires your recognition that money isn’t the end all be all.  C’mon I know you want to believe this but it is a struggle. Maybe a walkabout in the woods would free you from the constraints of our society at this time. Something big is in order so that you can let these lies eclipse out of your life.  THE WHOLE FINANCIAL SYSTEM IS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE. Get a grip and enjoy the present. Say sorry to all the people you’ve yelled at for not having their shit together and then ask them for advice. You don’t always have the best answer but you do ask all the best questions.  Laugh and make a cake but then give it all away to someone that lives on the streets. Then tell people that you are not as selfish as they think you are.





Oh my love, my eccentric friend.  This season is going to be so damn abundant.  That is of course if you follow my advice. You’ve got to stop blindfolding yourself from yourself.  You are being challenged to yolk your mind to your heart, which is the ultimate challenge for the brilliant Aquarian... I suppose it is easier to bear the water to others than it is to bath in it yourself.  But now is the time to submerge yourself. The actions that are required of you at this time tend to be the most uncomfortable for a wandering Aquarian. Look at all the ways in which you feel as though you have been compared and judged.   Look at all the lies you’ve told yourself about what others must think of you. These are the lies that have kept you feeling like a black sheep, these are lies. Repeat after me, l-i-e-s. This season asks you to stay put, to feel, to align yourself with the desires that you have.   If you want peace, if you want harmony, if you want success then you need to align your whole being with all this. This is a time for your inner transformation, which will usher in more creative power than you ever thought possible. The beaming force of vitality and love comes from resting your wandering heart.  Not from seeking it.




Virgo season is here bringing your polarity into focus, with a full moon into your home sign.  Now this isn’t always a comfortable time but it always brings healing to you. And this full moon is illuminating all the ways in which you have betrayed yourself.  All the ways in which you have avoided making decisions that needed to be made because you didn’t want to harm others, which made you harm yourself. It’s time to get real with yourself.  Even though this season will throw some chaos into your gears, it is doing so for the purpose of creating more overall serenity to your darn system. Take the chaos for what it is, upheaval.  Take the upheaval for what it is, a disruption. Take the disruption for what it is, an upgrade. Take my word for it you will end this season happier than how you started it. You are building your system up for a major overall that will carry you into fall with more fruits to share with all the people that you feared that you would harm by withdrawing your energy from.



Thanks for reading.

Infinite Love to you all this Virgo Season,


Practical Transcendance at the Pisces Full Moon

The Full Moon in August occurs this Sunday morning at 4:56 am PST in 3 degrees of Pisces.

The Sun will have just moved into Virgo on August 22nd and will also be at 3 degrees.

This creates a bridge between our nervous system and our pineal gland,  an opportunity to ground the dreams into reality.

To re-balance the extremes in our selves, in our world.

Nothing is true and everything is a work in progress, a work in your beliefs.

Both Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs which brings the opportunity to create change.


Every Full Moon creates a polarity of two opposite signs.  When you are outside on a clear evening watching the Sun set if you wait long enough the Full Moon will appear directly opposite in the sky.  

It is in the polarity that we find balance here on Earth.

This month that polarity is in Virgo the practical servant Earth sign.  The one that will organize and find areas of improvement everywhere and to everyone.  And Pisces the ethereal dreamer Water sign.  The one that will offer boundless imagination and spiritual connection everywhere and to everyone.

However there is also a beautiful Earth trine between the Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn that is highlighted at this Full Moon which brings practical changes forward.

This Earth trine is accentuated by the Moon in Pisces, bringing spirituality and transcendance to our 3D reality. 

The big shift.

The kite formation in astrology, mathmatically and geometrically designed to look at act like a kite, we are ready to soar.

Here we go, just as Mars is about to turn direct in the work horse Earth sign of Capricorn on August 27th.

All our frustrations may be highlighted but only so that we know how to better act and change.

This is the time to bring in the metaphysics, to study energy and/or astrology

Think back to your intentions at the Leo Eclipse New Moon to understand how to best work with this.

Also look to where 3 degrees of Pisces and Virgo are in your birth chart.

"You must over and again wander in search of your lost self and the lost self of the world, and journey through the most fantastic scenarios in order to reclaim at every major juncture the poignant, shattered, and self-regenerating lost soul. 

The lost soul whose pathos and triumph of navigation through every possible hiding place through the sheer inward intent of your subtle faculties, cannot be discouraged, cannot be denied."  Elias Longsdale

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Infinite Love,

Abigail Barella

Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse at the Lion's Gate

On August 11th at 2:47am PST we will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in 18 degrees of Leo.  This New Moon is conjunct Mercury which is retrograde in Leo.

The Sun and Moon are at 18 degrees, conjunct Pallas Athena in 17 degrees and Mercury which is Retrograde is at 14 degrees.   Both Athena and Mercury represent the mind, processing and downloads.


Forget everything that you think you know.

Athena and Mercury Retrograde will have you seeing and processing information/stories that have made you feel trapped or less than.

This combination in Leo makes for a powerhouse of courage, the courage to see past programs and patterns that have kept us playing smaller or hiding away. 

This is an opportunity to strengthen our purpose, to set powerful intentions for the next six months.

Leo is also the creativity powerhouse so expect insight on expression and play.

The North Node will be at 5 degrees of Leo which makes this a partial eclipse. 

When the nodes are lit up they show us collectively what needs to be addressed from our past so that it can be left in the past.  

It is a time to move into our future with more freedom.


The darkness of this New Moon is amplified by the moon also blocking the light of the Sun. 

The irony in that it's during the brightest and most fire-filled time of the year. 

Nothing burns brighter than Sun.

Yet the darkness is always present, even in the light.

In fact it is only in the light that we can truly see the depth of our personal darkness.

The purpose in this is taking this light filled time of year to see our past restrictions. 

We can see what we have feared in the past and the delusions that have been created due to these fears.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

– Plato

This powerful New Moon is an opportunity to expand into our magic.  Jupiter in Scorpio is squared by this New Moon creating a conflict and an opportunity for resolution.

Creative Power is possible when you are courageous enough to go after it.

This is the time to trust your heart and work past old restrictions. 

Which means it's a great time to work with me.

This New Moon also creates a quincunx to Pluto and it is a half way point for Pluto as journeying through Capricorn which takes 20 years.  At the last New Moon Partial Eclipse in Cancer Pluto was opposed and through conflict we were shown a shadow within ourselves.

Pluto unearths all the things we choose to not see, so that it can be dealt with.  It is the shadow.  Pluto in Capricorn unearths the issues within the system that are hidden from the public eye, more personally it shows us where we are a part of that bigger system and how our shadow feeds the machine.

This quincunx to Pluto from the Solar Eclipse has us all working to uncover our own truth and release our personal bullshit that tells us all kinds of stories about who we are and what we have to share.

The intentions that you set at this time will carry you for the next six months..look back to intentions you may have set back in January and see how far you've truly come.  Also look to the partial eclipse last month to see how far you've come mentally from that time frame.

When you set intentions for the next six months, look to what houses Leo, Capricorn and Scorpio are in for you.  That is your work this cycle.


Infinite Love,

Abigail Barella Sparkle and Shine Guidance

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Horoscopes for Leo Season

Welcome to Leo Season which brings with it two very powerful eclipses.

Themes for this season are:

Creativity, Play, Romance, Inner Musing, Issues of the Heart, Courage,  Self-Development

Leo is ruled by the Sun, it affects our identity and how we choose to shine our light in the world.


We all have this fierce lion/ess in our chart.

Being a fixed sign gives us all the opportunity to really stick to our guns on issues that matter most to us.

However we also need to recognize that being flexible within that persistence is necessary.

We can't be so sure that we know exactly what we need or even more importantly what others need but we can be in alignment with our own free will.

With five planets including Mercury in Leo retrograde during much of this Leo time we are being asked to  re-analyze how we can best be used to shine a bright light onto this existence.

We are being asked to keep seeking towards a heart of gold.

We are being asked to make choices that feed our own destiny for the benefit of others.

Read your sun moon and rising for the full experience for how Leo season may affect your sign and remember these are just for fun, to get a real look at how you may be affected schedule a full chart reading



This is a time to look at the balance of your emotions and learning to not react from your emotions.  The transformations this month come from being a bit more pragmatic with your responses and actions.  The sacred pause is essential as much as moving forward in issues that have previously held you back from being authentic in relationships.  This is a time period of ideas and imagination, it can very useful for planning so utilize your goal setting and planning. And yet confusing enough it is not the time period with five planets retrograde for you to start something new.  This is the time to stick with the plan even if the end result will be different than where you thought it was going. this must be balanced with play and laughter. The inspirations in our lives come from playing. Changes to how you interact and play in relationships are coming up in a major way so it’s wise to tune in and get the information necessary for your transformations.  Planning at this time will help you to feel more useful and in control. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



What a big month this is for you dear Taurus.  When you can learn to quiet the overactive mind and release fears of insecurity that’s when the magic happens for you.  And there is so much magic available to you right now if you can tune into the creation energy flowing through your fingertips.  These powerful eclipses this month are both in fixed signs and squaring your sign.  This is a time to let the old break apart without letting fear take over, your animal is the bull.  The bull can be effective and brave but it can also wreck havoc on a china shop....so maybe just be aware of what your metaphysical china shop is right now.  This is the time to acknowledge that which is no longer working in your mindset and finally flush it out once and for all.  With all this stubborn energy surging you may just explode if you aren’t careful so allow for lots of quiet, contemplative time.  And please please please use this creative energy wisely, use your hands.  Your inner child is desperate for expression and change. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



This is the time you have been waiting for Gemini.  To finally puts the wheels in motion to act.  With this air sign eclipse at the beginning of Leo season you are given the opportunity to release outdated ideas about what you are up against, maybe it was all an illusive inner dragon that whole time?  You have much to gain in your vitality through this season if you can let go of old power dynamics that aren't maybe even really there.  This is the time to align yourself with others that inspire and support your vision.  A friend, mentor, or loved one may show up to aid in your transformation, remember though that this transformation is about You in your life story.  Keep yourself set as the main character, the rest of the characters have supporting roles in this story, so set it up that way, always.  Practical steps and self-care for forward movement is a great focus this season.  Get your personalized eclipse reading



Happiness comes through courage and trust as you wander through this unknown territory.  This season the transformation comes through valuing yourself and your vision. This season is ripe for you to explore your own goals and to see if the people closest to you feed these goals.  It is very common for Cancerians to get into self-protection mode, but Leo season helps you to open up and play. It is very important for you to nurture yourself at this time and have the courage necessary to give your boundaries a reboot.  You don't need to be wanted all that is required for your fulfillment and happiness is to want yourself.  Release fully anyone that makes you feel like you aren't welcome.  This is the time to purge community that feeds off your crab legs while telling you how fishy they taste.  Let them find their own food and get yourself out of the crab pot once and for all, you've got a world to explore so let go of the need to feed and get on out there.  You are worthy. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



Well, well, well Leo it’s your season and an intense one at that.  Powerful waves of change are flowing through the cosmos and it offers you the opportunity to go deep within and focus on yourself.  Find the inner contentment within that no other human can fuck with. Be patient with the bigger outer transformations and stay within.  Alone time offers you the space and time to let success find its way to you.  It truly is as simple as connecting to your divine inner lion/ness.  The full moon eclipse at the beginning of your season in your polar opposite brings up relationship issues of all kinds and how community can either accelerate your growth or slow you down if you let them.  Being the leader of the jungle is hard fucking work, your pride isn't always behind you.  And yet you still must act as if it is.  This is the time for inspired action. You may want to spend this season in your element with the sun and prey and enjoy all things summertime but this is actually an opportunity to bring that sunshine into your work and manifestation power.   Align with that divine lion energy.  Check in with your emotions to make sure that you are in alignment with your actions and make adjustments as necessary. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



Virgo this is the test, this is the monumental moment where the universe beckons you to let go and trust.  Do you understand the value of your place in this world? Are you ready to ask for more, to visualize, dream and plan for more?  This transformation relates to your ability to tap into a source of abundance that you never have allowed yourself to in the past. This transformation requires you to tap into the collective consciousness and understand that you have much to offer to so many.  The care to the details can only take you so far, right now you are being asked to get spiritual, dream bigger and hold space in your heart for the magic.  Neptune opposing your sign means that instead of anxiety, you could tap into some serious imagination and visualizing your goals being fulfilled.  You may need some sleepy time tea but rest assured knowing that the dreams are more important than the details right now. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



This season is certainly a time to not let yourself get caught up in the struggle.  We can’t escape big emotions and we can’t just choose to see the positive in our lives because that leaves us unbalanced and we know how important balance is to you dear Libras.  At times we just have to allow ourselves to “go there” however when we do this it’s helpful to look to the source of the emotion, does it remind you of other times in your life? Does it bring up any other memories?  What story does it trigger for you? There is a beautiful innocence about your commitment to beauty in all forms, however mourning and pain bring us strength. Allowing yourself to feel the bigger uglier emotions cleanses the psyche and that is exactly where you are meant to be during this intense transformation, stay with the personal process.  No one can bring you anything that you don’t already have access to without them. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



Sometimes in life we are challenged to take risks that we don’t necessarily like taking.  Sometimes we wish things could just be all comfortable, sexy and easy. However we are all in deep transformation which is something that Scorpio’s can appreciate.  When we can relax into this transformation and align with our goals we can get more out of this time than other archetypes that freeze up or hid away. If you can honor the breakdown you can be part of the rebuilding crew and this is where you really thrive.  Your ability to bring healing and generosity to most situations is required at this time. This is your time to truly shine and push ahead. As you align your inner healing to the healing required for the collective you establish yourself as a trusted leader in your community.  Integrity should be your only focus and the rest will all come naturally when you offer your services to the world. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



It’s time to finally move out of scarcity mindset there dear archer, hasn’t anyone told you that you have the power to set your sights on what you want?  Adjust your bow, notch your arrows and set your sights on your vision as you learn to work your ways back from the bullseye to your iris it requires you to believe and face the inner challenges that have previously kept you from this goal.  You do have confidence even if sometimes it seems as though it wavers. In your work and relationship life the real problem that you are faced with is your own conflicting interests. How can you hit the target if you don’t even know where it is?  It’s as if you are being pulled into two completely different directions. But now is the time set your iris on the bullseye and flex. No more fear, no more questions just go. Prioritize time blocks for your focused goals and nothing will hold you back, nothing. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



So let's stop being so real, Capricorn.  Your work ethic and dedication don't go unnoticed however this is a time to realize that there is more to success than this.  Imagination may be a point of contention for you as of late dear workhorse.  We know that real work is very important to you, but at times your nose is too close to the grindstone to actually see what could be different so that things move smoother.  This season is about you getting some space and getting space from the things that are most stressful for you. Change requires your participation and it requires you to change something.  Change something in the home, even if it is as simple as rearranging or cleaning out cupboards. You may want to go deeper however and get support from a guide or mentor to re-work your vision for yourself and your family/community.  You have so many inner resources to draw upon for this season but they require space and imagination. Get your personalized a eclipse reading



There is a transformation happening for all of us during this season, but it is very clear that this transformation is most intense for you.  It’s clear that you are being forced to stop clinging onto a past that is no longer here. Afterall the only way to participate in the future is by being receptive to the present.  You can’t be receptive to the present if you are living in the past. The pain that you carry is worthy for you to explore but not drown in. You're not alone, so many people value you.  Lean into your unique expression at this time, there is a part of you that may feel selfish in this but that is the illusion. The world needs your wisdom and inventiveness at this time so much that it is going to push you, it may feel like it’s pushing you to a breaking point.  In reality through the universe is just breaking you open to your path and your path is forward not back. Focus on what you know fortifies your mind, body and soul. Lean into relationships that hold space for your visions. We all need you at this time and moving into the future.  Get your personalized a eclipse reading



A much needed break from all the depth is available to you at this time Pisces.  A breath of fresh air.  Your transformation comes from rejuvenation.  It comes from cutting ties that connect to an anchor weight at the bottom of the dark dark ocean.  When you learn to release these then and only then will you understand the karmic ties that have bound you to an existence that is in someway a form of mental slavery.  Just because you feel big, does not entitle you spiritually to feel for others, so just stop it already.  It isn't evolved to carry the weight of the world, it's just stupid.  You've got work to do and Venus opposing your sign means that it's time for you to tune into real love.   Experiencing yourself and your emotions(only yours) at this time strengthens your existence.  The best way to get this is by having alone time and focus on the daily spiritual practices that feed you and inspire you to take better care of your own life.  Because that's all you have right now is one life, live it. Get your personalized a eclipse reading


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

On July 27 at 1:20 PM PST we will have a Full Moon Total LUNAR Eclipse 4° Aquarius

It will be the longest eclipse of the century spanning 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds.

This eclipse is very powerful because it also conjuncts Mars and squares Uranus, the sudden change maker in Taurus.

Let alone the fact that by Thursday the 26th five planets will be retrograde including Mars and Mercury...

This is all about:                                  INNER T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N-S


The moon is in Aquarius conjunct Mars which is retrograding and is "out of bounds" of it's declination.  It will be visible in clear skies right below the moon.

This eclipse will be most impactful for those of us with planets/placements from 0-10 degrees of Aquarius or Leo or Taurus or Scorpio.  If you have all four set in your chart to the four directions expect shifts.

Eclipse Season Preparation:
Look to where 4 degrees of Aquarius and Leo is in your chart to understand this Eclipse more fully.

This Eclipse is conjunct Mars which is retrograde and brings up issues from your past so that you can fully process out any last bits and pieces.

Who ever is part of this process for you remember to send them hellos and thank yous for helping you to learn the lessons.

Remember to place a hand on your heart and know that your true source is love and love alone... and set up some Sparkle and Shine Guidance time

New Moon Partial Eclipse in Cancer

On July 12th we will have a powerful New Moon in 20 degrees of Cancer.

This partial eclipse marries our inner child with our inner mama, to bring all the feels.

The reason that this is only a partial eclipse is that the north node of moon is over in five degrees of Leo and that is more than ten degrees away from this New Moon and it means that the Full Moon on July 27th will bring a powerful Lunar Eclipse.


What makes this New Moon potent is the other transits involved.

This New Moon a very powerful one for awareness and intention setting.

Cancer time is a time where we get back in touch with our roots, our sense of home, we come back to nurturing ourselves and others. 

We heal by feeling and this cancer new moon brings lots of feels.

Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio two days before this powerful New Moon and will be lit up by a Grand Water Trine with the Sun and Moon in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces...big feels, big releases.

We also have this New Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto the Lord of the underworld in Capricorn.  This unearths parts of ourselves that want our nurturing, self-acceptance and love.  We may confronted with the parts of ourselves that we have tried to sweep under the rug.   Subconscious programs in our consciousness will be brought to the surface for the purpose of healing.

We also have a Earth Grand Trine too(thank goodness) which helps us to ground out all these big emo-tions.  Saturn in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus literally will help us bring the love and structures to change our DNA.  I'm not kidding, this shit is powerful.  We all getting whacked with an awakening that is a pre-curser to 2020.  We are all in big times.

Thankfully there are so many ways to ease this awakening.  One is to work with me.

I'm offering two Summer Eclipse offerings:

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Infinite Love,


Horoscopes for Cancer Season

Welcome to the official start of summer, to Cancer season. 

Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign.

Cardinal signs start a season.  Cancer starts us into summer with the solstice on June 21st.

Cancer is the most intuitive and nurturing sign of the zodiac.  The mama of the zodiac it is the sign that is also very protective and home based.

However it doesn't necessarily mean that we will be drawn to just sit home all Cancer season, actually quite the opposite.

The crab quickly learns that home is where the heart is and that you can wander while still learning to find comfort in within the comfort of your own shell, your soul.

Cancer is  ruled by the moon, it is a powerful time to visit the ocean as it is at the tides of the ocean where the moon and the water meet and can communicate their message to you for Cancer season.


Themes for the season are:

Boundaries, trusting our intuition, self-care and mothering ourselves are all a apart of this time frame.


Our emotions are our navigation system, learning to listen is the best gift we can give ourselves this season.

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Cancer Season Horoscopes:


Please read your sun moon and rising sign if you know them.  If you are interested in learning more about astrology check out Sparkle and Shine Astrology School for beginners or ongoing students of the science of Astrology




How nice it is for you Aries, getting some sun and fun of all that summertime can bring.  Summer is supposed to be fun and yet it may take a little bit more process time this start of summer so that you can truly enjoy what summer has to offer you.  The planet that rules your sign is about to take off for vacation which is forcing you, speedy gonzales, to slow your speed and to really feel your feeling. UGG.  I know exactly what you want to hear right? But you have been carrying these burdens for far too long, this is the time to rebalance and rebuild. So where are all these damn emotions coming from anyways?  Chiron the archetype of the wounded healer is going to be with you for quite a while so it’s best to just accept that right now is about healing and the only way to heal is to feel. Where is that emotion? Where does it live in your body?  Look at it, feel it. So that faster than an arrow it will leave as quick as it came in. By the way archery would be a great sport to take up while you are sorting through all this big stuffs. Starting up a new hobby can help mediate all this crazy.




No one can tell you that you don’t work hard Taurus and yet you may need to acknowledge that you’ve been far too stubborn within your idea of your work.  I know that this is difficult, believe me I know. But fear cannot keep you from this transformation, these amazing changes that you are about to undergo. Fear can only slow you down.  The time has come to clear from your mind the old ways and allow the new ways to come in as quick as lightning to bring you changes and abundance. This is the fresh start. The world is at your door, are you going to answer or are you going to wait until it stops knocking so that you can go back to sorting through your sock drawer?   Let the stars be your guide, if you can find the beauty in a shooting star then you can understand that not everything is meant to stay exactly how it was, there is beauty and grace in movement, in release. It’s time to banish the old beliefs and start to become more like everything else in the world, in a state of constant and beautiful flux.  Your sign is involved in a major grand fixed cross that is crumbling past structures that are no longer functioning so it’s best to just allow the break-up of old energies.




We all experience pain in our lives, Gemini.  What separates us is in how we all respond to this pain.  Do we create a story about the pain, do we try to intellectualize our way out of it or do we simply allow ourselves to feel it.  For a mind driven sign such as yourself it can be easier to create stories than it is to simply feel into the emotions. The human experience of pain is universal, yet the felt experience of that pain is unique to every single being on this planet.  Creating stories around our pain can keep us from really feeling into the emotion the pain brings about. Now don’t get me wrong, there is power in our stories but we cannot bypass the emotions because they are the paint to the canvas. Let yourself paint freely this season, get the nurturing that you deserve.  Your gift is in transforming the emotions that arise into stories and lessons. So consider these next few weeks as an excellent skill building activity. If you can stick with your emotions and let them guide you through this transformation, you will grow immensely. There is so much for you to process at this time, so set some time aside for processing, feeling and journaling.  I can’t wait to see what you create from these season’s experiences.




Oh my dear crab friends, put your pinchers up to the sky, this is your season.   This is a time to clean out your closets and break free of any restraints that keep you on protection mode.  Those pinchers can really injure someone so take the time to look at your self-protection strategies that have in the end injured yourself and others.  No other sign struggles with self protection quite the same as you. Your gifts and talents are so needed in this world at this time, yet if you are still in self-protection mode no one will know what you have to offer.  And what you have to offer is pure magic, so please do share it. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some kind of cleansing treatment like a massage, or a pedicure or an energy healing session. Something that will assist you in clearing the debris of the past so that you can move into this summer with confidence.  Life is short, please do not spend it all hiding away in that beautiful shell of yours. As the sign of the mother you can sometimes carry the weight of the world on your back without even knowing you are doing it, take time for play and self-care to remember that all is well. To remember that your spiritual and emotional wellbeing is your responsibility.  The full moon at the end of June may have you on hyper-critical mode, please remember that perfection is an illusion that no one can live up to.




Ok my playful lion, it’s officially time for you to map out a better strategy for your life.  Get to it! In the past, your sorrows have originated from the betrayal of your own intuition.  The sun rules your sign Leo and it shines a light onto truth, that fact cannot be escaped. Your emotions, your body, your life is speaking to you and it requires your honesty and determination.  You are being shown the way and yet you still question yourself. Apollo is the ruling God of this sign. He is youthful, he brings the light and he knows how to party. And yet he is also a powerful oracle and healer.  So Leo, how do you want to utilize this Leo energy? Do you want to be the life of the party? Or do you want to use your talents to enliven the masses and create systems for people to heal? If you want to party, then by all means just stick with it.  If you want to bring about the changes so desperately needed at this time, then it’s time to get a better strategy. Let go of the old ways and create a support team that can help you reach your goals, it’s time to shine for all the right reasons. This is go time.




Well, well, well what a surprise, you’ve been working too hard again Virgo.  Where is the balance my friend? Part of this could be the lack of Earth below your feet.  This season ain’t gonna bring it either, so that means finding it on your own. Times to slow and steady yourself.  Why oh why is it so difficult for a person with a gift for organization to not be able to schedule in more play and rest time in their schedule?  Inspiration for further works comes from playing and resting. It’s time to transform and start fresh something your sign is so so ready for. Taking some time for contemplation and inner vision is a very worthy investment at this time.  Invest in yourself and the rest will unfold itself to you. The staying power of self-care has got to be your main goal this season as emotions may surface that require your attention. If you try to just push through this season and work longer hours or take on more responsibilities it may end poorly for you.  Make sure to rest and do what you can to increase the probability of more laughter this season. Laughter is necessary this season.




It’s time to nurture a new future for yourself.  Foresight is not something that you have always used in your decision making.  But now is the time for it. In the past you have made most your decisions based on what will bring the most peace and harmony.  Now though things are about to get ugly and there is going to be no space or time for weighing all the options. You’ve just got to plan for something better than where you are currently at.  And while certainly you will need to be patient with your plans, you still do need to start somewhere and that is what this time is for. One can only nurture the future by starting somewhere no matter how small, sparking the movement, it takes courage and not caring if everyone agrees with you.  You cannot have harmony 100% of the time. Discipline is required. This cycle will offer you the opportunity to tune into your version of this inner discipline. Sort through what belongs in your own brain, from that which someone else planted into your brain. Do this and you will soar.




Now is the time to act.  Make the decision, cut the cord, move it forward….jump.  The universe wants to catch you but now how can it if you won’t jump?   Stop it already with the doubt and the postponements, now is the time to act.  Expand, spread your wings and trust your gut. Notice the give and take in your relationships, notice your boundaries and notice where the majority of your time and money is spent.  It’s time for an upgrade. Increase your energy by focusing on what’s most important. Make a vision board already and anything not in alignment with that vision gets 0% of your time, comprende?  Now with all that being said, do not leave charity and giving back from your vision for the future. Goals and success are empty without the opportunity to give back, just make sure that you are giving to worthy causes not huge organizations where the money fails to trickle down to the people that you thought you were giving it to.  Your dreams are possible and quite likely if you can actually stick with your vision at this time. A grand water trine is highlighting your sign so it’s a precious opportunity to move something that has been stuck for far too long. Don’t drain your energy on causes that aren’t in your vision, k?




Do not, I repeat do not let your anxieties about the future keep you from happiness in the present.  C’mon Sag, you’ve come so far. The ways you have matured in these last few years are something for you to celebrate.  Focus on how far you’ve come, k? The traveling that is required from you this season is all an internal journey. Sometimes we journey out there in the world and beyond, sometimes we travel within our mind to adventures and ideas.  But now is a time to journey to your inner flames deep within. You have the external sun shining bright which allows you the warmth to journey within without getting lost in other people or outer experiences. Typically the moment that your staying power of an experience is required is exactly the time when you start to think about journeying away again.  But let me remind you that you are your greatest guide and the internal journey is the most worthy experience in your life. Your emotions will be there and you can’t escape from feeling the things that you’ve been running from your whole life. And that is precisely when happiness will find you once and for all.




Where to start sweet Capricorn?  This is going to be a big season for you with the full moon at the end of June in your sign.  Your emotions may be big, bigger than you find to be manageable. And oh how you thrive in managing.  But surrendering is something that this season will teach you if you allow it. It will set you free. Why cage yourself in order to manage?  Why do that to yourself? You deserve to soar free from the constraints that you think is necessary in this society. This month marks a turning point in your life from the rebellious inner teen and the strict restrictive father within your own mind.  Clarity and freedom is available to you if you decide to look at it. Sure it’s easier to manifest someone into your life that you can blame your problems or issues on, that’s part of your management skills, judgement. But wisdom is required of you this season to see that some of your ability to judge causes suffering and destruction in your life and the life everyone surrounding you.  The more you can feel into your own freedom, the more you can free everyone that touches you.



So Aquarius, where are you finally ready to heal?  Think big my friend. This is your season for establishing the courage to complete a release that you’ve been holding onto for far too long.  Those with Aquarius energy in their chart have this strange way of holding on to guilt and regrets for far too long and allowing these experiences to manifest into further suffering.  Now is the time to look at why you aren’t using these master manifesting gifts for bigger better things now? Like a wild horse running free you get the choice of running in circles looking for the thing that is going to save you from having to heal this big otherworldly wound or you can just run free and direct down the beautiful coastline and allow the water to flow onto your hooves.  You can move forward, truly. Let the water take the bigger heavier feelings of guilt and regret. It takes courage to face your true self, your Earthbound being, it has all this suffering stored within this shell. It takes courage to not just go back to disillusions and drugs. Drugs can be good, don’t get me wrong but only if they are balanced with a healthy dose of truth serum. Be like the wild horse and be free in your expression, don’t run in circles.  Be courageous and watch how the world all of a sudden becomes a place that you may want to actually inhabit for a while. You belong on the beach this season babe.




It’s ok if things don’t feel fair right now, Pisces, because they aren’t.   This is a time for you to rest and rebalance. There is still a grand water trine affecting your sign.  Cancer season is another watery time and as you know this will bring with it the opportunity for you to integrate some big things that likely came through last month.  What did you learn about your intuition and about trusting your gut? These instances are showing you where you can grow and create better boundaries for your watery self.  As a told a Pisces friend this week, Boundaries are not something you set when you are angry. Boundaries are something you have established so that you don’t get angry. Martyrdom is the death of the feminine.  And even if you are a man reading this, Pisces has a healthy dose of the feminine, the healing abilities. If you give all that away there is no healing left for you. Do not give it all away, do not merge. Stay you, stay put, this is your responsibility.  Then watch the balance and the abundance that finds its way to you. Pisces have a cosmic connection to the magic within. A connection to the memories of all that ever was and ever will be. When you give that away freely and relentlessly you end up resenting those that you over-give it to.   In reality it is your job to keep it for yourself and your own creations in the first place. This is your time to re-possess what was yours to begin with.

Gemini Super New Moon

The New Moon is on June 13th at 12:43pm PST in 22 degrees of Gemini and it's a super moon.

Plant these seeds wisely as they will carry us all into summer eclipse season.

Gemini is the archetype of the twins.  It represents dual identity and the ever changing nature of being human.

The conscious and the subconscious mind. 

In order to really make the cosmos work for us we have to be made conscious of what holds us back at the subconscious level.  This is the week to work with me


This Gemini Super Moon can help us process out what has been holding us back and give us the fertile ground to move into a new space with consciousness and communication.  Here is a free new moon meditation to get you into a good place.

Super Moon means that the moon is closer to the Earth in it's orbit, affecting the tides and the tide of change within us all.

Gemini is the first of the mutable signs and it is air sign.  Mutable means it's changeable, adaptable.  Air signs rule intelligence and Gemini is ruled by mercury which rules communication. 

It's likely we will be awakening and shifting parts of our mind and communication. 

Be open to where you are being drawn to bring consciousness.

When we get honest and communicate, that's when we find the sacred order in chaos.

“In all chaos there is cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”
C Jung

This Gemini New Moon I'm launching my Sparkle and Shine Astrology School.  Eeekk!  I'm so thrilled to share this with you all!

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Full Moon in Sagittarius

On Tuesday May 29th we have a Full Moon in 8 degrees of Sagittarius.

Do you feel it?
Do you see it?
Chaos, confusion, dense energies trying to pull your ass down?

There is going back, the only option is ascension.
There are so many other aspects that are lighting up certain energies within us all.

Sagittarius awakens the seeker within us all.
The moon is our inner emotional life.
Make sure you are taking space to seek within and not without.

A great time to work with me.  I have an 5 week online class starting on Wednesday, learn more about it here


"When chaos joins forces with hard and heavy dense frequencies, we are in for an exceedingly difficult journey.  The feeling level is depressive and anguish-susceptible.  The energies are chaotic and almost random.  The result is an undercurrent, an undertow that is vicious.  All seems hopeless--the situation contains no relief in sight.  In the thick of this dilemma, a momentum toward the future is being seeded in one of two directions.  Either you are condemning yourself to grim and forbidding territory as a form of self-punishment for being so far off, or you are preparing the way for a change of heart toward compassion and forgiveness, even for your own greatest weaknesses.  It all depends upon whether you can allow in a spiritual light of redemption for the worst.  Or whether instead your mind is made up, and another round of no nourishment at all is in order for the one who is lost and now has no way back.  That is, until you let the light in to this terrible darkness and radically relent from your judgmental stance."

Elias Longsdale on 8 degrees of Sagittarius

Horoscopes for the Season of Gemini

It’s officially 💎Gemini💎 Season.
Gemini is represented by two androgynous twins.
It is the first of Air signs, the first of the mutable signs and at times the most confusing energy to deal with of the zodiac.

Want to learn more about Gemini season?  Purchase the digital workbook here.
Because it’s always changing directions, similar to a hummingbird.


Gemini energy is all about information.
Fact or fiction.
Truth or dare.
Commerce or socializing.
This is a time when we learn and share. Learn more about working with me.

Many Gemini’s are writers, speakers, journalists, rappers , singers or poets.
Gemini season is represented by Hermes the Greek God and messenger.
Also the Roman version Mercury for which the planet is named.
He was the only God able to travel dimensions to bring forth information.

Mercury/Hermes does not discriminate the information however, it is simply meant to be communicated, processed and synthesized.
Personally here as a feminine astrologer I think we forget Iris the goddess messenger of the rainbow for whom would also be represented under Gemini or Libra.
Gemini energy is masculine with a definite feminine influence on connection, community and talking(a lot). This is a good time to reflect with others, share and gather information and if you are a writer, speaker, singer or communicator this is your season to do your thang.

And at the same time...
We must be mindful of what we are sharing.
The shadow side of Gemini is gossip, manipulating people with our words and profiting off other people’s confusion.
For example on how this might look, just understand that here in the good ole US of A the broken healthcare system incorrectly(and symbolically) uses the symbol of Mercury’s caduceus as the representation of medicine when indeed it does not represent medicine. This is a perfect example of Gemini’s shadow. Selling snake oil to heal, commerce not care.

Happy Gemini Season!

Infinite Love,


I am available for phone or zoom readings worldwide and in person readings in Portland OR, Eugene OR.

Below are your horoscopes for Gemini Season, please read your sun, moon and rising sign if you know them.

Gemini Season Horoscopes.png

 Horoscopes Gemini Season:




This time period is presenting itself as one that you are meant to learn from.  The insight that you receive now, will help you to banish old patterns that have accumulated for far too long. When you stick with the uncomfortable-ness of where you are at, it naturally opens you to more of your creativity.  Movement is beautiful, we can’t confuse movement with progress however because sometimes, well very often actually, we are just moving in constant circles without looking at our why.  To move forward we must be willing to look at how we resist new ways, new beliefs and new ideas.  Plans change and that’s ok but limiting beliefs around your ability to follow through on certain tasks should be analyzed at this time.   It’s time to burrow in to a safe space and re-evaluate all that you thought you knew.  The barriers to your happiness are all imagined so it’s time to look at your fears and show them that you aren’t backing down, no matter how big their teeth are, you are a warrior, not a worrier.  Stick with the things that will you make you proud in ten years because this month is the most important work towards making it all happen.




Hey there love, are you feeling that reviving energy of Spring?  There are some things that are asking for your attention and care.  I don’t know how to say this in the sweetest and most juicy way possible but basically your self-talk is garbage right now and in deep need of a re-boot.  What I'm trying to get at here is that it’s time to finally forgive yourself fully.  Start focusing on your relationship to the self and the way you interact with others.  As mercury the planet of communication moves through your sign at the first half of Gemini season, the point of attraction is the words you speak to yourself about yourself when no one else is listening.  This would be a great time to explore new healing modalities.  Find ways to lighten up and move energy out is helpful.  This is a time to process and beautify your thoughts.  Release the thoughts that hold you as a prisoner to the past.  The most effective way for you to get to this release is through sound healing.  Sound healing has been used for thousands of years as a way to synchronize our brain waves with the vibration of the sound that one is being exposed to.  Certain tones heal and re-calibrate us into the strong sense of inner peace from which positive mind set is born forth.  Change is good.




It’s your season Gem.  You hold a special place in our hearts as being a beautiful communicator.  And this time period is so rich for you to reap the benefits of being a master manifestor as long as you don’t fall prey to conflicts and imbalancing behaviors such as partying too hard or making too many damn plans that leave your nervous system feeling edgy.  The abundance that is available to you this season is real and it takes discipline. Do not get sidetracked, hocus pocus focus. There are so many rabbit traps out there this month, especially building up to the full moon on May 29th. Stick with your goals and work in a daily rhythm this month and you will thrive.  Journal, checklists, and apply stick notes where you will.  Fiercely protect your energy, grab life by the balls and direct it where you want to go.  It’s your time.  The new moon on June 13th is the most important for your intention and goal setting.  I’ll leave you with these words “Good fortune often occurs when you stop expecting life to present opportunities to you and you start presenting opportunities to life.”

― Rasheed Ogunlaru




Oh sweet Cancer it looks like this time period is very fertile for you.  There maybe more energy flowing to a new hobby or romance, something that lights up your inspiration and artsy side.   Remember that you are the master, do not compare yourself to others.  Jealousy and comparisons cause the immediate death of confidence and creativity.  It can take you a bit to feel assured in something but at this time you just simply need to trust.  Venus is lighting up your arena bringing love and inspiration to every corner of your life, it is up to you to invite her in to stay and have tea.  Do not show her love off with your fear and beliefs that someone else could do it better than you.  You carry a certain intelligence that no one else possesses, it’s time to stand strong in that truth.   Welcome the energy of Venus into your life to stay, let her set up shop in your heart space.  Attract that which you need in order to grow bigger and stronger.  Ask for highest good to be served on your platter with fresh strawberries and gold coins.  No more fear, no more questions.  This is the time for answers.




Well dearest Lion, it’s time to get practical.  It’s time to break down the illusions that keep you feeling stuck in your life.  I know that you can do this but I also know that it isn’t as fun as playing.  Future planning, strategy and yes even using charts is going to help you flourish this season.  Dharma is a knocking at your door but you cannot radiate your light outward without first getting straight and building up inwardly.  It is a gift that you are capable of being present, enjoying people and having fun.  Yet it is also a gift to build your character up so that you can continue to shine year round.  Gemini season is a shifty time and it’s easy for you to get caught up in the fun and sun.  Both Gemini and Leo are like the kids of the zodiac and they both can get sucked into wanting to play all day long but remember work can feel amazing too.  This time period can bring a new job or new aspect of your job that moves you more toward your goals/ vision for yourself.  Look at your long term goals for yourself then break them down to month to month, week to week, day to day goals.  Rock this season Leo, warming yourself in the sun feels so much sweeter after a few solid hours of work.  All play and no work gets boring.




Virgo I love you and this is a great time for you to chill the fuck out.  There are circumstances, events, interactions that are asking you to shed the old skin, shed that which you think you know as facts, as the only truth.  Sometimes you get so wrapped into sifting the facts that you forget to feel.  It’s easy for you to be high strung and not even recognize that it’s happening.   There is a enough Earth energy for you to feed off of this Gemini season so you can stay grounded enough to rest your bones. As you sink into your body and feel you will notice so much for you to release.  Self body scanning, tapping and massages all can help you stay in the body and not get stuck in the head.  Look at where you’ve been on over protective mode and just love on that part of yourself for the protection that it has offered you.  And then release.  Look at how your beliefs about yourself and others could be cleaned up so that you can lighten your load and stop creating so many unhappy projections in your life.   “People who are afraid often project that fear by casting judgment on others.”

― Akiroq Brost




Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac, always fluttering around making sure everyone is doing ok.  Making sure life is fair for everyone, but um.. ps life isn’t fair.  But Libra, you are likely pretty darn tired.  I know that you were looking for a perfect opportunity to chill out and nurture yourself a bit, maybe even beautify in some way.   That time has come, kind of. Honestly it’s the best rest you are gonna get for a little bit so take it.  Sit in the sunshine. The two other air signs, Sun in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius are both trining your sign.  These two other air signs are so busy that it gives you an opportunity to notice how your air sign is unique.  Being ruled by the planet of Love gives you permission to lead from your heart and listen to what it needs in order to move forward.  The most important lesson this season is to really honest with yourself first and then others next is the only way to happiness.  Make friends with yourself for it has been far too long since you have paused, reflected and honored that which you know to be true.  This month you will succeed if you remember to take space to get real with yourself. You are changing, honor this transformation and ask for help when you need it.




Well well Scorpio you've just been through a lot, and finally you are coming up for some air.   How lovely the air can feel on your wings.  There is a saying about Scorpio that it is represented by three animals for the various transformations that this archetype goes through.  The scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.  This month you are being asked to go higher to get an eagle’s eye view of your life.   It’s time to ask for guidance, it’s time to listen to the inner voice that knows exactly which next steps you are to take in order to fulfill your dharma.  It’s easy to say that we don’t know and yet in order to reach fulfillment this is the time to simply ask the questions, without needing an answer today.  We all know that you can be patient when you need to, even though you don’t like it.   But it may surprise you to see how quickly the answers come to you when you just decide to ask the question.  You have worked so hard to be where you are right now, enjoy the moments where you can honor yourself at this junction.  Then ask what is to be next for you on this beautiful path.




Why yes Sag that big and bright orb in the sky is lovely.  Amazing how it can bring things out in you that you thought you maybe had lost, it is all back now.  Did you know that the very same energy that makes you feel like you have to keep things is the very same energy that is worry is created from?  It’s time to purge all the worries and fears.  The SUN is out!  It’s ok to be happy and still have things that scare you, it’s ok to enjoy this moment without needing to know if the sun will warm us tomorrow.  Now is the time to be in the present moment.  Now is the time to enjoy the journey.  Pave the way forward by being grateful for the moment you are in right now.  Nothing good comes from worry and fear so why not just surrender to the power of the Sun and trust that everything else is going to work itself out.  The full moon is in your sign this month Sag so it may feel as though your insides are forced to the outside for everyone to see.  Just remember the sunlight purifies, so just sit yourself out in it if you can and allow the inner to burn off into the outer stratosphere.  There is always so much more happening than what we most of us can see.




Hey I’m just curious Capricorn, is it possible that maybe you have simply forgotten your connection to Great Spirit of all things holy?  I mean I’m not trying to offend you, it happens to the best of us.  Actually it happens more to the best of us than the worst of us because finding our way back to that source of connection is when we remember the power of this place and of ourselves.   When we return we can’t help but love on everyone and everything as a part of this connection to source.   It may be time to get alone time and reflect on the last year.  Saturn and slow as fuck moving-Pluto in your home sign tend to make things feel heavy and at times uproots things that you thought had a solid foundation.  The safety and peace that you are seeking in others and in things is deeply embedded into yourself if you allow yourself to go there. The rebirth takes place when you can open to this process which can be difficult for a tough and sturdy Earth sign such as yourself.   If you can think of it as a remodel as opposed to a demolition it may help you in seeing the gems in this process.  This Gemini season is for you to do the inner work.  The good news is luck is always on your side and that certainly cannot be said for all of us.  Continue to hold integrity as your most positive aspect and luck will follow.




We all know that Aquarius likes to travel, in your car, in your mind, in your dreams, anywhere really.  This month however with Mars in your sign you may be feeling bigger pulls to get “out there” more than usual.  However we must also be aware that there is a land that has yet to be explored within you Aquarius.  Now hold on I’m not saying there is anything wrong with adventure, I’m down for wanderlusting just as any good gypsy should be.   At times it is in the wandering that we recognize that something within us needs attention. The thing I’ve noticed about you is that nothing makes you feel quite as euphoric as a brand new adventure.  Experiencing the outer can bring our attention to that which is deep within that wants our loving attention.   I find it interesting that the word euphoria has its roots in the 1700’s as a medical term.   When someone recovered from an illness or a surgery we would say that they were euphoric, you know healthy, back to their normal state of bliss.  Now in modern days we see euphoria as something that only a substance such as a drug can bring us to, something that is not normal.  Does this concern anyone else?  You can be euphoric just as you are Aquarius, we all can. What if we could simply listen to our bodies and emotions?  What if that is where the real journey is?  This time is ripe for you to create more health and wanderlust for our inner wellbeing.  There is a universe within that is asking you to board your spaceship and dive in.




It’s time to break the bonds which tie you into the past, to the past of suffering and suppression.  You are the keeper of information, of wisdom, but this doesn’t mean you should swim around in it, squirting it out of your mouth like a fountain of youth.   Do I need to remind you again that putting other people’s stuff in your mouth WILL get you sick.  There are certain beliefs and habits that this month will force you to look at and release.  Gemini season is a great time to manifest and it is a mutable sign just like yours so go with it.  It’s time to manifest a future that allows you to go with the flow as opposed to anchoring yourself to the one spot in the ocean that holds all the suffering of everyone and everywhere you’ve ever known.  It’s time to let go of pain and hold on to your joy.  Don’t give everything good away, for the greater good, there is nothing holy about being a martyr.  No one will receive your joy as joy, they will receive it through a filter of their own suffering and then they will use it against you some day not too far from now.  Someone wise once said that we need to be aware that some people will awaken joy in us and some people will awaken suffering in us.  And when someone awakens both suffering and joy in us it can become like an addiction to transmute the suffering that they awaken back into joy, but you can’t do this. Honor the lessons, honor the joy and the suffering and keep moving.  Do not anchor yourself to anyone or any place in the world or in yourself that brings you suffering.  You are joy and to joy you shall return, as long as you keep moving, don’t get stuck.  Focus on your own joy, all beautiful manifestations come from this place not from aligning with suffering.

New Moon in Taurus

May 15th we will have a powerful New Moon in 24 degrees of Taurus.

This New Moon coincides, very auspiciously I might add, with Uranus moving into Taurus after a seven year cycle in Aries.   To read about that change go here

Taurus is an Earth sign most associated with the Earth Goddess energy and with Venus.

The Creator and Destroyer energy from which we are all born and to which we all return.

This New Moon time is a perfect time to set new intentions around personal boundaries, body health, self care, changes to the ways you relate to others and how you value yourself and your work in the world.

It's a time to tune in to your mind, body and spirit to set these powerful intentions.  Check out the meditation below.


This is the opportunity to start fresh in valuing you!

Venus ruled Taurus is concerned with value.  At this new moon we have the opportunity to learn more of our purpose and personal resources for self-love and worthiness.

Are you ready to feel deserving of having a good life?  How can you honor yourself enough to ask for what you want to succeed?  How can you practice the feeling of being adored?  How do you practice adoring your own mind, body and spirit? 


This is a very Earthly New Moon with many connections to the Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn a time to start fresh and recommit to change as a healthy part of the human process.

Taurus new moon reminds us of practical purpose in forward movement, not in being nostalgic.  The past has gone.

If you have a stronger influence of Uranus in your chart, expect big change, as per the usual.

Areas to open to changes:

-Allowing for alignment of our words with our actions.   Mars in the critical degree of Capricorn squaring both Mercury in Taurus and Uranus in the last moments of Aries.   

-Unearthing major shadows in our own consciousness.  What toxic beliefs and illusions of separation need to be cleansed so that we can re-create with more of a sense of unity.  Pluto in Capricorn trining the New Moon in Taurus.


Check out your horoscope for Taurus Season

Enjoy this New Moon meditation and writing activity to set intention for the new moon, this was recorded at a fire new moon and this one is an Earth new moon so you may want to find a tree to sit under while you listen and write, just pause it as you move through.




Uranus in Taurus

This month Uranus changes signs from Aries to Taurus.  Uranus the planet of weird, it has a unique orbit and it hasn't been in Taurus since 1934-1942.  It is very auspicious to have this moment marked by a new moon in Taurus.


Uranus in Taurus May 15th 2018-2026   Expect the unexpected.

Uranus is the greatest change maker moving with lightning speed.

It represents the aspect of culture and evolution in which the old ways need to be destroyed in order for the new ways to be born.  It is uncomfortable, it can be painful and if one is able to move with these changes it can be exhilarating.

Fear will keep us in a state of resistance, love will keep us in a state of flow.  Notice where you have been stubborn, notice where you have been withholding.  Create flow.

Uranus is the father of father time(Saturn).  Uranus the God of the sky rules time differently than Saturn.   Uranus shakes things up and shifts things in an instant.

Liberation and Revolution are the two themes most associated with Uranus, along with it being known as the planet of weirdness.

Uranus and the sign which it rules, Aquarius mark our unique imprint as a soul.  Our evolution as a soul/souls in a temporary meat bag. Those of us with stronger Uranus placements in our charts are typically thought of as the weirdest of the weird. 

Uranus is shocking change, it is the tower card in tarot and it is the planet that rules astrology and metaphysics.  Uranus is the electricity that propels lightbulb moments and huge energetic shifts. 

Collective awakenings are common when Uranus is active.

When Uranus moves from Aries which rules individuality, drive and identity to Taurus which rules finances, sensuality and comfort we may see changes to the financial system and to the status quo.

Notice where you have fear, notice where Taurus is in your chart.   There will be the ability for release, let it all fall apart so that we can all rebuild.

Taurus is our physical bodies, our food systems and our financial systems.  Mountains, Volcanoes and Nature Areas such as forest and gardens.  Law suits around these topics as well.  It is the sign of the divine feminine.  During this transit expect changes to these areas or how we view these areas.

Taurus in Highest Vibration:

Divine Femme












Taurus in Lowest Vibrataion:








Want to stay in the high vibe during this transit?  It's a great time to work with me

Stories are just stories. Only truth is true.

My name is Abigail Barella  of Sparkle and Shine Guidance.


I started Sparkle and Shine Guidance in 2013 the year that my third child was born.  2013 was the year that my birth father died and I found out my mother was dying.

2012-2014 were years of deep surrender for me.  I had to walk away from a business I had built and that I loved.  I left one of my life's callings.

The biggest love of my life, the man that I had babies with told me that he didn't love me anymore.  And then we promptly found out I was pregnant.

And I didn't get into nursing school.

This was the time when my body was suffering and I thought I might die too.  All while figuring out to mother three kids.

This was the year that I laid my hand upon a purple limp baby's head and asked her soul to usher into her body.

This was the year that I sat at the foot of my dying mothers body and called her power back to her so that her soul could go home.

And these experiences, these pains are what my greatest LOVE has been built from. 

My greatest capacity to heal is my love.

This is what birthed me into the powerful healer that I am.

I know it scares many people when we talk about being powerful but that is what we are, what does denying this fact do for you?

It is always within us, many of us are just scared of it.

Everything important in your life seems impossible until the moment that you accomplish it.

Many things feel cruel and unfair and you can't believe it can be this hard as it often is when you are walking the path of truth and healing.

Yet we don't do it alone, we are never was truly alone.

Our guides and angels guide us to our teachers, friendships, partners and healers along the way, they help us figure out who we are and what you have to offer. 

I remember the feeling of knowing that my teacher was close.  I remember asking universe to provide me the tools to do what I am meant to do here.

And now this is my offering to you all.  I have tools to teach you, I can help move you forward.

I help you remember you.


The Sparkly Being that came here to shine a light.

But you must ask, you must be ready to step into your truth.

Yesterday I wrapped up the

Creative Power Abundant Health

Intuitive Development Class


And I got a flash of the first time I met one of my students.

 I remember her words to me "I read your bio and I wanted your story."  and I remember telling her that she had it, that she indeed was a healer.  

Last night as I walked us through a meditation where I could see her power and her vision, I felt the bliss of being both a student and a teacher of watching myself and those around me grow into the healers we are meant to be.

This is the pleasure of living in truth. 

Infinite Love,

Abigail Barella

Sparkle and Shine Guidance

Scorpio Full Moon

The Full Moon in Scorpio is Sunday April 29th in 9 degrees of Scorpio, while the Sun is in the opposite sign(as always with the Full Moon) in 9 degrees of Taurus.

Image:  Shayne Berry

This Full Moon is the halfway point between the eclipses of Jan/Feb to the eclipses in July.  So it's a good time to review intentions and ideas that came during that time period of the beginning of the year. 

What clarity have you gained since then?

The fixed signs are all involved in this lunation so Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius energies may notice significant shifts.  With this full moon's square to the nodes which bring issues of our karma combined with what needs to be released to get us to more of our dharma.  Squares are challenges.  So if you are having a challenging time right now, it's completely "normal".

This Full Moon also squares Ceres in Leo which lights up loss and abundance.  Our fears of going after we want based on the results that we experienced in the past.  It's time to let go of all that.

This Full Moon is called the Pink Moon in the farmers almanac because it is the moon cycle where the flowers receive the light of the full moon to bless the fruit.

There is an important conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio, which is currently retrograding so be aware of where this is your own chart.  Or book your reading with me here

It asks us all:

"What do you want to see fruit this Spring to Summer season?"

"What do you need to let die, so that you can grow?"

"Where is it time to remodel your belief systems?"

This is a time to be very mindful of what you are creating.

Taurus is the slow and steady tortoise and Scorpio is the fast and furious hare.  This is fertile ground for creating both positive and negative being activated.  Scorpio full moons are notorious for alchemies of all kinds so be cautious with whom you are merging your energies with.  You may just create something that could have been avoided if you stayed true to yourself.

Where are you choosing to spend your energy and time?

And just as important, with whom?

Co-creation is defined by being mutually beneficial to both parties.  Co-creation includes a constant evaluation of giving and receiving.  One of my dear friends once taught me a dance blessing from South America which physically and verbally states "Take what you need share the rest."   So simple and so perfect.

Our vision of spirituality is lacking if it includes our own suffering as part of our offering.  

This isn't spirituality, this is martyrdom and it's toxic.

Sacrifice is a misconception.  It is the product of darkness. 

This is the toxic feminine, this full moon is clear sweeping the poisons from the feminine so that the divine masculine can shine brighter.

Giving is the only choice.  One can only give after they have learned to receive, this is a very basic principal.

Where do you want to give more of your energy and time over to for the greatest good?

Please consider keeping my work rolling by making a donation, even a small contribution to keeping these writings flowing.  Or even better schedule with me

Stick with what works and let the rest go.

Infinite Love,


Horoscopes for Taurus Season

The Sun just moved into Taurus.

Taurus is a fixed feminine Earth sign represented by a bull.
The symbolism of the bull is that the head and horns are shaped like the womb of a woman.
Both in their own right are:
Strong, Fertile, Sturdy, Fierce and Intelligent.

Taurus season puts us back into our senses.
Flowers smell beautiful, the warmer air feels so good on our skin and the work that we started in Aries takes root in Taurus season. The best way to work in Taurus season is slow and steady.

This season has a more Earthly feel because of all the planets in Capricorn another Earth sign.
It’s important to come back to things that you started at the Spring Equinox.
The things that keep circulating back into your thoughts are asking for some loving attention.

Good Taurus areas of Focus:
-Prosperity and Financial makeovers
-Tending to your physical body, eating cleansing foods.
-Focused time blocks for creative projects and yard/house work. -Working with your hands and feeling with your hands. -Connecting with others hugs, holding hands. It doesn’t have to be sexual but it’s a great time to reconnect after more aggressive Aries time.

If you know your sun, moon and rising zodiac sign than you will want to read each one of those. 



So lets get right to the point, because I know that you can appreciate the value in that.  What wound is being exposed to you right now?  There is information in that pain for you.  I know, I know it’s nice to appear like you've got the warrior battle axe ready to swing at all times.  However if you are always busy swinging that thing around you may accidentally cut off the heads of the very things that are going to help you find fulfillment and inspiration.  Now is the time to let the axe rest at your side and tend to the wounds that if not dealt with will indeed debilitate you.  The fear of lack is simply a fear.  There is so much more out there for you if can open to a more collaborative experience of give and take.  Tend to your wounds, accept help when it's offered.  Generosity is looking for you so don’t chop off his head before he can share his gifts with you.


It's your season sweet Taurus.  And yet it might feel a little heavier than you were expecting it to.  I know a secret that will help lighten your load.  After a time, we all must release the past.  After a time, we all must let the past die and bury it deep into the Earth.  If you’ve felt betrayed by someone or some situation recently it is time to find a way to release and regenerate.  That is the very same moment that you will find fresh energy to rise.  Not a time to dwell.  Not a time to get fixated on what is wrong.  What lights your flare of creativity and fun?  Now is the time to nurture your own fire of desire and passion.  Now is the time to focus on you.  What fans your flames?  It’s your time to shine.  All you need to think about this season is fun and creativity, the other things that need getting done will just naturally appear to you within the space of play.  Regeneration requires sunlight.  So get outside and just soak all the newness into your bones.  Can you make a wish, count your blessings, and let yourself feel the fresh energy that wants to move through you?



Integrity Gemini is a tricky subject for your intelligent self and here my friend is where you find your crossroads, once again.  To have honor is to accept your duties as a messenger.  What messages are you choosing to share.  Are they coming from a place of love?   Or do you want to go back down that same old loop that leads you to your inner harsh critic, stale energy that circulates your brain and makes you feel as though you will never do, be or complete what you set out to do?  The choice is yours and I will simply remind you that the biggest part of integrity is you yourself being in alignment with what you want to see out there in the big woods of this world.  So where in your life do you need to get off the beaten path and pave a new way into the forest of positive self discipline and a higher moral code than you ever thought you could attain.  You, the queen bee of manifestations need to be reminded of your own super power every once in a while.  So get to it and bring us all with you when you get everything lined up.


Well there you are sweet Cancer underneath all this Earth you’ve found a way to float through the cracks in the ground.  You've found a way to share some of your talents with the rest of us.  Capricorn is the sign opposite of you and there is quite a bit of commotion there shaking up your watery realm of emotions.  Capricorn energy can feel heavy and harsh but thankfully you know how to float.  You have remembered that this is truly the only way to survive and thrive in these times.  There is no struggle, there is no resistance.   You don’t need to work so hard at making the donuts when all that water is just going to soak them to the bottom of the pond anyway.  Now is the time to focus less on the material plane of struggle and more on your talents in the emotional.  You are not sensitive you are sensory, which in physics simply means that you convey what is already present.  You aren't creating it, you are simply aware of it.  You do not struggle on this Earth, you teach us all to flow within the heaviness of the Earth.  This is your way to abundance, this is your way to float.  So flip over and breathe, let the work come to you.


Well well well what my dear courageous lion what have you been avoiding to look at?  Your worst fear is being seen as cowardly and yet if you listen to your ego you will come across exactly as such.  You want to be seen as courageous?  Well then sit down and listen up.  When the sun is in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus it shines a light of awareness onto challenges that need to be cleared in order to restore balance and release personal blocks.  It shows you were you have been fixated on the wrong things.   Where you have been moving towards cowardice instead of courage.  New beginnings can only come to those that can truly take the bull by the horns and meet the eye of the storm so that they can keep moving forward.  If you can focus less on the blocks and more on the blessings, watch how much more you will be able to create.  Leo is not an ego driven sign but Leo is the sign that shows us how our own ego can get in our way from creating if we allow it to.  And Leo this is your time to create abundance as the power of the Sun returns to you, so quit focusing on the wrong things.


As an Earth sign that is mutable this fixed Earth energy of Taurus can be very fruitful for you indeed.  Although things may feel like they are moving a bit faster than normal sweet Virgo.  Things may seem chaotic and a little manic and you may notice that sleep is not coming to you as easily.  So get that sleep tincture of yours closer to your bedside.  The order that you love so much may be getting shaken up and making you feel less stable than normal.  But there is also something forcefully arising in you that is full of potential and potency if you can allow it and let things get a little dirty.  Get your mind out of the gutter I’m talking about your spirit not writing an erotic novel.  This is the time to go for it, no holds bar.  Run with it, get it flying higher, enjoy the moist warmth of creation.  Sow your seed, spew your juices, find the right motion of the ocean and own that you are a sovereign bad ass with a dirty mind and more tricks to share with us.  Virgo is the virgin of the zodiac that deeply understands rituals that can honor and restore health.  Yet chaos has a purpose as well.  Value your mission and stand in your power to serve the Earth without judging the messy inhabitants. 


The fruits of your labor are ripening upon the vine in front of you.  Your dedication and hard work is asking you to step into something new and shiny.  Venus rules both Taurus and Libra.  When we are in Taurus season it smiles the light of Venus onto the wings of Libra so that you may be lifted up into the abundance that is available to you at this time.  But lack of focus will keep you from tasting this fresh fruit that you’ve worked so hard to grow.  You are never going to please everyone, but you can please yourself.  Now is the time; cut the tie, burn the bridge and ride into the sunset of your goals.   A new aspect of your vocation is showing itself to you, but you must be willing to take the steps forward in order to receive the blessings that it carries with it.  Unfortunately you must be willing to go alone.  I know, I know, but this is how it must be.  Success is lonely sometimes.  And it is calling to you if you can follow the breadcrumbs of your bliss.


Someone’s catching a ride with you that you did not intend to carry.  This is the time to look at where you have not been honoring your inner voice.  Look at where you’ve been denying your inner knowing.  Who are you allowing to catch a ride that should be walking?  And why?  Are you dedicating yourself to the right commitments or have you been feeding everyone else without remembering yourself yet again.  This only leads to resentments and wounds to the relationships that you need in order to stay sane.  No more being lazy with your personal transformations and boundaries.  And no more blaming it on all those riders, the time has come to push those fuckers off your bike so you can ride faster and still remain friends.  Wounds heal but resentments fester.   Re-commit to your expansion.



Things are about to get real up in here.   We know you are a big picture person but Taurus season asks that you get clear on your long term vision for yourself and the people in it.  Practical goals are something that can at times be challenging for big picture people but now is the opportunity to really look at where you are now and where you want to be five years from no.  It is time to look at the practical steps it will take to get you where you want to go.  Temper your indecision with what you know you love most.  Make a list of what you want to enjoy more and then work your way backwards.  Sometimes it is the simplest changes that bring the biggest results.  The temptation to just want to do it all yourself is one of your biggest faults in getting what you want in the future.  Community brings reflection, make time for that which you hold most dear to your heart.


This is the time to get a fresh perspectives on the building blocks necessary to build the foundation for your success.  At times your vision of success leaves out your well being, your joy, your satisfaction with yourself.  If you can't enjoy and rest in your successes, would you really call your life successful?  Rest and slowing are just as vital to your accomplishments as hard work is.  Human Beings, not Human Doings.  You can straddle the dimensions of work and rest without falling too hard into one or the other.  It is expected that this Taurus will help you to find more of this ease within the sturdy foundation of your being.  Just know that if you resist it will be relationships around you that will suffer from your lack of balance.  Free yourself from the restraints of your belief systems that aren't bringing you peace of mind.



Temptation alert: Pleasure can come with consequences.  Yes you know this I'm sure.  I'm sure you, my sweet and wild child of the zodiac has experienced this at least once or twice in your gypsy caravan of life.  But this season, as Taurus is another fixed sign like your very own, you need to ensure that you are dedicating yourself to the right movement within your own life.  The consequences of your actions are very real this Taurus season.  The seeds that are sown during this time will grow into your future life Aquarius.  Check your mindset, where you are choosing illusion or fantasy over the very real, beautiful and super messy reality of life here on Earth.  Bliss can be a part of your experience but it cannot be expected to be the only part of your experience.  You came here for a reason, so maybe now is a time to review decisions that have left you feeling low and make new choices during this season.


Oh babe.  Sometimes this life can be so harsh and unfair.  Yet now is the time for you to step into a fresh new field of beautiful greenery and let the daisies push up around you.  Taurus season demands that you focus onto that which feeds you and not that which drains your spirit.  There is so much for us to hold onto in this life and this can block us from learning the lessons that experiences such as these are trying to teach us.  When we hold and resist there is no space for this beautiful man or woman to find you laying in the daisies ready for freshness, ready for new experiences.  These new lessons are far better than what came to you last season.  But you must be in the new field to get here, not dwelling in that old brown dirt pile behind the dumpsters.   I know that there is so much in that dumpster field to dig through and try to figure out but it's in the trash for a reason, no need to figure out why.


Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

Saturn Retrograde begins April 17th in Capricorn it will last until September 6th.

When Saturn goes retrograde external pressures seem to ease yet internal blocks around personal responsibility reveal themselves.

Saturn and Capricorn are both representative of:
Career pressures

If you are in your Saturn return or less spoken of a Saturn square or Saturn opposition(which are still intense) you will definitely notice a deep sigh feeling as Saturn goes retrograde and hopefully that is the precisely the time where the integration and learning can occur.

So if you have Saturn in any of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn I’m looking at you.

Yet all of us will feel this to some degree in the house where 9-2 degrees of Capricorn is at.
And best yet I’ve linked to my YouTube house by house for Saturn in Capricorn so that you can watch and understand a bit more.

Remember that Saturn is the representation of time and form.

He is not all bad and when he goes retrograde we are asked to step up our internal authority even if it feels like everyone else is just out playing in the sun.


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New Moon in Aries and Mercury Direct

The New Moon in Aries is on Sunday April 15th in 26 degrees.

This fire sign new moon is the spark of awareness.  It occurs the same day that the planet of conscious awareness and processing, Mercury goes direct.

The New Moon energy is most potent 24 before and after the exact time.  This is the time to set some serious intention for the next six months when Mars will be going direct in September.  Check out my meditation at the bottom of this post.

This powerful new moon forces us into change.  The structures that never worked are falling in so that we can re-build.  Set powerful intentions that inspire.

Being aware of how your inner chaos is matching up to outer chaos in the world is going to bring you the best that this New Moon has to offer you.

The greatest fear that we all hold is how powerful we are, it's time to release and reset.

When we have a new moon that is connected to Uranus(who rules the sign of Aquarius) we can't help but be aware of a quick shift to our selves and society.  Explosive changes are coming, so watch where you point that thing.  The New Moon being conjunct Uranus in Aries is kinda a big deal, but it isn't the only big deal.

Changes are here and they are going to keep coming.  That is the only constant.  This is energizing New Moon with a high energy that reminds of to be cautious of our mindset, of our actions, of who we show up as in this world.

Lit a fire and burn shit basically.....Changes are healthy.   And move a little slower be aware of the higher chance of accidents and mishaps.    So it's a  great time to start working with me.


The next player in this New Moon is Pluto in Capricorn.  Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, he's a power hungry alchemist.  He is the ruler of Scorpio where we have Jupiter retrograding and showing us our inner shadow.  When Pluto shows himself to you there is no mistaking him or his magnetism. 

It's where we feel the power over us and if we alchemize it, we can find our own inner power as well.

Mars is right there conjunct Pluto squaring this New Moon as well.   Mars is the ruler of Aries it inspires us to act, sometimes impulsively so.  This is the time to set intention for your next actions and review all the sides.  Look at your "why".  Then see if there are any nuggets of wisdom being exposed to you in understanding your motives.

Finally Chiron will be shifting signs on April 17th so wounds may be surfacing for healing and integration.  Read my other blog post on that here

Basically if you have more Earth and Fire or a strong Uranus influence or Aquarius will likely be feeling this moon the most.  Or maybe just all of us. 

I will have a blog post up on Saturn Retrograde which also begin on April 17th so check back soon.

Below you will find my crazy Aries new moon video which is an exact representation of the energy this week.  And my meditation for setting intentions at the new moon. 

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