Stories are just stories. Only truth is true.

My name is Abigail Barella  of Sparkle and Shine Guidance.


I started Sparkle and Shine Guidance in 2013 the year that my third child was born.  2013 was the year that my birth father died and I found out my mother was dying.

2012-2014 were years of deep surrender for me.  I had to walk away from a business I had built and that I loved.  I left one of my life's callings.

The biggest love of my life, the man that I had babies with told me that he didn't love me anymore.  And then we promptly found out I was pregnant.

And I didn't get into nursing school.

This was the time when my body was suffering and I thought I might die too.  All while figuring out to mother three kids.

This was the year that I laid my hand upon a purple limp baby's head and asked her soul to usher into her body.

This was the year that I sat at the foot of my dying mothers body and called her power back to her so that her soul could go home.

And these experiences, these pains are what my greatest LOVE has been built from. 

My greatest capacity to heal is my love.

This is what birthed me into the powerful healer that I am.

I know it scares many people when we talk about being powerful but that is what we are, what does denying this fact do for you?

It is always within us, many of us are just scared of it.

Everything important in your life seems impossible until the moment that you accomplish it.

Many things feel cruel and unfair and you can't believe it can be this hard as it often is when you are walking the path of truth and healing.

Yet we don't do it alone, we are never was truly alone.

Our guides and angels guide us to our teachers, friendships, partners and healers along the way, they help us figure out who we are and what you have to offer. 

I remember the feeling of knowing that my teacher was close.  I remember asking universe to provide me the tools to do what I am meant to do here.

And now this is my offering to you all.  I have tools to teach you, I can help move you forward.

I help you remember you.


The Sparkly Being that came here to shine a light.

But you must ask, you must be ready to step into your truth.

Yesterday I wrapped up the

Creative Power Abundant Health

Intuitive Development Class


And I got a flash of the first time I met one of my students.

 I remember her words to me "I read your bio and I wanted your story."  and I remember telling her that she had it, that she indeed was a healer.  

Last night as I walked us through a meditation where I could see her power and her vision, I felt the bliss of being both a student and a teacher of watching myself and those around me grow into the healers we are meant to be.

This is the pleasure of living in truth. 

Infinite Love,

Abigail Barella

Sparkle and Shine Guidance