New Moon in Taurus

May 15th we will have a powerful New Moon in 24 degrees of Taurus.

This New Moon coincides, very auspiciously I might add, with Uranus moving into Taurus after a seven year cycle in Aries.   To read about that change go here

Taurus is an Earth sign most associated with the Earth Goddess energy and with Venus.

The Creator and Destroyer energy from which we are all born and to which we all return.

This New Moon time is a perfect time to set new intentions around personal boundaries, body health, self care, changes to the ways you relate to others and how you value yourself and your work in the world.

It's a time to tune in to your mind, body and spirit to set these powerful intentions.  Check out the meditation below.


This is the opportunity to start fresh in valuing you!

Venus ruled Taurus is concerned with value.  At this new moon we have the opportunity to learn more of our purpose and personal resources for self-love and worthiness.

Are you ready to feel deserving of having a good life?  How can you honor yourself enough to ask for what you want to succeed?  How can you practice the feeling of being adored?  How do you practice adoring your own mind, body and spirit? 


This is a very Earthly New Moon with many connections to the Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn a time to start fresh and recommit to change as a healthy part of the human process.

Taurus new moon reminds us of practical purpose in forward movement, not in being nostalgic.  The past has gone.

If you have a stronger influence of Uranus in your chart, expect big change, as per the usual.

Areas to open to changes:

-Allowing for alignment of our words with our actions.   Mars in the critical degree of Capricorn squaring both Mercury in Taurus and Uranus in the last moments of Aries.   

-Unearthing major shadows in our own consciousness.  What toxic beliefs and illusions of separation need to be cleansed so that we can re-create with more of a sense of unity.  Pluto in Capricorn trining the New Moon in Taurus.


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Enjoy this New Moon meditation and writing activity to set intention for the new moon, this was recorded at a fire new moon and this one is an Earth new moon so you may want to find a tree to sit under while you listen and write, just pause it as you move through.