Full Moon in Sagittarius

On Tuesday May 29th we have a Full Moon in 8 degrees of Sagittarius.

Do you feel it?
Do you see it?
Chaos, confusion, dense energies trying to pull your ass down?

There is going back, the only option is ascension.
There are so many other aspects that are lighting up certain energies within us all.

Sagittarius awakens the seeker within us all.
The moon is our inner emotional life.
Make sure you are taking space to seek within and not without.

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"When chaos joins forces with hard and heavy dense frequencies, we are in for an exceedingly difficult journey.  The feeling level is depressive and anguish-susceptible.  The energies are chaotic and almost random.  The result is an undercurrent, an undertow that is vicious.  All seems hopeless--the situation contains no relief in sight.  In the thick of this dilemma, a momentum toward the future is being seeded in one of two directions.  Either you are condemning yourself to grim and forbidding territory as a form of self-punishment for being so far off, or you are preparing the way for a change of heart toward compassion and forgiveness, even for your own greatest weaknesses.  It all depends upon whether you can allow in a spiritual light of redemption for the worst.  Or whether instead your mind is made up, and another round of no nourishment at all is in order for the one who is lost and now has no way back.  That is, until you let the light in to this terrible darkness and radically relent from your judgmental stance."

Elias Longsdale on 8 degrees of Sagittarius