Virgo Super New Moon: So Fresh and so clean

The Virgo New Moon is on Friday, August 30 at 3:37am PDT at 6 degrees


Virgo has the archetype of the Virgin, but this doesn’t mean someone who hasn’t had sex, it refers to being complete just as you are. Virgo is also about being of service, critical and detailed to see what is needed to reach wholeness.

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This New Moon is highly activated with a stellium occurring in Virgo.

The Sun and the Moon are in the same degree (as always during a New Moon). Right next to them is Mars, the planet with driving energy to push forward. Venus is close by, who embodies the law of attraction, love, and money. Mercury, the ruler of communication and relating to others, is in its home sign here in Virgo

Uranus in Taurus forms a trine to the planets in Virgo, shaking up stuck energy to progress for the greater good of all. 

Pluto and Saturn are conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, and form a trine to the aspect in Virgo. This energy digs up the past and exposes the wounds caused by the Patriarchy.

This is uncomfortable, but ushers in necessary change. Growth arises from discomfort. A revolution is under way! 

These energies bring awareness and our emotions to a head as we we get really clear on what us holding us back from being the best that we can be. And what we as individuals can do to create a better reality for all of us.

This is the time to ask yourself “Who do I serve?” 

Are your actions in alignment with who/what you want that to be?

If not, what is in your way?

What can you invite into your life to close the gap?

Look to see what house 6 degrees of Virgo lands in your chart.

This is where to focus your intentions to maximize the potent energy. 

Also where your other Earth houses are..

If you could use some clarity or additional support, schedule a reading with me or Abigail for extra insight. 

Infinite love,


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New Moon in Virgo

On Sunday morning September 9th we will have a New Moon in 17 degrees in Virgo at 11:02am.

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that means it provides practical change, practical magic to shift and change our beliefs and behaviors.

The New Moon in Virgo is a perfect time to make medicines, magic and intentions for full health.  We have the opportunity to use this New Moon to propel us into fall with plans, self-care and mental acuity about what needs to shift.


This New Moon will be influenced by three other happenings:

An opposition to Neptune which may confuse and bring up boundary issues, a sextile to Jupiter in Scorpio which assists us in finally attend to our wounds.  This new moon brings the spiritual healing and asks us to find our spiritual healers.

A Grand Earth Trine with Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus which helps us ground into the changes.


A grand cross with Venus moving into Scorpio in the early morning which brings us full circle to this Scorpion expansion, squaring Uranus, the North Node in Leo and South Node/Mars in Aquarius. 

This is just everything. 

CHANGES are moving forward now.

This is a perfect time to work with me.

Our subconscious is ready to release and move us forward.  We are finally ready for the dramatic shifts that will improve our day to day lives.

This New Moon is all about foundations, structures and practical shifts.

We can no longer drag our feet on the changes that need to occur.

The Grand Cross energy is very intense at a New Moon this is all about tension and pressure to move into your creative power.

It's a perfect time to study Astrology or Intuitive Development.

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Infinite Love,