Meet Abigail Barella


“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”  - Lao Tzu


Meet Abigail, creator of Sparkle and Shine Guidance.

My passion is in helping you find more of your true SELF and creating space for the real you to shine brighter.

Your soul power.   

The sparkly being that has been with you all along but is sometimes hard to access on our own.  We all deserve support.

My brand is all about taking what you are good at, what you most enjoy and building your life around it.   

I am passionate about helping you in preparing to birth: a business, a new career, a big change, a new way of being in your relationship and in everything that you do.

I hear two things most frequently in my work:

1. I feel so much lighter and clear.

2. It’s funny after our session this big thing changed for me.

Here is an interview I did for Sivana Spirit

Abi created a loving, warm, and safe space to explore deep wounds and new insights. I left there with practical tools to help heal and integrate the valuable information I was given about my soul, spirit, and body. It was incredible. I have found a new life-long teacher and mentor on my journey of life. I recommend her with all of my heart!

My experience...

I am a visionary.  Quite capable to read the energy of past and present lives.  I have over a decade of experience in astrology and reading astrological birth charts.  I have extensive experience teaching and working with individuals and couples, learn more about my intuitive development courses.  I am committed to assisting the next generation of visionaries.  The world needs all the visionaries, artists and healers that we can get right now.

I am not only an intuitive, but also a research nerd.  It turns out Einstein and Nikola Tesla were right about energy.   It is foolish for us to not use principals of energy that are available to us.  I incorporate these tools into my practice daily and into my work with you.  The laws of the universe are available to us.

My experiences range from being a childbirth and baby expert to being the most popular peer career counselor in college.  I help people move through, it's my zone of genius.

I have experienced my own profound suffering and healing time and time again.  I've moved through.  

I have experienced the loss of my beloved mother and my abusive father.  Both experiences shaped me.

Like many of you I am a thriver, not a survivor.

You deserve to know more about your gifts, talents and support.  You deserve to have a great plan laid out for how to get to more goodness in your life.

We get to choose how to share our gifts.  It’s time!

I am here to help you shine brighter.

Abigail's interview on  Empire Radio.

Abigail's Interview for Sivana Spirit

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