Hello soulful one,

So here you are..at a place in your life where there are so many unknowns.

Uncertainty seems to surround you and the world seems to be spinning faster.

Confused and foggy about the next right steps for you?

Finding yourself focusing on your weaknesses and why the struggle is so damn real right now?

At Sparkle and Shine Guidance our goal is to make sure you are aware of the strengths that make you, you.

Getting to know your unique energies is the most powerful resource that you have and that’s exactly what we do.

You are your best resource, you can trust that investing in growing your strengths will help you become more successful.

It's already within you, it's just about remembering your gifts and building confidence and awareness around your skills.

We offer astrological chart readings and intuitive healing sessions

Working with Abigail was a wonderful experience. She affirmed my strengths, heightened my intuition, and helped me uncover truths about my life that I was unconsciously sweeping under the rug. Her kind words and steadfast support gave me the courage to forge a path into the unknown with less fear. Abigail’s gifts of nurturance are a true balm for the soul.
I have worked with Abi for a few weeks now and she has such a gift. She has helped the caged animal in me free and has helped me push past all the fog and really shine. Abi does not only help you find out who you really are and what your path is meant for, but she gives you the tools you need to be the best you, that you can be. Thank Abi, excited to work with you more!!

Sparkle and Shine Success Coaching Package:

Week 1:
Full Birth Chart Reading Session

Week 2:
Intuitive Healing Session

Week 3:
Success Point Astrological/Crystal Reading
Worksheet for the Reading

Week 4:
Astrological Transit Session for Strategies For the year.

Week 5:
Intuitive Strategies and Tool building for Success


Who Sparkle and Shine Guidance is for:

Do you think that being an empath means that you are supposed to get used to suffering?   


You are stronger than you are even aware of but you've been conditioned to see your strengths as weakness.   

Society needs you but for some reason you still question yourself. 

The current system thrives off you not remembering the essence of who you are: The sparkly being that is ready to step into their power more fully.  Sparkle and Shine Guidance's mission is to assist you in getting more of your Creative Power Abundant Health back into all the cells in your body.

Are you physically sick or have had periods of time where no doctor could figure out what was going on for you without prescribing something that actually ended up making you sicker? 

You are an empath and you love people but you get tired easily and think that you are just meant to be a giver and to feel like shit afterwards?


That is the old system talking, you are a part of the new system.

Fear is a apart of this process but so is growth.  We are built to be scared of our own development.

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs many of us adults get stuck at the safety level. 

But you deserve so much more. 

You deserve success: self actualization which is the highest form of development.





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