I had a great astrology reading with Abi yesterday! It helped to give me some greater perspective on some of the life experiences I'm having right now, so that I can move forward with greater clarity and love for myself and what I'm here to do. I highly recommend Abi to anyone who is needing a similar thing!

Bex G.

I have worked with Abi quite a bit and can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am without her guidance. For my husbands birthday I got him a couples astrological reading, and I’m so happy I did! He doesn’t know much about astrology and I am a novice, but Abi explained everything in a way that resonated with both of us. Everything she said was spot on and so amazing to hear. It’s like validation for all of the things you’ve been struggling with but didn’t have the words for. I highly recommend working with Abi, individually or as a couple! I know I will continue to do so.

Mandye W.

Abi is ahhhh-mazing. She is so intelligent and SPOT ON!! Her knowledge and grace make the perfect pair for encouraging and inspiring YOU to live your best life. Each and every session leaves me hungry for more - I have chosen to dive head first in her program and it has been such an empowering tool in launching my business and motivating me to stay on top of my game. My husband loves working with her too - her insight has helped our relationship in many ways, we are so grateful for her guidance and support!!

Louise P.

Indre N.

The intuitive healing session I shared with Abi was truly a priceless experience. She is tuned in, light hearted, grounded and incredibly healing. She offered wisdom that made the course of my life and all its bits fit together like a puzzle. I left feeling clear, open and with many tips for do it yourself energy healing practices. Highly recommend Abi and am so very grateful for all she does and all she is. Thank you

Jocelyn R.

Abi has seen me through some of my biggest life transitions including the postpartum phase with twins, couples counseling during a marital impasse, and navigating the loss of two important people in my life. Abi is deeply rooted to the earth meanwhile able to access profound wisdom and guidance from the cosmos. She has an uncanny ability to use her intuition to offer very specific and very poignant guidance that is grounded in the here and now. I walk away from our sessions with newfound awareness and a wide-open sense of possibility. Abi is true gift.


Becky H.

Working with Abigail has opened my eyes to what is possible. Her presence is like being surrounded by a mother goddess. She makes you feel uplifted and held with her calming voice and sparkling eyes, but she is also completely approachable, grounded, mellow and easy to talk to. She has given me a lot of clarity about where I should be putting my energy, both at work and with my family. I always leave our sessions feeling like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I'm ready to take on the world. Abigail has found her calling, and I can tell that she loves her work. Highly recommended!

The intuitive astrology reading session that I had with Abi was amazing! She was able to explain various aspects of my past and future that made total sense to me which in turn simply validated her skills and my own intuition! I am really looking forward to a class that I will be taking with her very soon. I would highly recommend Abi if you are in need of some guidance in your life as you ascend to your higher self. Namaste.

Tess D.

I've been taking Abigail's monthly Cosmic Guidance class (and before that had been following her on Instagram for a long time), and as someone who is extremely particular about which astrologers I follow on a consistent basis, I can say that she is extremely gifted at what she does. Even in a short amount of time, Abigail has a great skill of relaying an enormous amount of useful information and connecting it altogether without it being ungrounding or overwhelming (which is so rare!). The opposite is actually true -- listening to her speak is incredibly grounding and reassuring every time. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for personal, and/or collective astrological insight.

Marina T.

My sessions with Abi have been healing and empowering. She creates a very nurturing space and I feel safe to relax and receive. She listens deeply and provides very practical tools for clearing unwanted or unneeded energetic blocks. She has been opening my eyes to the power of visualization for clearing out the cobwebs of the past, for protection and for reserving my energy for the things that matter the most and have the most potential to contribute to others. As an intuitive person myself, I find this training extremely practical. She is devoted to her craft and has a unique finger on the pulse of how our experience here on Earth interacts with and is impacted by the Cosmos.

Megan B.

Yesterday, I have my 1st session with Abi and was blown away at how amazing and comfortable the session was. I had been interested in a 1 on 1 session for a few months and decided to take the leap. I can't recommend Abi enough and encourage to take action if you have ever been intrigued by a session.

Elyse W.

I love working with Abi! My husband and I sought couples counseling with her a few years ago and I continued to work with her through astrology and intuitive readings. I’m now learning how to develop my own skills through her Intuitive Development courses and Astrology School. Her Cosmic Workbooks are super helpful as well as all her moon oracles and videos. She is down-to-Earth, explains things in such a user-friendly way, and spot on in her readings. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Christen P.

Abigail has a beautiful & open soul that knows how to help you reconnect with yourself & your journey. I did the full intuitive healing package & it was beyond eye-opening. Thank you Abi for sharing your wisdom with us ❤️

Maddie R.