Horoscopes for the Season of Gemini

It’s officially 💎Gemini💎 Season.
Gemini is represented by two androgynous twins.
It is the first of Air signs, the first of the mutable signs and at times the most confusing energy to deal with of the zodiac.

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Because it’s always changing directions, similar to a hummingbird.


Gemini energy is all about information.
Fact or fiction.
Truth or dare.
Commerce or socializing.
This is a time when we learn and share. Learn more about working with me.

Many Gemini’s are writers, speakers, journalists, rappers , singers or poets.
Gemini season is represented by Hermes the Greek God and messenger.
Also the Roman version Mercury for which the planet is named.
He was the only God able to travel dimensions to bring forth information.

Mercury/Hermes does not discriminate the information however, it is simply meant to be communicated, processed and synthesized.
Personally here as a feminine astrologer I think we forget Iris the goddess messenger of the rainbow for whom would also be represented under Gemini or Libra.
Gemini energy is masculine with a definite feminine influence on connection, community and talking(a lot). This is a good time to reflect with others, share and gather information and if you are a writer, speaker, singer or communicator this is your season to do your thang.

And at the same time...
We must be mindful of what we are sharing.
The shadow side of Gemini is gossip, manipulating people with our words and profiting off other people’s confusion.
For example on how this might look, just understand that here in the good ole US of A the broken healthcare system incorrectly(and symbolically) uses the symbol of Mercury’s caduceus as the representation of medicine when indeed it does not represent medicine. This is a perfect example of Gemini’s shadow. Selling snake oil to heal, commerce not care.

Happy Gemini Season!

Infinite Love,


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Below are your horoscopes for Gemini Season, please read your sun, moon and rising sign if you know them.

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 Horoscopes Gemini Season:




This time period is presenting itself as one that you are meant to learn from.  The insight that you receive now, will help you to banish old patterns that have accumulated for far too long. When you stick with the uncomfortable-ness of where you are at, it naturally opens you to more of your creativity.  Movement is beautiful, we can’t confuse movement with progress however because sometimes, well very often actually, we are just moving in constant circles without looking at our why.  To move forward we must be willing to look at how we resist new ways, new beliefs and new ideas.  Plans change and that’s ok but limiting beliefs around your ability to follow through on certain tasks should be analyzed at this time.   It’s time to burrow in to a safe space and re-evaluate all that you thought you knew.  The barriers to your happiness are all imagined so it’s time to look at your fears and show them that you aren’t backing down, no matter how big their teeth are, you are a warrior, not a worrier.  Stick with the things that will you make you proud in ten years because this month is the most important work towards making it all happen.




Hey there love, are you feeling that reviving energy of Spring?  There are some things that are asking for your attention and care.  I don’t know how to say this in the sweetest and most juicy way possible but basically your self-talk is garbage right now and in deep need of a re-boot.  What I'm trying to get at here is that it’s time to finally forgive yourself fully.  Start focusing on your relationship to the self and the way you interact with others.  As mercury the planet of communication moves through your sign at the first half of Gemini season, the point of attraction is the words you speak to yourself about yourself when no one else is listening.  This would be a great time to explore new healing modalities.  Find ways to lighten up and move energy out is helpful.  This is a time to process and beautify your thoughts.  Release the thoughts that hold you as a prisoner to the past.  The most effective way for you to get to this release is through sound healing.  Sound healing has been used for thousands of years as a way to synchronize our brain waves with the vibration of the sound that one is being exposed to.  Certain tones heal and re-calibrate us into the strong sense of inner peace from which positive mind set is born forth.  Change is good.




It’s your season Gem.  You hold a special place in our hearts as being a beautiful communicator.  And this time period is so rich for you to reap the benefits of being a master manifestor as long as you don’t fall prey to conflicts and imbalancing behaviors such as partying too hard or making too many damn plans that leave your nervous system feeling edgy.  The abundance that is available to you this season is real and it takes discipline. Do not get sidetracked, hocus pocus focus. There are so many rabbit traps out there this month, especially building up to the full moon on May 29th. Stick with your goals and work in a daily rhythm this month and you will thrive.  Journal, checklists, and apply stick notes where you will.  Fiercely protect your energy, grab life by the balls and direct it where you want to go.  It’s your time.  The new moon on June 13th is the most important for your intention and goal setting.  I’ll leave you with these words “Good fortune often occurs when you stop expecting life to present opportunities to you and you start presenting opportunities to life.”

― Rasheed Ogunlaru




Oh sweet Cancer it looks like this time period is very fertile for you.  There maybe more energy flowing to a new hobby or romance, something that lights up your inspiration and artsy side.   Remember that you are the master, do not compare yourself to others.  Jealousy and comparisons cause the immediate death of confidence and creativity.  It can take you a bit to feel assured in something but at this time you just simply need to trust.  Venus is lighting up your arena bringing love and inspiration to every corner of your life, it is up to you to invite her in to stay and have tea.  Do not show her love off with your fear and beliefs that someone else could do it better than you.  You carry a certain intelligence that no one else possesses, it’s time to stand strong in that truth.   Welcome the energy of Venus into your life to stay, let her set up shop in your heart space.  Attract that which you need in order to grow bigger and stronger.  Ask for highest good to be served on your platter with fresh strawberries and gold coins.  No more fear, no more questions.  This is the time for answers.




Well dearest Lion, it’s time to get practical.  It’s time to break down the illusions that keep you feeling stuck in your life.  I know that you can do this but I also know that it isn’t as fun as playing.  Future planning, strategy and yes even using charts is going to help you flourish this season.  Dharma is a knocking at your door but you cannot radiate your light outward without first getting straight and building up inwardly.  It is a gift that you are capable of being present, enjoying people and having fun.  Yet it is also a gift to build your character up so that you can continue to shine year round.  Gemini season is a shifty time and it’s easy for you to get caught up in the fun and sun.  Both Gemini and Leo are like the kids of the zodiac and they both can get sucked into wanting to play all day long but remember work can feel amazing too.  This time period can bring a new job or new aspect of your job that moves you more toward your goals/ vision for yourself.  Look at your long term goals for yourself then break them down to month to month, week to week, day to day goals.  Rock this season Leo, warming yourself in the sun feels so much sweeter after a few solid hours of work.  All play and no work gets boring.




Virgo I love you and this is a great time for you to chill the fuck out.  There are circumstances, events, interactions that are asking you to shed the old skin, shed that which you think you know as facts, as the only truth.  Sometimes you get so wrapped into sifting the facts that you forget to feel.  It’s easy for you to be high strung and not even recognize that it’s happening.   There is a enough Earth energy for you to feed off of this Gemini season so you can stay grounded enough to rest your bones. As you sink into your body and feel you will notice so much for you to release.  Self body scanning, tapping and massages all can help you stay in the body and not get stuck in the head.  Look at where you’ve been on over protective mode and just love on that part of yourself for the protection that it has offered you.  And then release.  Look at how your beliefs about yourself and others could be cleaned up so that you can lighten your load and stop creating so many unhappy projections in your life.   “People who are afraid often project that fear by casting judgment on others.”

― Akiroq Brost




Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac, always fluttering around making sure everyone is doing ok.  Making sure life is fair for everyone, but um.. ps life isn’t fair.  But Libra, you are likely pretty darn tired.  I know that you were looking for a perfect opportunity to chill out and nurture yourself a bit, maybe even beautify in some way.   That time has come, kind of. Honestly it’s the best rest you are gonna get for a little bit so take it.  Sit in the sunshine. The two other air signs, Sun in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius are both trining your sign.  These two other air signs are so busy that it gives you an opportunity to notice how your air sign is unique.  Being ruled by the planet of Love gives you permission to lead from your heart and listen to what it needs in order to move forward.  The most important lesson this season is to really honest with yourself first and then others next is the only way to happiness.  Make friends with yourself for it has been far too long since you have paused, reflected and honored that which you know to be true.  This month you will succeed if you remember to take space to get real with yourself. You are changing, honor this transformation and ask for help when you need it.




Well well Scorpio you've just been through a lot, and finally you are coming up for some air.   How lovely the air can feel on your wings.  There is a saying about Scorpio that it is represented by three animals for the various transformations that this archetype goes through.  The scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.  This month you are being asked to go higher to get an eagle’s eye view of your life.   It’s time to ask for guidance, it’s time to listen to the inner voice that knows exactly which next steps you are to take in order to fulfill your dharma.  It’s easy to say that we don’t know and yet in order to reach fulfillment this is the time to simply ask the questions, without needing an answer today.  We all know that you can be patient when you need to, even though you don’t like it.   But it may surprise you to see how quickly the answers come to you when you just decide to ask the question.  You have worked so hard to be where you are right now, enjoy the moments where you can honor yourself at this junction.  Then ask what is to be next for you on this beautiful path.




Why yes Sag that big and bright orb in the sky is lovely.  Amazing how it can bring things out in you that you thought you maybe had lost, it is all back now.  Did you know that the very same energy that makes you feel like you have to keep things is the very same energy that is worry is created from?  It’s time to purge all the worries and fears.  The SUN is out!  It’s ok to be happy and still have things that scare you, it’s ok to enjoy this moment without needing to know if the sun will warm us tomorrow.  Now is the time to be in the present moment.  Now is the time to enjoy the journey.  Pave the way forward by being grateful for the moment you are in right now.  Nothing good comes from worry and fear so why not just surrender to the power of the Sun and trust that everything else is going to work itself out.  The full moon is in your sign this month Sag so it may feel as though your insides are forced to the outside for everyone to see.  Just remember the sunlight purifies, so just sit yourself out in it if you can and allow the inner to burn off into the outer stratosphere.  There is always so much more happening than what we most of us can see.




Hey I’m just curious Capricorn, is it possible that maybe you have simply forgotten your connection to Great Spirit of all things holy?  I mean I’m not trying to offend you, it happens to the best of us.  Actually it happens more to the best of us than the worst of us because finding our way back to that source of connection is when we remember the power of this place and of ourselves.   When we return we can’t help but love on everyone and everything as a part of this connection to source.   It may be time to get alone time and reflect on the last year.  Saturn and slow as fuck moving-Pluto in your home sign tend to make things feel heavy and at times uproots things that you thought had a solid foundation.  The safety and peace that you are seeking in others and in things is deeply embedded into yourself if you allow yourself to go there. The rebirth takes place when you can open to this process which can be difficult for a tough and sturdy Earth sign such as yourself.   If you can think of it as a remodel as opposed to a demolition it may help you in seeing the gems in this process.  This Gemini season is for you to do the inner work.  The good news is luck is always on your side and that certainly cannot be said for all of us.  Continue to hold integrity as your most positive aspect and luck will follow.




We all know that Aquarius likes to travel, in your car, in your mind, in your dreams, anywhere really.  This month however with Mars in your sign you may be feeling bigger pulls to get “out there” more than usual.  However we must also be aware that there is a land that has yet to be explored within you Aquarius.  Now hold on I’m not saying there is anything wrong with adventure, I’m down for wanderlusting just as any good gypsy should be.   At times it is in the wandering that we recognize that something within us needs attention. The thing I’ve noticed about you is that nothing makes you feel quite as euphoric as a brand new adventure.  Experiencing the outer can bring our attention to that which is deep within that wants our loving attention.   I find it interesting that the word euphoria has its roots in the 1700’s as a medical term.   When someone recovered from an illness or a surgery we would say that they were euphoric, you know healthy, back to their normal state of bliss.  Now in modern days we see euphoria as something that only a substance such as a drug can bring us to, something that is not normal.  Does this concern anyone else?  You can be euphoric just as you are Aquarius, we all can. What if we could simply listen to our bodies and emotions?  What if that is where the real journey is?  This time is ripe for you to create more health and wanderlust for our inner wellbeing.  There is a universe within that is asking you to board your spaceship and dive in.




It’s time to break the bonds which tie you into the past, to the past of suffering and suppression.  You are the keeper of information, of wisdom, but this doesn’t mean you should swim around in it, squirting it out of your mouth like a fountain of youth.   Do I need to remind you again that putting other people’s stuff in your mouth WILL get you sick.  There are certain beliefs and habits that this month will force you to look at and release.  Gemini season is a great time to manifest and it is a mutable sign just like yours so go with it.  It’s time to manifest a future that allows you to go with the flow as opposed to anchoring yourself to the one spot in the ocean that holds all the suffering of everyone and everywhere you’ve ever known.  It’s time to let go of pain and hold on to your joy.  Don’t give everything good away, for the greater good, there is nothing holy about being a martyr.  No one will receive your joy as joy, they will receive it through a filter of their own suffering and then they will use it against you some day not too far from now.  Someone wise once said that we need to be aware that some people will awaken joy in us and some people will awaken suffering in us.  And when someone awakens both suffering and joy in us it can become like an addiction to transmute the suffering that they awaken back into joy, but you can’t do this. Honor the lessons, honor the joy and the suffering and keep moving.  Do not anchor yourself to anyone or any place in the world or in yourself that brings you suffering.  You are joy and to joy you shall return, as long as you keep moving, don’t get stuck.  Focus on your own joy, all beautiful manifestations come from this place not from aligning with suffering.