Into the depths: Aries Full Moon

The Full Moon for October is on the 13th in 20 degrees of Aries.

The Sun and the Moon are in opposition as usual at a full moon and Pluto in 20 degrees of Capricorn is in an exact square.

This is a very active Full Moon energy.

A T-Square that involves the Sun, the Moon and Pluto is intense.

Pluto unearths uncomfortable material, power dynamics and subconscious blocks in order to heal and re-incorporate your connection to source.


Pluto brings the toxicity to the surface for the purpose of cleansing.

This Full Moon invites us to trust that what is being unearthed is coming up to clear out not to make us suffer.

The opportunity to let go and release is strong and should be used wisely before the retrograde period of Oct 31st in Scorpio.

Jupiter in it’s final stretch in Sagittarius is trining the Moon giving our emotional life a levity that we so desire with such an intense moon. #mood

The Moon in Aries highlights our identity. The Sun in Libra highlights how we desire to relate to others.

How we blend these two is influenced by our subconscious mind and how hard we are on ourselves.

It’s important that we stay conscious of our attachments to our identity out of comfort.

It’s time to release, to be free.

A great time to work with me.

And finally a beautiful water trine between Mercury, Neptune and the North Node.

Our future is calling us to leave our security blanket behind and move into the unknown with our emotional needs intact.

Infinite Love,



Full Moon in Aries

The Equinox time is upon us and it marks the moment when the Sun moves into Libra. And this year this occurs at 6pm PST on Saturday the 22nd.

Libra is a Cardinal sign ushering in the start of Autumn.  It is an air sign bringing the winds of change and clarity.

This Equinox we are moving into the energy of a Full Moon in Aries.

The Full Moon will occur in the evening of Monday September 24th at 1 degree Aries.

Interpersonal issues are sure to come up so that we can re-start and hit the refresh button on neural pathways and situations that haven’t been helping us to grow.


This Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon it marks the half way point to the Astrological year which begins at the Spring Equinox.

Spring Equinox is like the birth point and this Fall Equinox marks the death point where we evaluate that which needs to be released and buried.

And this relates to how we relate to others.

What is asking you to release? What do you need to let finally die?

This Full Moon is conjunct the Wounded Healer Chiron, internal emotional issues come up for healing not to frustrate you!

The Sun will be conjunct Mercury to help you communicate, purge and express your emotions and inner conflicts.

This Full Moon forms a T Square to Saturn in Capricorn and the frustrations that you may be having in work or making things happen in your material world.

The ONLY meditation point for all this is to nurture yourself and your emotions.

The meditation is in Cancer, the mother the water.

Find nurturing in healing work and self-care. It is a great time to work with me.

Watch the house by house below to understand more and please share this if it speaks to you.