Uranus in Taurus

This month Uranus changes signs from Aries to Taurus.  Uranus the planet of weird, it has a unique orbit and it hasn't been in Taurus since 1934-1942.  It is very auspicious to have this moment marked by a new moon in Taurus.


Uranus in Taurus May 15th 2018-2026   Expect the unexpected.

Uranus is the greatest change maker moving with lightning speed.

It represents the aspect of culture and evolution in which the old ways need to be destroyed in order for the new ways to be born.  It is uncomfortable, it can be painful and if one is able to move with these changes it can be exhilarating.

Fear will keep us in a state of resistance, love will keep us in a state of flow.  Notice where you have been stubborn, notice where you have been withholding.  Create flow.

Uranus is the father of father time(Saturn).  Uranus the God of the sky rules time differently than Saturn.   Uranus shakes things up and shifts things in an instant.

Liberation and Revolution are the two themes most associated with Uranus, along with it being known as the planet of weirdness.

Uranus and the sign which it rules, Aquarius mark our unique imprint as a soul.  Our evolution as a soul/souls in a temporary meat bag. Those of us with stronger Uranus placements in our charts are typically thought of as the weirdest of the weird. 

Uranus is shocking change, it is the tower card in tarot and it is the planet that rules astrology and metaphysics.  Uranus is the electricity that propels lightbulb moments and huge energetic shifts. 

Collective awakenings are common when Uranus is active.

When Uranus moves from Aries which rules individuality, drive and identity to Taurus which rules finances, sensuality and comfort we may see changes to the financial system and to the status quo.

Notice where you have fear, notice where Taurus is in your chart.   There will be the ability for release, let it all fall apart so that we can all rebuild.

Taurus is our physical bodies, our food systems and our financial systems.  Mountains, Volcanoes and Nature Areas such as forest and gardens.  Law suits around these topics as well.  It is the sign of the divine feminine.  During this transit expect changes to these areas or how we view these areas.

Taurus in Highest Vibration:

Divine Femme












Taurus in Lowest Vibrataion:








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