Intuitive Development to Sparkle and Shine

Ready to take your intuition to the next level?

This five week webinar training creates the space for you to get more Creative Power Abundant Health in your life.

It's time to build on your inherent gifts and talents while developing new language for your experiences.  

Strengthen your trust, confidence, boundaries and work those intuitive muscles.  

Leave this training with practical tools and practices for success and well being. 


In Sparkle and Shine's Intuitive Development course you will learn that sensitive is not equal to weak.  Being an empath does not mean you are meant to suffer.

Extra-sensory is a talent that super-heroes have, it's time to learn how to make it work for you.

Great for those wanting to grow and transform in career, relationships, home and health.



Here's what to expect from this training:

-Confidence in your skills

-More success in relationships and career situations

-Clarity in the tools that can help keep you Sparkly.

-Releasing outdated beliefs and conditioning that has held you back.

-Understanding your own personal strengths.

-How to flourish as an empath.

-Aligning with your intuition to get more.

-Owning your power and your energetic skills.

The investment in this program is $330 and includes a recording of each of the five classes.