New Moon Partial Eclipse in Cancer

On July 12th we will have a powerful New Moon in 20 degrees of Cancer.

This partial eclipse marries our inner child with our inner mama, to bring all the feels.

The reason that this is only a partial eclipse is that the north node of moon is over in five degrees of Leo and that is more than ten degrees away from this New Moon and it means that the Full Moon on July 27th will bring a powerful Lunar Eclipse.


What makes this New Moon potent is the other transits involved.

This New Moon a very powerful one for awareness and intention setting.

Cancer time is a time where we get back in touch with our roots, our sense of home, we come back to nurturing ourselves and others. 

We heal by feeling and this cancer new moon brings lots of feels.

Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio two days before this powerful New Moon and will be lit up by a Grand Water Trine with the Sun and Moon in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces...big feels, big releases.

We also have this New Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto the Lord of the underworld in Capricorn.  This unearths parts of ourselves that want our nurturing, self-acceptance and love.  We may confronted with the parts of ourselves that we have tried to sweep under the rug.   Subconscious programs in our consciousness will be brought to the surface for the purpose of healing.

We also have a Earth Grand Trine too(thank goodness) which helps us to ground out all these big emo-tions.  Saturn in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus literally will help us bring the love and structures to change our DNA.  I'm not kidding, this shit is powerful.  We all getting whacked with an awakening that is a pre-curser to 2020.  We are all in big times.

Thankfully there are so many ways to ease this awakening.  One is to work with me.

I'm offering two Summer Eclipse offerings:

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Infinite Love,


Total Blue Super Lunar Eclipse 01/31

We are in Eclipse Season!  Can you feel it? 

It's probably best to just expect change.

I often say that eclipse energies are like a huge flush that we energetically need to move forward.

Image: Fred Espenak

Image: Fred Espenak

This January/mid February time is one of those major flush times.

Super Blue Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon on January 31st packs a crazy strong punch.

The Sun in Aquarius, the Moon in Leo at 11 degrees.    Look back to how you were doing at the time of the last eclipses that happened in August to get an idea of how far you've come or what changed for you at those eclipses. 

If you want to know if you may be able to see this lunar eclipse look here

When we get to February 15th the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius at 27 degrees it starts a new cycle and brings a new age with's important time to work with the energies.

If you have more fixed energies in your chart you will feel this one stronger than the rest.

So I'm offering everyone a special on my chart readings, $75 for a 1/2 hour zoom distance session to work with these energies, good until Feb. 10th

Look at your chart where does 11 degrees of Leo and Aquarius fall for you?  Or register for my webinar happening this Tuesday if you want to learn how to do this and learn more about working with these eclipse energies.

The polarity of these two houses Aquarius and Leo is going to lit up and they will be clearing house so to speak.  To cope utilize the Scorpio and Taurus house energies, so tap into your senses, tap into intuition and magic to cope.

Then look at where 27 degrees of Aquarius falls, come mid February this area will be lit up and you'll want to set intention to that house and with the awareness of any planets there.

This brings us freedom from our own personal struggles and beliefs about ourselves to our healing.

If this full moon wasn't an eclipse it would still be intense because of the oppositions and lots of squares paving it's way.  

Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries are steeped into this eclipse, challenging us with expansions, awakenings and sudden changes.

The North Node is especially lit up into this eclipse within 3 degrees of the Moon ushering us closer to our true destiny, if we truly listen.  And it is time to listen.

At the time of these squares Venus the Sun and Mercury will all be in Aquarius.
Which is the water bearer who ushers in healing, but he's also stubborn as ever.

When Jupiter in Scorpio(another fixed sign) shows her stubbornness she will win. 

Jupiter in Scorpio bumping into our heart, mind and ego for the purpose of expansion, healing and transformation.  Moving past the old stories of part hurts.
And we are left looking at all the places where we thought the community was out to get us. 
The times where we've been hurt by our peers, our communities, our tribe.  And how this is truly holding us back to future healing and endeavors that we require community. 

We cannot change the world without community.  We cannot hid into technology and expect the best.  We need to utilize community.

The waterbearer will bring you healing to those areas.
Aquarius brings the permission to let your freak flag fly high and still be loved by the community but you must make room to allow it. 

Welcome in healing and process past beliefs out of your system.

Talk this out with trusted friends.  Or work with me.

Infinite Love,