☄ Planetary Power: Guide your Success using Cosmic Magic ☄

Join us for a journey through the Cosmos to gather your essence and use it to shine a light on Planet Earth.

This 7 week Journey of your Astrology, Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching to align you for more Success.

Part live class group coaching, part solo meditation and journaling, discussion in our private online group and a worksheet to complete before class begins.

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We utilize the energies of the planets and the chakras to align with our purpose and clear away what no longer serves our highest path. We release to shine brighter and bigger with our talents guiding us like the stars.

As we journey for Libra season to Scorpio season we transform through each week starting with:

Week 1: Our Soul Essence and our Ego, how to align both

Week 2: Emotional Intelligence and Inner Seeing to Believing

Week 3: Communication and Clarity

Week 4: Love and Money

Week 5: Divine Actions for Success

Week 6: Creativity for Abundance and Inner Discipline

Week 7: Presence and Confidence for Success

The new reality begins October 9th...are you ready?

Only 4 spots are left, individuals must be completely ready to commit to themselves and the time they will need to invest in themselves this fall.

Program runs from October 9th-November 20th



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