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Join us for a journey through the Cosmos to gather your essence and use it to shine a light on Planet Earth.

This 7 week Journey of your Astrology, Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching to align you for more Success.

Part live class group coaching, part solo meditation and journaling, discussion in our private online group and a worksheet to complete before class begins.

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We utilize the energies of the planets and the chakras to align with our purpose and clear away what no longer serves our highest path. We release to shine brighter and bigger with our talents guiding us like the stars.

As we journey for Libra season to Scorpio season we transform through each week starting with:

Week 1: Our Soul Essence and our Ego, how to align both

Week 2: Emotional Intelligence and Inner Seeing to Believing

Week 3: Communication and Clarity

Week 4: Love and Money

Week 5: Divine Actions for Success

Week 6: Creativity for Abundance and Inner Discipline

Week 7: Presence and Confidence for Success

The new reality begins October 9th...are you ready?

Only 4 spots are left, individuals must be completely ready to commit to themselves and the time they will need to invest in themselves this fall.

Program runs from October 9th-November 20th



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Pluto and Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn

We are currently in a major shift/cycle that is building in all of 2019 to an exact conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in 2020.

Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn, the sign of government, systems, patriarchy, work and structure. The pressure is on.

We also have the South Node in Capricorn which you can learn more about here. We are clearing so much from the collective consciousness so that we can build anew.


Then we have Pluto in Capricorn which actually started back in 2008 during a time when a housing economic bubble pop burst that had it’s foundation to years and years of bad government regulations and misuse of money. This caused the biggest economic downturn in America since the great depression(when ahem Taurus was in Uranus as well as it now back in).

The last time that Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1776 it has a 248 year orbit to make it’s way all the way around the zodiac. During the years of 1762-1778 the world was under colonial rulership mainly through England with slave trades and tea taxes along with the start of the Industrial Revolution. During this time American had a revolution which led to it’s Independence.

So needless to say things are expected to continue in their intensity and divisions. We are in uncharted territory that begs us to remember our history, to heal, to make peace and to revolutionize the way we do live and organize government. This time period also asks us to look at how our personal choices, decisions and actions effect the society at large. We can no longer point the finger and blame, we must act.

This conjunct is exact on 12 Jan 2020 8:59:24 am PST

To understand how this conjunction may effect you on a personal level watch the house by house guide at look to your natal placement of the Capricorn house along with if you have any planets or placements in Capricorn OR squaring(through Libra or Aries) or opposing in Cancer.

☪ Time stamps for your placement of 22 degrees of Capricorn through 12 houses: 1st house 13:15 2nd 14:30 3rd 16:04 4th 16:39 5th 17:58 6th 19:34 7th 20:47 8th 22:00 9th 23:11 10th 24:02 11th 25:10 12th 26:23

Full Moon in 0 degrees of Libra on the Spring Equinox

On Wednesday March 20th we will have the first of two Full Moon’s in the sign of Libra.

This first on will occur at 0 degrees opposite the Sun freshly into Aries at 0 degrees which marks the Spring Equinox and the fresh start to the zodiac year.

This is very unique to have a Full Moon at the Spring Equinox, a great time for rituals and celebrations.


As I said earlier this week, anything that can happen in astrology is happening.

When I say that though I want to remind you that the astrology isn’t happening to us. The astrology is a measurement of the energies that are coming through.

We are always moving on a big rock in outer space.

The moon in Libra the sign of balance and beauty and justice bring in emotional clarity of where we need to get real in our relationships and with ourselves. The fact that Libra is ruled by Venus means that she will be active at this Full Moon.

The Moon is also quincunx Uranus which at the New Moon on March 6th moved into Taurus, which is also ruled by the feminine planet Venus.

Venus is about desire, values, love and money but really energy. Look to your natal Venus placement in relationship to Uranus to understand how this might affect you more.

Mercury is still retrograding in Pisces but we are made aware of what that journey it has been taking us on at the Full Moon.

Spring Equinox is a powerful energetic time of renewal and re-birth. Purchase the Spring Activation Class Playback here

Happy Spring,


Uranus in Taurus until 2026

Uranus just changed signs from Aries to Taurus.

The first few weeks of this transit have so much to teach us, so pay attention.


The planet of weird, of astrology, has a unique orbit and it hasn't been in Taurus since 1934-1942.
FDR had a Taurus stellium in his 8th house and Uranus on his rising in Virgo(great depression era reading would be wise at this time). Uranus in Taurus until 2026. Expect the unexpected at the start of this transit. Look back to any shifts that occurred for you in May 2018 when Uranus dipped his toe into Taurus for a bit before retrograding back into Aries.

Uranus is the greatest change maker moving with lightning speed.

It represents the aspect of culture and evolution in which the old ways need to be destroyed in order for the new ways to be born. It is uncomfortable, it can be painful and if one is able to move with these changes it can be exhilarating.

Fear will keep us in a state of resistance, love will keep us in a state of flow. Notice where you have been stubborn, notice where you have been withholding.
Create flow.

Uranus is the father of father time(Saturn). Uranus the God of the sky rules time differently than Saturn. Uranus shakes things up and shifts things in an instant.

Liberation, Shock and Revolution are the themes most associated with Uranus.
You want to to know where this transit is hitting your birth chart.

Uranus and the sign which it rules, Aquarius mark our unique imprint. Our evolution as a soul/souls in a temporary meat bag.
Those of us with stronger Uranus placements in our charts are typically thought of as the weirdest of the weird.
Uranus is shocking change, it is the tower card in tarot and it is the planet that rules astrology and metaphysics. Uranus is the electricity that propels lightbulb moments and huge energetic shifts.
Collective awakenings are common when Uranus is active.

Uranus moves from Aries which rules individuality and identity to Taurus which rules personal finances, sensuality, Earthly delights and the femme.
We may see changes to the financial system and to Earth based resources.

Notice where you have fear, notice where Taurus is in your chart. There will be the ability for release, let it all fall apart so that we can all rebuild.
Taurus is our physical bodies, our food systems and our financial systems. The Earth itself and the resources will be changing.
Slot of the way it changes depends on the way we work these energies at a personal level.
Taurus in Highest Vibration:

Divine Femme










Committed Clever

Taurus in Lowest Vibrataion:









Want to stay in the high vibe during this transit?

It's a great time to work with me.