When you move at the speed of light, you still need time to process.

The New Moon is in 27 degrees of Virgo at 10:30pm September 19th.

The New Moon this week is chock-fulla some Virgo energy like woah.

We've got the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo.  That is unique.   It's a late new moon for Virgo season so it's gotta make up for that in intensity.

The first new moon after the eclipse is always going to have some clean up work to do, no better time for some Virgo energy then huh?   The Virgo archetype is all about purification and precision.

Virgo energy doesn't have patience for everyone's feelings and emotions, it doesn't always make sense to them.  With our brain, heart and drive all in the archetype of Virgo we can be impatient with ourselves and others.

But there is a big piece missing from that puzzle and that is our sweet sad friend Chiron in Pisces. 

It's our spirit, the part of our consciousness that has always been around, before brain, heart and drive.  And he's not going anywhere.

Chiron the wounded healer is the part of our spirit that carries the deepest wounds and the place where we can bring ourselves(and so therefore the world) the biggest healing and compassion.

What would the world look like without compassion, tell me?

So then we must start with ourselves, can we be patient with our own wounds?   I know you want them gone, I know you've already done this work, but here it is again for you to look at. 



It's not for nothing.  And it's not going anywhere, it's just time to gather more lessons out of that ole pain point, yay.

The process brings more gifts I promise.

Everything you've ever wanted comes after the process, we can't avoid the process. 

But the pain lives, in the process. So we do a lot to avoid looking at the processing.

When you move at the speed of light, time forces you to go back and process.  That process is always gonna feel like it takes up too much of your time but there is no greater work to do.

Many, many people in the spiritual world talk of this New World that only the most enlightened will make it to.  The problem with this thinking is it creates an "us and them".  And that is where the illusion lies.  And it also creates an illusion that if you know this secret that you are enlightened.  And that my friends is where I come in with a big "NOPE".

We are the ones creating this New World that's why we are here.  And we all have that Achilles' heel so to speak, no one enlightens beyond that, no one.

Christ isn't coming back, we are.  The aliens aren't coming either, we are.  Not even Prince is coming back, we are.

But we aren't gonna get anywhere if we don't have the patience and courage to look at our own healing.

Micro to Macro.

We will never be beyond the human processes, even if we want to be.  That's the hardest part of the human experience is that if we want things to be different, we are the ones that have to change it and you guessed right it starts with looking at the man in the mirror(or woman).

Blessings to you all as you intention set for this new moon, remember to involve ritual into this powerful new moon.  This is the biggest time to show the universe(yourself) how much you've grown and how well you can tend to your whole being, even the slowest moving parts of you.

Remember it's a great time for healing work.  

Infinite Love.