Birth to Death. We must learn to put it all to rest.

The Full Moon on September 6th is in 13 degrees of Pisces. The Sun, Moon and Venus are all in 13 degrees for this Full Moon.  It's time for us all to embody more of the feminine. 

Everything has a cycle. 

It makes sense that this comes to us directly after the profound experience of a total eclipse many experienced in August, this is the fruition to that experience, the fullness of that eclipse.

We must respect the truth of life.

Thirteen moons in a year, thirteen cycles in a woman's year.  Women are the carries of an undeniable truth.  That from birth to death, we must learn to put it all to rest. 

Life isn't fair and it isn't always kind.  Yet we came here to live, so let's get on with it, shall we? Thirteen is also the number of guides and angels so please don't forget to call upon yours. 

Our sensitivity may be heightened when the Full Moon comes around September 6th in the psychic sign of Pisces, especially since the psychic moon is conjunct the psychic planetary ruler of Pisces, Neptune.

Neptune conjunct the moon both in Pisces packs a powerful punch of depth.  Depth beyond which many humans can actually handle. 


The sun in Virgo has us focused on our bodies, routines and details that need to happen in order to keep us healthy and happy. Virgo likes practicality and logic.

Pisces moon taps into the collective consciousness.  This empathic, deepest of the water signs is the most psychic of all. 

Pisces is anything but practical, Pisces is the deep drives that we don't understand about ourselves and others.

But because of that intensity Pisces often will want to escape through drugs, eating or extra sleep. 

Yes we are on a journey, but we don't actually get anywhere until we die.  And no drug on this planet can change that, nor should we want that. 

There is purpose in our process.

Otherwise what is the fun in arriving? 

Virgo Sun time teaches us lessons about embodiment.  And about process and about being here right now.

But Virgo will often over obsess on worst case scenario, body issues and keep themselves up at night worrying.  

As you can imagine this full moon might require a little more self care and love.

The polarity of Virgo and Pisces can be a mind f*ck if you let it..they both have a tendency to be overly focused on the self and to feel so much.  This is not the time to forget your tribe, talk it out with buddies.

 Connection makes everything easier.  Connect with your friends, yourself, your home, your trees.

If you can be honest with yourself and tend to your body and subconscious mind at this time, the rewards will be plentiful...after all this is a time of the harvest.

Cooking is a great process activity to ground both Virgo and Pisces energy.  Virgo is an earth sign that tries to connect their intellect to the Earth but they can sometimes forget to connect to the full body. 

Overthinking is not gonna do you any good, remember that!

Virgo loves lists, so you could make a list of what you're taking with you from this summer into the fall, an "everything you've learned list." 

Note this is not an "everything I still need to learn" list!

With the full moon we ask to cleanse our psychic and body of that which no longer serves our path and purpose here.

This one is extra potent because of the intense connection that many of us had with the last new moon solar eclipse. The moon came up over the sun and now this is the time where the moon is back on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun. 

A time where we feel the tug of war between what we want and what we need. Our outer self and our inner self.  At the full moon we are asked to cleanse that which doesn't serve our full integration.  It is an opportunity for us to purge the toxins and grief of who we wanted to be and to embrace where we are at in this moment.

Any intentions that we set at the eclipse new moon will come up through this cycle of the full moon to be looked at and to be seen what needs to be cleansed to get there.

Consciousness is born to get to ourselves more fully at this time.

Your consciousness may feel overwhelmed but you can resist the urge to go unconscious, by tending to your physical reality.

Drinking, pills, and anything else you use to numb yourself should be used with serious caution.  Because this is a sensitive time for them to backfire at you.

This is a great time to work with holistic pracitioners that will support you in deep transformation of your physical and mental body.  

Don’t try to do it all alone, this can be a time for some to get trapped in their head, so reach out.

All kinds of processes and details likely to come up with this full moon.

It will pass, just do the next right thing and then let go of the rest.  Baby steps.  It doesn't need to all get figured out today.

We’ve also got Venus in Leo infusing our heart with courage to integrate and get further into our embodied experience.

Adjustments to our routine and self care for come up to embody this experience more fully.

Mercury Retrograde will be finishing up on September 5th on the same degree of the eclipse in the courageous sign of Leo.  We are ready to integrate the mind back with the body.

Mercury going direct includes a trine to Uranus in Aries, awakening us further into our heart centered experience and a conjunction to Mars helping us move this love out into the world more fully.

This full moon please remember that conflict ushers in change. 

And we are all ready for a change. 

Infinite Love,