Sparkle and Shine

2019 Sedona Retreat


Transformations come from within.   Sparkle and Shine Guidance provides the safe space to explore this transformational place within yourself.

All genders, backgrounds and knowledge levels welcome.
This retreat is designed for those committed to their own definition of success and personal growth.

We will utilize the powerful tools from the astrological realm of elements to understand more of your innate, unique strengths and skills. 

We will also utilize intuitive visionary tools for health and creativity. 

Finally we will also integrate group work and connection activities to reflect and create community. 

The goal is to deconstruct outdated beliefs and rebuild stronger than ever before.
With time for both digging in deep and integration with breaks built in for group activities.


What we will cover during our time together:


  • 2019 year ahead planning with a bit of astrological guidance to plan for

  • A bigger understanding how to integrate Energy Healing into your life

  • Tools to utilize self-healing practices

  • How laughter, fun and silliness can bring us healing(expect dance parties and a few games).

  • Clearing outdated programs and conditioning to make space for you.

  • Providing space to heal past wounds that keep us in a fear state.

  • Language skills to express yourself clearly and more successfully.

  • Understanding your "personal legend" refer to the book The Alchemist

  • Confidence building and harnessing your courage.

  • Visualizations and Meditations to bring clarity, focus and law of attraction principals into your life in a larger way.

  • Basics of the Elements in Astrology and how to make them work for you not against you.

  • Activities to help you step out of your Comfort Zone and into your Sparkle Zone

  • Understanding your personal value and how to set boundaries more effectively.

  • Preventing burn out before it happens, understanding qi and how to consolidate your personal energy system for success.

Costs include lodging, meals and one individual healing session with Abigail

Space is limited to 6 individuals so register soon.


About Abigail:

Abigail has over a decade of experience for holding space for people to transform.  Her visionary capacity is translated into assisting you in creating a new and free reality for yourself.  She is quite capable of reading the energy of past and present lives.  Abigail is committed to assisting the next wave of visionaries.  The world needs all the visionaries, artists, helpers and healers that we can get right now.

Abigail is a healer and teacher that uses Intuitive visionary tools and Astrological practices to help you shine brighter.

  Her brand Sparkle and Shine Guidance is all about helping people find more space for their soul to shine through.  She has a strong passion in helping you find more of your true SELF and creating space for your soul power. 

Her powerful tools are like a spa treatment for your soul. 

Sparkle and Shine is all about taking what you are good at, what you most enjoy and building your life around it. 

    “Abi created a loving, warm, and safe space to explore deep wounds and new insights. I left there with practical tools to help heal and integrate the valuable information I was given about my soul, spirit, and body. It was incredible. I have found a new life-long teacher and mentor on my journey of life. I recommend her with all of my heart!”



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