Sparkle and Shine Mentorship Program


Isolation or hiding away is not a choice at this time. Now is the time that we need to shine brighter and bigger. The time has come to circle up, this circle is committed to your success. We will utilize the elements to nourish your whole self and your community. We will help you ground into more of your purpose, You will get the tools you need to obtain sustained success.

This mentorship program runs from October 19th 2017 - April 19th 2018

What you'll get:

  1. A monthly group class third Thursday of the month at 7pm PST
  2. A phone session a month, scheduled at a time of your choosing.
  3. A weekly worksheet or meditation delivered to your inbox

It is important to me to keep this program sustainable, as a community of people stepping into more of our purpose and providing more value to the world.  This six month program takes a time commitment of about 2 hours a week.

The cost of this program is $397 if paid by October 10th in full or $75/month for the six months. (The cost is less than a coffee a day!)


What you can expect to get from this program:

  • Learn how to turn up your intuition for success
  • Freshening up your money and success beliefs
  • Confidence boosting
  • Stronger boundaries
  • Adding more value to what you do
  • Planning and strategies
  • Clarity and focus
  • Community and connection with other wise ones
  • Tools to sustain yourself

Program Schedule:

October: Alchemy and shifting out of a lack mentality. Re-writing your belief systems.

November: Grace and guidance for calling in support. Creating a healthy platform to take big leaps from.

December: Self-reflection.  Aligning with your goals.  Working your foundation.

January: Freedom and expression owning your voice in the work you do.

February: Understanding the value of your work and the energetics of money.  Manifesting.

March:  Building worthiness and your ability to receive. Inviting and accepting personal evolution.

April:  Navigating future obstacles, coping and thriving during intense transitions..


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