Resident Astrologer


Meet Christen

I am Christen Prudence. I live in the woods of Welches, at the base of the majestic Mt. Hood, which is the traditional land of the Chinook Indigenous Peoples. I am Mama of two little boys whom I homeschool (unschool), wife to my best friend of 15+ years, and adult orphan. I am an Intuitive Empath with a deep connection to our Earth, and a strong desire to be of service to Her and my fellow beings. My purpose is to awaken and raise the collective consciousness of our planet.

Through trauma and loss, I have been blessed with self-discovery and found my path to healing by remembering Earth-based spiritual wisdom that belonged to our Ancestors, which lies inside us all. Through deep reflection and practice, I have worked hard to remember who I really am before I was conditioned and domesticated by my environment. This is my gift to you. I hold space to guide you along the path to healing.

I am a 9th generation Reiki Master Practitioner trained in the lineage of Usui Reiki.

I have graduated Astrology School through Sparkle and Shine.

I have 10+ years of experience facilitating and supporting clients through transformational change in a variety of modalities.

I enjoy being in nature, reading, meditating, practicing yoga, gardening, cooking, wildcrafting and herbalism, creating art, volunteering at animal sanctuaries, and cultivating a fulfilling home life.