Intuitive Healing


Spa Treatments for Your Soul

Intuitive Counseling helps you see what is at the root of your issue. The Buddha said that the mind leads to suffering. I say that we can train our minds to healing ourselves.  We can learn tools to heal the mind and body tools to help you connect, get clarity and build your own meditation practice.

Transitions deserve support, I can help you get clarity and peace of mind during big times.  I help you heal the brain connections that are no longer serving your soul.  Shedding a light on personal resistance and blocks so that they can dissolve and you can shine brighter.

Business development, relationship issues, chronic pain, parenting, phobias and so many other issues we can work on together.  We are bombarded everyday with input and that can be draining, come learn some tools to sparkle and shine. 

I use a mix of guided meditation, breath work, visualizations, spirit guides, energy (also called qi or prana) boosting/clearings and a touch of magic.

Sparkle and Shine Intuitive Guidance will assist and guide you to more space for the real you to shine through.