Feminine Astrology


"As above, so below."

This ancient saying that is found in many places and explains some of why learning more about your astrological constitution (where the planets were aligned at the time you were born) can help you to understand more about your purpose here and help guide you to self-understanding, acceptance and growth.

Above will mirror what’s below.

Astrological birth chart reading does not tell your future and never infringes on self-growth, care, or free will.

Astrology is not the reason why things are as they are.  Your soul’s path can simply be read through astrology in the duality of being on Earth.

Much of our life is made from our choices than anything else, but when you can understand your inner compass and your core emotional needs you can understand why you make certain choices.

Astro-Intuitive Birth Chart readings are insightful and rich in information around your energetic potential, strengths and abilities. To help you access more of your inherient abilities for  success.

I get pictures and visions as I am reading your chart.  The symbols and archetypes on the chart come together to offer up healing and understanding.

A birth chart reading can help so many areas in of your life, I recommend getting a full chart reading at least once.

But they are especially helpful during times of big transformation for success and self-care.

You will have time to ask questions and guide the session.

I will need your birth time, place of birth and date of birth at least 48 hours prior to the session.

I prefer to do Astrological and Intuitive Coaching packages but I am available for single readings as well.

Individual Chart Reading: $230 for 70 min

Couples or two person Charts: $285(another person can be added for $65 for families) Hour and 1/2