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A session with Abigail is like being guided and held by mother earth. She is a true Gaia spirit. She embodies the essence of intuitive-with ease and grace, she was able to identify areas of blockage and difficulty in my life. Her sessions are clarifying and illuminating. She is able to naturally drop down to a very deep level in a matter of seconds and offer assistance and guidance from a place you would expect only someone who know you very very well to be able to do.
— Corrina Snow, Owner at Snow Crane Healing

Feminine Astrology

β€œAs above, so below.”

This ancient saying that is found in many places and explains some of why learning more about your astrological constitution (where the planets were aligned at the time you were born) can help you to understand more about your purpose here and help guide you to self-understanding, acceptance and growth.

Individual Healing

Spa Treatments for your soul

Intuitive Counseling helps you see what is at the root of your issue. The Buddha said that the mind leads to suffering. I say that we can train our minds to healing ourselves. Learn tools to heal the mind, body tools to help you connect, get clarity and build your own meditation practice.