Your Power

When we talk about power,
about being powerful,
it speaks to the unique special powers that only you can share with the world.
This is not about control, power is your potency.

It is clear that many people have negative associations with the word power or powerful.

The origin of the word power comes from the latin word potentâ or middle english to be able.

So tell me why so many of us scared of the word potent?
Or of being able?

When or where were we taught that being able or potent is not great?

 Creative Power Abundant Health is an online workshop where we literally go through the process of unlearning that which we thought we knew.  We create new ideas and learn more about releasing fear.

I am honored and thrilled to share this amazing work with those that are ready.

It’s uncomfortable to grow.  Believe me I know.

Growth is necessary, so why not get some support and clarity along the way?

Don’t wait, not another day.

My power is sacred and so is yours.

But here’s the truth:

The world needs you to be able, to be a potent version of you.

Soul power will change everything.

It is a worthy investment.

Here is a short soundcloud that reminds me of this post and my next post will be on the priestess.