Understanding Boundaries: A Visual Person's Perspective

I’m a visual person. 

If I can’t see it or conjure up an image, I have a hard time understanding it.

This is why I think it was so powerful to hear stories when I was a child, it was literally building my capacity to understand the world around me.

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Ten Ways to Get More Present Right Now

Why would we want to get more present?

Especially if something painful or stressful is happening?

Well if we can get really present with ourselves, often times that connection and alignment is actually going to bring us to a place that we previously did not think possible.  It’s going to help us grow.

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Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to something amazing…following your intuitive impulses.
Usually for me it is “talk to that person” or “go to that place” or “go see that healer or teacher”
The most satisfying thing is to see the synchronicities that come when you soften, open and trust.

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New Moon Intentions

The New Moon is a really potent and quiet time to set your intentions for the next cycle.

Each cycle has a flavor so to speak(an astrological sign) that the moon is in at the time of the new moon.  It is the same sign that the sun is in at that time.  That flavor so to speak gives you information of where may be good uses of your energy and your intentions.

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How to Release Fear

As I sit here writing away I am struck by the unknown.

Will we be ok?

I look at the date and I notice that it is Friday the 13th.

And the moon is still pretty darn full.

Damn, there are horror movies named after this day.

And yet if you look deep enough can see through the irony. 

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Beauty Medicine

If you really allow yourself to soak up your Beautify moments, I guarantee your ratio will speak to that.

If you’ve had a really hard morning then it’s a good time to get your beautify list out.

Go for a big one that you are able to accomplish.

The bigger the ugly ratio the more beautify medicine you need!

Maybe it’s even just calling a friend and getting a beauty medicine tea date on the calendar.

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