Notch That Arrow-Sagittarius New Moon

New Moon is on December 18th in 26 degrees of Sagittarius.

This is without a doubt the biggest time for dreaming, planning and envisioning the next year.

That Super moon was felt by many, most likely it brought up something to be looked at. 

Hopefully something or things became clearer.  Now is the time to set intention for the future, notch your arrow. 

What do you want to take with you into the future?


Saturn and Venus are both conjunct this New Moon which asks us where we need to go and how to love ourselves more in order to get there. 

Venus is the planet of love and energy, how we give and receive.  Saturn's job is to teach us, many times the hardest lessons.  Money and love issues may show up as a way to bring awareness and growth for the future.

Saturn is spending the last few days in Sagittarius very diligently as per the usual restrictive, disciplining force.  Saturn's seems to have an emphasis on lighting a fire under our butts and making sure we know that the time has come to step up. 

All while Mercury is re-cruising through and hitting all the things we thought we had dealt with.  Mercury conjunct(close to) Venus for this New Moon brings our mental awareness to where we have shut ourselves down in the past. 

Now is the time to awaken our whole selves, our galactic nature, utilize the Galactic Forces available this week to awaken your future goals, dreams and ideas.

Only a few short days after this New Moon on the 20th, Saturn will move into the grounded, workhorse of the zodiac, Capricorn(more on that to follow).  It will stay there for the next 2 years.  Typically when a planet first moves into new territory we feel it, we call this an ingress into the sign. 

Take time to envision your future so that Saturn and Capricorn can help you actualize these goals in the next two years. 

Uranus in Aries trines this firey New Moon making it a time to invite change in to stay, to trust yourself, what you are discovering about yourself, your ideas, your visions.  The change starts within ourselves, not without. 

This is the time to see how you fit into the bigger picture and how your success is going to help us all, we need change, we need a lot of people committed to it and we all need to be part of that change. 

That's why we are here. 

We are the Galactic change makers, time to step up.

The Galactic Center doesn't mess around, Saturn on the Galactic Center conjunct a New Moon is a significant transit.  Don’t waste it.

The darkness of a new moon, the darkness of this time of year and the new moon sitting at the gateway to our whole galactic neighborhood, like the it's at bottom of a cul de sac that branches out to the rest of the neighborhood that we've never been to, it's got information to share. 

We have to ask the questions in order to get the answers.

This is the time to sit quietly, to sleep more, and to listen to the whispers of your intuition, it's probably not just you doing the talking.

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