New Moon in Libra Oracle

The New Moon in Libra is this Saturday at 11:26am PST in 5 degrees of Libra.

The Libra New Moon is ruled by Venus and Venus is quite active with this New Moon highlighting issues of the heart and our desires.


♎︎ Libra Season ♎︎ Coming into Equillibrium through chaos
Libra season reminds us that change is good.

Libra season runs from September 23rd to October 22nd

Libra is a Cardinal sign ushering in the start of Autumn.
It is an air sign bringing in the winds of change, clarity and team work.
At the start of Libra season each year we experience the autumn equinox where light and dark balances.
We’ve gathered the fruits of our labor in Virgo season and now it’s time to tend to our relations.

All of our relating is a mirror of that which is occurring internally.

This is the time to make amends, talk it out, restore peace and seek balance within.

Our partners trigger us so that we can do the healing, not to harm us, BUT if they do not welcome opportunities that come for your healing that’s the sign of an unhealthy relationship.
Investment in your health on all levels is love in action.
Libra is represented by lady justice.
She comes in to re-balance the system.
It’s the first of the interpersonal signs, a time to see what perspectives we’ve been missing.

Change is necessary, but it typically comes with some sense of grief or sadness.

Feeling sad is not a negative emotion, it is an emotion that shows us what we value and why we want certain things a certain way.

If we can stay focused on the “why” of our sadness we can adjust our values and resources to meet future needs.

Libra is a masculine sign ruled by a feminine planet, this brings the theme of balance to a whole other level.

Venus is a planet of value and desire.

What’s on desire for you right?

The masculineness of this sign allows us to intellectualize and get logical about our needs for peace, love, clarity and security.

This fall we don’t need to go into our fears, we can stay focused on the divine laws that bind us all.

A perfect time to join our Planetary Power Group Program that begins October 9th
It’s time to live our best lives.
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My best wishes for inner peace for all of you and all Earthly dwellers.

As we feel the magnetic pull from the Earth shifting on its axis. 💋 ,