3 Things to Keep in Mind this Week

As we move closer to the August the moon will be squaring the sun on Sunday July 30th in the transformative and fixed sign of Scorpio.

It may bring forward some things that want to be transformed.

It may give you the courage to ask the tough questions around change and moving forward. And for those of you with lots of fixed energy in your chart(Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) you might want to really watch my video below.

So the three most important things to do during this last week of July and first few days of August are:

1. Take care of you and take the space you need.  Don't need to watch the news this week!

2.  Set up time for integration in nature(either by water or by some trees or both).

3.  If you feel good and fine reach out and lend an ear to those people in your life with more fixed energy.

Watch my video on this week's astrology: