Mercury Retrograde November 16th-December 6th

This Mercury Retrograde is a powerful one. The archetype of the mind begins it's retrograde as the archetype of the heart(Venus) ends her intense retrograde.

We need this time to mentally process all that our heart now beckons from us.

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Today begins the final Mercury Retrograde of 2018.
When a planet is retrograde it asks us to go within.
When that planet is Mercury it has a focus on communication, messages, technology, our nervous system and commerce.
The majority of the Mercury Retrogrades this year have been in fire. First Aries, then Leo and now Sagittarius.
Fire represents transformation, movement, passion and dynamic energy.
No doubt 2018 has changed us all.
And it’s not stopping til the very end.
When Mercury is Retrograde we get an opportunity to go within and
• re-process
• re-analyze
• re-vise
• re-exchange
• re-conceptualize
• re-think
• re-communicate
• re-learn

Mercury in Sagittarius is all about communicating and processing our needs for freedom, growth and exploring.
Expect themes to arise here.
We will end the Retrograde in Scorpio energy which we have been submerged into for the last little bit.
Now we get to mentally process all that we’ve been through.
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Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury is the planet of the mind and the way we get and receive information is going retrograde.  

December 3rd-December 22nd we experience a retrograde in 29 degrees of Sagittarius to 13 degrees.

When Mercury goes retrograde it is time for us to slow down and  re-learn areas we thought we already mastered.


With Mercury in Sagittarius we are learning about our own access to higher information.  We also re-process big life lessons.

Mercury begins it’s retrograde conjunct Saturn right near the galactic center, which is a point in the sky that connects us to our galactic nature, not our small nature.  Saturn and Mercury together have a lot to teach us and sometimes the lessons are difficult.

It may feel a bit heavy.   You may be tested to stand up to authority figures or family.  This makes it important to find things that help you feel light and playful because this transit can feel heavy.

What areas of communication could you use your attention?

Where could you manage to slow down and review areas of your life that have been causing conflicts?  

A good idea to create space for it this month.

The opportunity for cosmic awareness and higher visions for ourselves is abound.  There is also the opportunity for conflicts around information and lessons in finding your own truth.  Conflicts can come up around merchants, purchases and services that help us to communicate with each other.

To understand this transit for yourself look to where 29 degrees of Sagittarius to 13 degrees is and welcome growth and change.

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Learning Levity

This week the energies are as high as can be.

Break out that mindfulness practice, or as I like to call the "oxytocin loaded" activities. 

Get into that which brings you peace, comfy cozy vibes and well being this week. 

Center yourself.

It's best to prepare for agitation, emotional ups and downs and confrontation, while fully expecting to experience peace and well being.

Avoid drama kings and queens. 

In order to learn levity release people, at least for now, that challenge your well being.

With Mars involved, challenging our emotional side we want to learn to release in healthy ways. 

Learning levity may involve chucking big boulders into the river or yelling at the top of a cliff as loud as you possibly can.

Release, release, release.

Lighten your load.


Mercury Retrograde begins in 11 degrees of Virgo on August 12th-September 5th ending at the exact degree of the Eclipse, more on that soon to come.

Monday August 14th the last quarter moon in 22 degrees of Taurus. 

And this week when the moon squares the sun it is our outer and inner being challenging us tointegrate more before the big eclipse on the 21st.

All this fixed energy can feel heavy asking you to question more of your beliefs and stubborn stances on things. 

This will be most felt by people with lots of fixed energy.

And for those of us born from 1976-1983 ish(with a few exceptions in there when Chiron went retrograde) we were born with the archetype of the wounded healer, Chiron in the sign of Taurus which is stubborn and fixed as f*ck.  

The saying with Chiron in your chart is that he is slow to die, meaning the wound resurfaces, even when you think you’re done with it.   

In Taurus we find that we can get stuck on things being beautiful, familiar, comfortable or easy which makes grieving and processing our wounds really freaking hard to do. 

We just want to focus on the healer parts but we've got to equally value the parts of ourselves that want to feel the healing.

And of course who knows what other archetypes you’ve got hanging around in good ole Taurus time unless you have a copy of your chart and can look.

This Taurus last quarter moon on August 14th a week before the total solar eclipse on the 21st is challenging us to look at where we are being too stubborn, too set on rules especially self-imposed societal rules.

They are all an illusion anyways.

In many cases we’ve been thinking we know something about ourselves so clearly, that old story that we know by heart, is that a coincidence that it's called that?  

The things we think we know so well are shifting and it is for the best.

All this time we’ve been blocking ourselves from new truths.  From a new reality,

Our soul has been patiently nudging us to discover this truth in our time and now the time is here.

The sun in Leo brings our inner child out to play, the moon in Taurus invites us to get into our senses and connect with the Earth more fully.

Take that hike, play that game of tag and enjoy yourself a little more this week.

This Great American Eclipse is not to be taken lightly.  

This is the first total solar eclipse to hit America coast to coast since 1918.  From sea to shining sea.

The last eclipse's focus was on proving Einsteins theory of relativity

And now what guys?  Where are we going from here? 

We've got to learn to honor that only good can come from learning to be light and playful. 

I mean isn't that Einstein's whole game?

Certainly in many aspects we are less intelligent as a whole than we were in 1918. 

This is a opportunity to re-start.  To re-prioritize and to re-synchronize ourselves to what is most important on this planet at this time.

The eclipse energy is already here and will be until early September.   

As the energy intensifies it becomes even more important to come into your center.  

Slow your roll.  

Contemplate more, talk less.

Heal more, seek less.

Play more, work less.

Say yes to what you want more.

Be courageous more and act on fear less.

Live more, consume less.

Learn levity. 

For assistance in this process, schedule your free call with me today.

Infinite Love,