Pisces Season Horoscopes

Here are the horoscopes for Pisces Season. 

If you know your sun, moon and rising zodiac sign than you will want to read each one of those. 

Pisces time is all about the deepest waters of our consciousness, it's the last season of winter.  And as a mutable sign is brings changes and shifts to our thinking and emotional states. 

Pisces season is all about upgrades to our personal and collective landscapes in the areas of
Intuition, Consciousness, Spirituality,  Downloading Info from Beyond, Meditation, Rest, Dreaming,  Healing so that we come to Spring Equinox next month we are ready to take off.

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Here Aries you may find yourself in the space between realms where your inner trust is most required.  What has your warrior spirit kept hidden in your own brain about you.  The opportunity is here to show you where you need to trust yourself more.  The changes just keep rolling in, just when you think you can avoid them.  Your confidence and drive will not lead you astray but you actually have to believe that you can do all this.  Within you there is a guiding light that others don’t have access to, this light is ready to be set in the right direction.  This is your superpower: faith in the beginnings and now it is time to consider starting out, again.  It’s time to bring that thing, that idea that is currently in between your ears bumping into things up there, it’s time to take it and birth it into a reality.  Because you know they say YOLO but who really believes that, certainly not you.  Nonetheless it’s still time for you to venture into the unknown, lead the way.  You are a self-starter, so tell me what is it time for you to embark on?  This is the time to work the ideas into a solid plan.


Taurus I’m so curious how you’ve been, the winter’s been a little rough on you, but not to worrying Spring is coming soon.  , Let's just jump right in here, how are things going in your financial area?  Things will be improving especially with your strong work ethic and attention to solid structures.  The flowers and the sun will have you singing beautiful songs again.  This season is about you preserving your creative energies until that time comes around again.  If things aren’t going as well as they could be, how can you find more balance?  Your time is your currency Taurus, are you spending it on making space for what matters most to you?   Are you making art?  Do you get enough alone time?  The boundaries you set right now are going to help with the structures necessary to improve all areas that need your attention.  Be strategic with your resources and take some alone to time to plan out whatever is needed some love in your life.



The time has come for you to put your energies and gifts into action for the greater good.  It might be a good idea for you to join a team effort of some kind, where you can share what you have to offer to a bigger audience.  There you will find harmony in your participation as long as you remember to use your skills for the highest good and not to get caught up chatting about unnecessary things.  I know Gem, there’s always two sides to a story but it doesn’t mean that you’re the one that needs to communicate that other story.  Focus on the tasks at hand and you will be amazed at what comes through at this time.  This is a time to move into a new aspect of your skill set.  Hone those tools because you are magic.  Because of this, it makes your responsibility far greater to focus on the unicorns and sparkly rainbows.  Not the chaos and darkness.  What people love about you Gemini is that you can make anyone feel light and sparkly.   It’s time for you to really shine, cause goodness knows this world needs more rainbows and unicorns.



Just look at how far you’ve come Cancer, where were you last year at this time?  Really indulge yourself in celebrating all that you have overcome and how different your life looks now than a year or two ago.  When you can really recognize that security is an illusion that this world has never been able to offer us.  That's when you will see that you have had everything that you have ever needed to feel at home right within your sweet little own shiny shell.  You are here and here is so much better than there.  You’ve been there and you aren’t going back.  Keep reminding yourself of that.  Your thoughts are the seeds and your body is fertile ground right now, begin building from the space of appreciation.  And watch what makes it's way to you.  Your ego is getting an upgrade so just chill and rest assurd knowing that no one knows anything that you don't, we are all just floating in space on a ball of dirt that is filled with fire.  And that is precisely why we need your watery insight.  So just own your magic already.



Silence and space are what you most need right now and when I say that I can already hear you moaning Leo.  What is it about retreating that makes you most annoyed?  The time has come to retreat in order to hone your skills, tend to your inner spark so that when the fire time arrives again you can shine.  Focus on your attunement, alignment.  The creations that need your attention, the relationships that require care and thoughtfulness this is how you may want to spend these watery days.  This is your only real season to hibernate, my lion so use it wisely.  Your time is your energy, harness that shit by sleeping in and letting your hair get messy.  “Time changes, the world goes on changing, but the experience of silence, the joy of it, remains the same. That is the only thing you can rely upon, the only thing that never dies. It is the only thing that you can call your very being.”



The time has come to sift again dear Virgo.  Reach down deep and pull up that which has been clogging your brain and release, release, release.  How do you do this you may ask, but you already know.  Emotions may be super tricky for you this season, reach out to your healers.  The full moon on March 1st is in your sign bringing with it some of your shadows and fears.  But you totally got this.  Work to release resistance in your body and your mind will follow suit.  Your mind can follow your body so lead it the right way by eating well and working out if you can.  Pisces season is the best time for you to try a new physical activity. This is especially necessary if you have been finding yourself criticising everyone around you but not looking to discover what’s happening within the confines of your own mind and body.  The wheel of life is within you, your choice is which direction you choose to tune it to.  Will it be judgement, criticism and blame or will it be to health, joy and service to the greater good?  The choice is yours.



There are these times in our life where our inner skills, our innate senses of right and wrong are necessary.  This is one of those times Libra.  Your sign is represented by balanced scales, however in order to seek that inner balance we sometimes swing to imbalance so that we can recalibrate those scales.  This season may not be as smooth and beautiful as you like seasons to be but there is so much to learn in this space.  Your innate skills of right and wrong are being tested.  Your belief systems, who you are at your core and delusions in all kinds of relationships are all themes that may come up for you the Pisces season.  Stay strong because this season has purpose so take notes.  Stay loyal to your own process, not to anyone else’s but also be open to learn more about the world outside of your own mind.  Just because something is true for you it does not mean it's true for everyone else.  Keep learning and growing.  Come spring time you will be stronger and moving farther ahead than you can imagine now.



Well friend expecting a slight jolt this season will be the best way to prepare yourself.  Jupiter is still cruising through your sign opening doors you thought were jammed shut.  For better or worse old Jup’s coming in and blasting those doors wide open.  Stay in your power through the transformation and you will do just fine.  No one can take your power away from you without your permission, so don't give it this watery season.  Some form of expression is asking to come through you and this process isn’t always pleasant.  Trust the intuitive senses, dreams and images that are coming through.  I always say creativity springs from darkness from the feelings of emptiness.  You’re sure to be full of creativity this season.  This is more of your spiritual training process and fortunately these lessons keep bringing us to more wholeness.  “The key is to abandon oneself to the energy that fuels the birth of all things.” Osho  We are a conduit for a bigger purpose.



Ok ok this may not be the easiest season for any of us Sag but it’s sure got some things to teach us.  For someone like you who sees so many possibilities and so many options it can be challenging to have the Sun move through Pisces because it expands these options even more.  Both Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable which means it can be hard to stick with something, everything is changing.  You want freedom, you want success but it is a time where it’s hard to focus on exactly what’s going to bring you a renewed sense of that happiness.   You may even become aware of your own blocks to happiness at this time, which also means there is a possibility to clear out those blocks as well.  Where do you need to release some beliefs about what everyone else wanted you to be?  How you defined yourself to fit others needs?  What beliefs are you ready to burn away so that you can know your true essence?  Stick to three small goals this season and leave the rest of the time to dream and release.  “Those who remain content easily remain small: small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being. But there is no need! This smallness is your own imposition upon your freedom, upon your unlimited possibilities, upon your unlimited potential.” Osho



Your whole existence is currently in review, am I right?  Your shadow, your light, your strength to keep pushing through are all being spread out for you to look at and integrate.  Saturn, Black Moon Lilith and Pluto slowly moving through your sign is putting the pressure on an already heavy feeling sign such as yourself.  Don't let the weight of everything that needs to get done separate you from your need to just exist as a content being on this planet.  Don't you deserve contentment?  You’ve got to find ways to lighten up a little this season Capricorn.  You may think things need to get done, so there is no time to play.  The opposite is true.  The more you focus on struggle the more it will show up to prove it.  The more you play and lighten up the more you can bring that play to your work.  Your existence is much more important that your work, because it defines your work.  How are you existing right now?  You are strong we know this but can you also be flexible?



This is a season of completion for you Aquarian love.   The final piece is coming together for you to wrap up something that has had a hold on your creative energy for far too long.   It's time to recognize how much energy you spend on others and on thoughts that aren’t serving you.  Are you finally ready to clear some room for all the new goodness that is about to come your way?  Good, you may want to affirm that by stating what you are done with and how excited you are to see what the universe brings your way next.  Then believe and watch.  If you succeed in doing all that you are going to be so pleased this season Aquarius.  A clear subconscious channel is necessary for you to bring forward those amazing inventive ideas, visions and creations.  What baggage needs to go so that you can bring us more gems from beyond?  This is the season to finally let go.


Stop putting things off Pisces, this is your season for goodness sakes.  This is your time to shine.  Sure this may appear as a major challenge but we all know that challenges are really just opportunities.  And what an amazing opportunity you have this season Pisces.  Everything is lining up in your favor, so there is no time to waste.  Your authority is being called upon.  The real question here is whether you are strong enough within yourself to not attempt to control others so that you feel safer, Pisces.  You are an expert in emotions we all know this well, it doesn’t mean that you should attempt to use this gift as a way to feel superior or to manipulate others.   When you are called upon to lead(and you will be in some way this season), make sure you lead as a guardian not as a authoritarian.  Leading as a guardian will bring you to your true gifts and opportunities, don’t postpone anything.   


Infinite Love,


Scorpio Season Forecast Horoscopes

This Scorpio Season is starting of with a bang.

The time of the Sun in Scorpio is typically intense with themes of depth, transformation and deeper connections being made.  And even though that might all sound good, it doesn't always look or feel so good.

This first week of Sun in Scorpio will conjunct Jupiter and Mercury both in Scorpio and it is sure to be a blast from the past.  A big intense blast from the past.  Perfect for preparations of All Hallows Eve... As always, the best way to figure out how this season may affect you most is to look at the natal house and natal planets that will be lit up during this journey. If you don't know then it's a good time to set up a reading with me.

For ease and guidance read your forecast horoscopes below for Scorpio Season:


Journey Through the Signs for Cosmic Guidance
*Make sure to read your sun, moon and rising sign if you know them, for optimal success.


Are you feeling like there is a part of you that is asking to grow bigger, to acquire a new skill or upgrade in some area?  Well this is a perfect time for you to work your craft.  It will require your patience and discipline but it will also offer great rewards in terms of your psyche and self-expression.  There is a tendency to get bored and stop right before you end up at the reward.  I encourage you in the next month to call on whatever you call on(spirit, the sun, your mom, your friends) and to bless your personal spaces so that you can stick with it and see the results that you so badly desire.
Go after what you want, there is no "later".

Consider this: 

What time of day do you notice that you have more energy than other times in the day?  Utilize this time to cultivate change.


This is the month to work your sanctuary, your home, your car, your work spaces.  This is also a time to look at your flexibility in terms of your relationships.  Is there give and take?   Do you feel like you can offer affection and security to your loved ones?  Or maybe more importantly to you feel like you can receive security and affection from friends and lovers gracefully?  This is a good time to look at the sanctuary of your physical body as your home as well.  A time to look at your fixed energy and how it might be blocking you from receiving more juicy loving and blessings into your sanctuary.
 Take that last statement however you'd like to.  Winky face.

Consider this:

Boundaries are not blockades and blockades in your driveway(it's a long driveway ) makes it impossible for surprise packages to magically appear.


The tide washes away anything close to the shore.  In the same sense this month may wash something away that you may not quite be fully ready to see go.  But it is time.  A cleansing of some sort is taking place.  When ever and wherever you can smile and welcome change.  Things are not as they once were and your overactive mind might be held up trying to figure it all out.  But these times are not rational and they do not hold up to rational thoughts. 
Lean into release, lean into meditation and release that which is still holding you back from moving forward.
Learn from being able to roll with lightning speed changes, it's all coming undone and nothing is controllable. Just take care of you.

Consider this:
How can you play with changes that seem unwanted or unfair?  A grief ritual of some kind this month may be a wise use of your time.


Here Cancer is where you find yourself both feeling completely at home in grandmother Scorpios loving embrace and more challenged than you like to be.  Grandmas pushing you to be or do things that don't always feel good.   Like oh I dunno setting boundaries and showing up as powerful.  
Even though this feels uncomfortable, she truly does know best.   Negative self images and destructive behaviors have an opportunity to be flushed out this month if you are willing to take her advice.  You are a magical being that requires personal power in order to share more of your magic with the world.   The world desperately needs that magic right now.  Your destiny is calling, can you here it?

Consider this:
What activities make you feel strong and grounded?  Make time for these activities this month.


 Well Leo it might feel a little like their is a trickster energy in place this month, really trying to trip you up and psyche you out.  Well this is confirmation that yes indeed it's true.  This month is like a colonic for your brain.  And you are so stubborn that you can work against these natural forces that are trying to help clear you.  The universe has your back and is trying to help you clear.  Shining your light requires a light bulb change every now and then, this is the month of yours.  Your brain is the trickster tripping you up.  Being a fixed. stubborn sign you can really do some damage this month if you aren't aware.  Just take space, go with the flow and rest up.  Sagittarius season will be here soon.

Consider this:
Healing work is necessary this month, don't deny your own needs.


Instability, panic, and fears creeping up on you Virgo?  It's time to battle those creepy nasty dragons once and for all.  Stop being so unrealistic.  You are a human, humans are erroneous. All of us, including you.  How else would we ever learn anything?
So we have issues but that doesn't mean we aren't constantly improving.   We are.  But it's important to honor that you'd like to be perfect.  You'd be perfection if it weren't for all these mistakes.  What would that perfection look like?  And how would you have time to enjoy anything if you were so busy being perfect.  It's a good time to look at your fears around being a messy human.

Consider this:

How can you practice being more human this month?  What activities feel messy to you?  Practice doing one of those. 


What is it called when one period in your life ends and the new period hasn't yet begun?  It seems as though that's where you may be right now...transitions!  Such an uncomfortable place for a Libra to be in.  However that's where the true journey of life lives.  Trusting that you are on the right path even if you can't see where it is taking you is the biggest challenge of our lifetimes.  It's easy to get scared, to be angry and to question everything.  It's all so unsettling, not knowing.  But ultimately the knowing of it all would be end of it all.  And you are just getting started.  Try welcoming the unknown as opportunity for rebirth and renewal. 

Consider this:
If you could re-craft your whole life what would it look like?  What would be the same?  What would different and how do you think it would feel?


This is your season, your time to shine.  People will be reaching out to you and you have the opportunity to really show your skills off.  This is a great time for staying clear in your intent and your magic skills.  You have the opportunity to really come into yourself more fully, coalesce on some serious shit and find inner wisdom if you take the high road.  Or you can choose to spend the time just doing magic tricks on people and yourself. Sawing them in half so that you can come to the rescue to put them back together.  Stay focused on how far you've come.  It will help you stay focused on further growth.  

Consider this:

Sometimes it's hard to see your own wisdom, or to assume everyone knows what you know.  Now is a good time to write down some life lessons that you've acquired.  Someone might come by looking for it soon.


Are you looking at your relationships of past, present and future?  Well it's no surprise.  Relationships are the area where we are able to do the most healing, due to the reflective qualities of co-creation.  This is a good time for you to really get to the truth of your past issues in relationships so that you create healthier relationships in the future.  What has made you angry in the past?  That usually shows where could use a forgiveness ritual.  And the forgiveness ritual needs to include self-forgiveness.  Regrets do not belong in the future, now is the time to release and create awareness of your own part in your suffering.

Consider this:
What is the number one quality you are wanting in your partner? 
What are ways that you can play with this quality in your person life?  Example: If you want someone that is creative, can you take the time to be more creative this month? 


This a time to breath life into an idea or desire.  Maybe you have a money making idea? Or something that you've been wanting to do for a long time.  This isa powerful time to bring this idea into the physical.  Your own worst enemy in this is yourself.  You are practical and realistic but manifestations of the physical have to involve a vision and an imagination.  It's the stability that you have that will allow you to envision and be gentle with yourself or else you won't be able to launch.  Trust that even stable objects can fly without fail. 
You got this.

Consider this:

Notice when your mind starts running on the wheel of worry, dread, and the "you suck" voices.  Just notice, then smile.  It just means you are alive.


The will to continue walking our path even when it feels like a cruel joke.  The lot we all were given. 
Life may feel unfair and a little hopeless right now. 
This is all the fixed energy brewing.  So this is a time to work on your flexibility.  To build on your ability to endure and transcend.  Your success depends on your ability to look at the positives, the blessings in your life so that you can bring in even more blessings and light.  When you focus on the negatives you will get stuck, fixed.  When you focus on the blessings you are choosing to move towards a brighter future.

Consider this:
How long is your gratitude list.  Does it include your legs and your shoes?  Get up to speed, your life is beautiful, even with all it's chaos and pain.  You are beautiful and you are alive.


This is a perfect time for you to focus on your goals.  
There is great power in taking time for solitude.  When you take the time for solitude and artistic expression you will conjure up new aspirations and ideas to get there.  Don't let yourself get sucked into taking care of others right now.
This is not a time to suppress your needs nor is it a time to push through.  Allow yourself process time, space and tend to your inner desires.
This must be done with clear intent, otherwise you may waste hours, processing OPP (other peoples privates) private thoughts that is, Other People's Private thoughts and you don't have the time to waste on that right now, nor is it your business, so stay focused on you.

Consider this:

Pay attention to your dreams, journal, process they are speaking to you about your needs/desires.


Have a beautiful Scorpio Season.

Infinite Love,


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