Full Moon in 0 degrees of Libra on the Spring Equinox

On Wednesday March 20th we will have the first of two Full Moon’s in the sign of Libra.

This first on will occur at 0 degrees opposite the Sun freshly into Aries at 0 degrees which marks the Spring Equinox and the fresh start to the zodiac year.

This is very unique to have a Full Moon at the Spring Equinox, a great time for rituals and celebrations.


As I said earlier this week, anything that can happen in astrology is happening.

When I say that though I want to remind you that the astrology isn’t happening to us. The astrology is a measurement of the energies that are coming through.

We are always moving on a big rock in outer space.

The moon in Libra the sign of balance and beauty and justice bring in emotional clarity of where we need to get real in our relationships and with ourselves. The fact that Libra is ruled by Venus means that she will be active at this Full Moon.

The Moon is also quincunx Uranus which at the New Moon on March 6th moved into Taurus, which is also ruled by the feminine planet Venus.

Venus is about desire, values, love and money but really energy. Look to your natal Venus placement in relationship to Uranus to understand how this might affect you more.

Mercury is still retrograding in Pisces but we are made aware of what that journey it has been taking us on at the Full Moon.

Spring Equinox is a powerful energetic time of renewal and re-birth. Purchase the Spring Activation Class Playback here

Happy Spring,