Chiron from Pisces to Aries

Mercury Retrograde is a thing that is happening but it isn’t the only thing happening out there.

Currently we’ve got Chiron the wounded healer in it’s last degree in Pisces.

Image Credit: Kat Smith

Image Credit: Kat Smith

Chiron is the son of Saturn.  His father is father time after all and so he is related to Saturn in the sense that he does not ever fully go away because our work here never fully goes away until we leave this planet.  Chiron is the teacher of the Demi-Gods, possibly that means me and you all. 

He is our teacher, our wisest council within and where we can access wisdom and compassion for others.

As I have said before Chiron is also the archetype of where we feel abandoned by God/ess and we are only totally free from this ultimate wound when we die. It’s where we feel alienated from others like they can't possibly understand, it contains our childhood pain and suffering. 

This is how we have compassion for others.

It’s the “BUT WHY” part in our being, we all have it and it depends on where it is in your chart how this shows up.   However it also shows our healing abilities for others and which brings healing to the self as well.

So if you have a strong Chiron placement in your chart, you can either move towards the wound or move towards helping others so that your wound doesn’t sting so damn bad.  

Seem familiar? Then you have met your inner Chiron.

We have our natal Chiron where he is in our blueprint, that pained old centaur that can literally heal everyone around them except themselves.  

Then we have the current Chiron, the one that is out there lighting up collective wounds and healing. This Collective Chiron has been in Pisces for the last eight years from April 2010-April 2018.  So for many 50 year olds this marks their Chiron return. Which I will talk about more another time.

This movement of Chiron through Pisces has brought up wounds and healing around:

Boundaries- Were as many people talking about boundaries before 2010?   Also have you seen my free download on boundaries?  Get it here

Intuitive/ Spiritual Awakenings and Language for it- 2012, 2015 and 2017 were all big years for activating higher consciousness, many times this came through pain.  More language use such as gas lighting, empaths, and narcissist.  Helped many to understand something that they previously thought they were making up.

Water Issues- Fukushima occurred which is now still having an effect on the health of our waters and therefore all living things, yet not enough people are talking about disarmament.  The Syrian crisis where many had to travel over water in hopes of finding safety and so many other water issues that I won’t go into.

Compassion-Many were aware and wanting to donate and help people all over the world.

Victims Speaking Out- Healing of victimhood.

As Chiron moves into Aries on April 17th you'll definitely want to look to what house this is in for you and be prepared to be initiated into more bravery and warrior spirit for the next eight years to come.  

Chiron in Aries will have us healing and looking at wounds around the inner and outer masculine in the world. Our identity and who we are as humans, our purpose here and hopefully being a warrior for healing the Earth.

This is a great time to work with me, set up your free call here.

Infinite Love,

Abigail Barella

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