New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in March 6th is in 15 degrees of Pisces and is conjunct both Neptune in 16 degrees of Pisces AND Vesta in 16 degrees of Pisces.

Vesta shows us where we need to burn our own fire bright and Neptune shows us where we can uncover gifts and visions from deep within the collective consciousness.

This is the opportunity to reset our deepest beliefs and release the most negative programming we have received.


Mercury is also in Pisces and has just begun it’s first retrograde period for 2019 in 29 degrees of Pisces.

This New Moon sextiles Mars and Saturn which are trining eachother in the Earth signs of Taurus and Saturn.

The deepest part of our consciousness is pairing up with the most grounded and forward moving earthly signs.

Yet Mercury is in it’s Retrograde period.

This is showing us that we can trust the intuitive hunches that are coming through at this time and yet we still need to do the deep inner work to line it all up for success.

We are in a cycle where we have a lot of planets in their home sign (Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter) AND we have alot of planets in critical degrees either at 0 degrees or 29 degrees(Chiron, Uranus, Mercury).

Plus we are still in the 0 full moon cycle as we have a Full Moon in Libra which will be squaring the North and South Node with the North Node being in the sign ruled by the Moon itself.

This is a powerful transition that we are in, even though we might not see exactly what is shifting under our feet.

Pisces is the deepest part of our consciousness. Dreams, visions, spirituality and heightened intuition.

Trust the insight you are given, resist the urge to check out with drugs, too much sleep, or extra screen time.

Join me for a class this Wednesday to understand how best to work with these energies in your chart.