New Moon in Aries

On Friday April 5th we will have a New Moon in 15 degrees of Aries, the first sign on the zodiac wheel.

New Moon’s represent new beginnings it’s a time where we are asked to set new intentions and this new moon has special manifesting powers.

Aries is represented in astrology by a ram and it is the first fire sign in the zodiac. The manifesting powers of Aries is strong in matters relating to personal growth, identity and goals.

Aries is ruled by Mars and is the essence of divine action.


A few questions to consider at this time:

What actions are you willing to take this month to get to where you’d like to be?

Where are you being asked to move forward in your life?

How do you want identify yourself in 2019? What are you working towards becoming?

It’s time to walk your talk.

This New Moon forms a square to Saturn in Capricorn which is highlighted this whole year by the fact that Saturn is inching his way up to a conjunction with the South Node our collective past and then the Lord of the Underworld(Pluto). At this New Moon you are being asked to learn from the past and move on free. Release the baggage that has kept you from your future.

Dissolve your disillusionment.

Release substances, beliefs, and ideas that have kept you from being the true you.
It’s time for divine action.

Don’t know where to start?

-Look to where 15 degrees of Aries ♈️ is in your chart then check out that house on Sparkle and Shine Guidance you tube playlist(please subscribe to my channel while you are there).

-Check out my free new Moon meditation here.

-Work with my privately through Astrological Chart Reading or Intuitive Healing(or both through my ongoing coaching work)

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