Virgo Super New Moon: So Fresh and so clean

The Virgo New Moon is on Friday, August 30 at 3:37am PDT at 6 degrees


Virgo has the archetype of the Virgin, but this doesn’t mean someone who hasn’t had sex, it refers to being complete just as you are. Virgo is also about being of service, critical and detailed to see what is needed to reach wholeness.

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This New Moon is highly activated with a stellium occurring in Virgo.

The Sun and the Moon are in the same degree (as always during a New Moon). Right next to them is Mars, the planet with driving energy to push forward. Venus is close by, who embodies the law of attraction, love, and money. Mercury, the ruler of communication and relating to others, is in its home sign here in Virgo

Uranus in Taurus forms a trine to the planets in Virgo, shaking up stuck energy to progress for the greater good of all. 

Pluto and Saturn are conjunct the South Node in Capricorn, and form a trine to the aspect in Virgo. This energy digs up the past and exposes the wounds caused by the Patriarchy.

This is uncomfortable, but ushers in necessary change. Growth arises from discomfort. A revolution is under way! 

These energies bring awareness and our emotions to a head as we we get really clear on what us holding us back from being the best that we can be. And what we as individuals can do to create a better reality for all of us.

This is the time to ask yourself “Who do I serve?” 

Are your actions in alignment with who/what you want that to be?

If not, what is in your way?

What can you invite into your life to close the gap?

Look to see what house 6 degrees of Virgo lands in your chart.

This is where to focus your intentions to maximize the potent energy. 

Also where your other Earth houses are..

If you could use some clarity or additional support, schedule a reading with me or Abigail for extra insight. 

Infinite love,


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Full Super Moon in Virgo

On Tuesday Feb 19th at 7:53am PST we will have the 4th Full Moon at 0 degrees of a sign.

This Full Moon is in Virgo and it is a Super Moon. The moon will be in the closest orbit to the Earth the for the whole year.

Virgo is an Earth sign, which gives this Super Moon even more gusto to get practical and get to work.

Yet this time seems very transitionary, which can be so uncomfortable or quite frankly just painful.

So many clients that I’ve been working with are deep in transition and I keep reminding them that this time of moving through is about looking at what your beliefs are about yourself and the thing that you are moving through.

Everything depends on our beliefs about ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.


This Full Moon is conjunct the heart of the Lion star Regulus gifting us more courage than we’ve ever known.

And yet we are still in transition.

Transition in labor is the stage that feels impossible, it’s the stage where one is being stretched beyond what they think they can possibly handle. The stage when you question everything. And the only way out of it, is through it. The only way is through each breath and a profound trust, trust of the universe, your guides and yourself..

So collectively that’s about where we are at.

Two major outer planets are moving signs, signalling a collective shift, one that is worth getting excited about.

Chiron shifts into Aries on February 18th and Uranus shifts into Taurus on March 6th. Both of these transitions, will likely be felt and seen in the world.

March will definitely shake some things up and this Earth full moon is preparing us for some of those changes.

What will you give birth to in 2019?

Will you choose to give birth to your fears? Or will it be your trust?

Will it be a new version of you that puts in the work and receives the benefits?

The choice is yours as always, even if it appears to look differently through your eyes.

This Full Moon is lit by conjunctions that illuminate more spiritual thinking and beliefs.

Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces is about our super-consciousness joining our lower mind for breathroughs and intuition, dissolving more of the lower mind.

Venus conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, making us question our desires, our work and our love relationships.

And finally Mars conjunct Uranus on the cusp of Aries/Taurus which is about how we use our identity to build resources and move forward in the world.

This combination along with the fact that Mars is trining the Moon in 0 degrees of Virgo tells us that this Full Moon time has a lot to do with inspired actions, changing the ways that we do things.

The archetype of Virgo has to do with service and health, daily rituals.

This is the best full moon of the year to ritualize: Charge your crystals, plant some snap peas, or make a healing elixer.

I do not recommend skimping on self-care, meditation and rituals for healing at this Full Moon.

Move forward on something that feeds your body, mind and spirit; you won’t regret it.

This is a perfect time to start working with me, set up your free curiosity call :

Infinite Love,

Abigail Barella