Friday the 13th Full Moon in Pisces

Pisces Full Moon Oracle: A Call to Be Unapologetically Yourself

The Full Moon in Pisces is on Friday, September 13th at 9:32pm PDT. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and is intuitive, dreamy, and imaginative. 


The Moon will be at 21 degrees of Pisces and is conjunct Neptune, which amplifies emotions with all the watery energy to exponential heights. EMO.

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Opposing the Pisces aspect is a stellium of the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury in Virgo. Virgo is about realizing your wholeness, and care-taking of others. Venus and Mercury are exact (in the same degree) which helps align your words with actions in what you attract, especially in relationship to others. The Sun highlights your awareness to this, and Mars provides the push forward to set it all in motion.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius forms a T-square to the aspects in Pisces and Virgo which presents an extra challenge. This is an expansive energy that wants to go deep, grow, and take risks. Lean into the open minded, curious, and adaptable traits of Gemini for support. 

Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn will also be of assistance. Capricorn is practical, combining with Pluto’s unearthing quality and Saturn’s wisdom helps to keep a clear head. 

Look at your Birth Chart to see what House 21 degrees of Pisces falls in for you.

This Full Moon asks you:

How can you be more true to yourself?

What needs to be shed in order for this to happen?

Your authenticity will inspire others to also be themselves and share their gifts they are meant to bring to the World. 

This is a necessary and meaningful contribution, perhaps the most needed at this time. 

Remove the mask worn for protection from fear of rejection. It’s time to get vulnerable and create a space of safety and acceptance, despite our differences. 

Embrace your own perfect imperfection, and each other’s uniqueness. 

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Full Moon Blessings,