Capricorn Season Horoscopes


When the Sun is in Capricorn we feel disciplined, clear on what work needs to get done, and we have the authority to make it happen.  It can feel heavy and a little depressing because we can see all that isn't yet done. This is why smaller tasks or goals are the best because they are actually attainable. If you haven't yet watched my video on Saturn moving into it's ruled sign of Capricorn click here. And if you haven't yet registered for my awesome Capricorn flavored 2018 Astro-Intuitive Master Planning Class you can here:


Horoscopes for Capricorn Season:

Remember to read your Sun, Moon, and rising sign to get the most out of these readings.



They say change is good and you are a self-starter, but now you are being asked to step into that even more. This is a time for you to find stability to manifest from, a solid foundation which begins with trust. Trust takes confidence and you’ve got it even though you may not have been calling on it recently. You may have found yourself getting pulled into it other people’s dramas and fears, now you’ve got to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and lead a new way. Solid foundations need a fresh start and that’s exactly what’s being asked of you Aries, a fresh start.  Perfect timing with the new year by the way so set your goals high!


Damn you are so grounded even through all the craziness in the world, how do you manage that? And you do it so gracefully Taurus. Recognition is sure to come to you this Capricorn season. Big or little, your ability to create and manifest is going to be honored this month, I’m excited to hear how this translates to you personally. You are the roots, you are the holder of form in this crazy world and we all thank you for that. You may want to do extra body care this month, stretch your muscles to make space for all the growth and changes that you are manifesting. With Jupiter and Mars opposing your Sun you may feel overwhelmed or like too much is being asked of you. As long as you up your self care game, all the changes and growing will pay-off big time.  Set your sights high in 2018.


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize it’s time to bring your brain back from challenge, suffering, and painful thoughts about oneself. This is your time Gemini. Make space for yourself to retreat, refresh, renew, and recharge. Mercury, your ruling planet (the messenger), is now direct and it’s in your opposing sign which can bring about friction in your communication. Don’t worry, this time will pass and there is so much to learn here. You truly are a beautiful communicator but you are also human; because of this, there is always room for improvement. Right now, your brain is expanding in ways that may not feel all that comfortable. Positive mantras and lucid dreaming about where you want 2018 to take you is ideal at this time. As is playing. Please remember to play.



You are on the hunt which is different for a Cancer, I like it! The first Full Moon of the year is in your sign, which brings more awareness to your needs and how to balance practicality with intuition. Cancer’s can get a bad rap sometimes for being “too sensitive” or hiding away in their shell, but I want to ask you something... Have you ever seen a crab out at the beach? Those little guys are brave as fuck. They stalk out their prey and go after what they want. You are in that phase right now Cancer. Trust the intuitive hits you are getting because they are going to be amplified for all of 2018 with Jupiter and Neptune both in the two other signs that represent both your grandmother (Scorpio) and ancestors (Pisces) which means you don’t have to crawl and instead you can swim. Which is good news for you Cancer because you are a great swimmer, just keep your eye out for sharks because they will be out there, there’s always something higher up on the food chain, but that’s ok because you know how to bite back.  



The ancestors are making it crystal clear that you’ve got to get more disciplined and have more focus than you have in the past. Stay committed to the goals that you set for yourself, not everything comes in immediately like you think it should. Even royalty need to have patience and not rush things. This also means not rushing into anything relationship wise and I don’t just mean lovers, I mean any kind of commitment to friends, co-workers, and of course romantic partners. Take your time, feel things out, tune into your guidance. Make time for meditation and walks. Trust that everything happens at the exact right time that it is suppose to. When you take the time to slow your roll, you will be amazed at the conscious shift in your communication in order to get more clear about what you want and how to be supported in working your way to it in 2018.


Wow Virgo, is it just me or does it feel like you are straddling dimensions right now? For an Earth loving person such as yourself, I can only imagine how uncomfortable this must feel. But don’t worry, everything is going to work out, unfortunately it will be no where near as orderly or clean as you want it to be. You can see how things needed to change and it’s important to stay focused on the end game - someday order will be re-established. Right now it’s important for you to focus on being clear about your needs and to feel into your own sense of blind faith. Stay committed to your self worth, honor your need to be held and receive support in all this, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. You are a physical representation of the shifts in the world and because of that, your vessel needs to be cared for: your nervous system, your mind, your body and spirit.



How does it feel to hear that you need to get more unbalanced? I’m sure not too good. But with all this Capricorn energy in the beginning of the year, the world is asking you to bend your rules about balance for just a little bit. The time to dig in and muster up self-discipline and alone time (no matter how much one of your friends needs you) is here. You are the star role in your life and it’s time to start acknowledging this fact. Once we move out of Capricorn season, you will actually have more balance than you’ve ever known. I’m excited to see what you create with all that balance. If you truly want to bring more beauty and justice to the world, you’ve got to start with doing it for yourself. Your skills want to come out to play and we are all excited to see what you start in 2018.



Dearest Scorpio you are going through a time period that is about releasing control issues. I recognize that this is a stretch for a fixed sign such as yourself, we can get fixated on trying to heal others, trying to control our surroundings, and attempting to control even our emotions or feelings. This is a time for developing more clarity, honesty, and honor of autonomy. We all want autonomy. We want others to be free, but we may also want things to be a certain way which is where the attachment to outcomes makes an appearance. Detachment from the outcome is not cold, it’s actually the highest form of true love.  Art is a great form to play with releasing the control valve. And of course receiving affection from others can help you remember how flawed and beautiful we all are, don’t be so hard on yourself.



Your time of hibernation is ending early this year. You might not quite be ready to leave the cave quite yet, but you are getting all your ducks in a row so to speak. The bear within you knew that the time for rest had come and you just wanted to keep moving around seeing the world. But when we retreat, when we gather up all the pieces that expanded too far out away from us, we consolidate our inner energies. Sagittarius, 2018 needs you to be at the top of your game. Please think through 2017 and make a list of what you learned and how this year is going to be different. What or who are you ready to release so that your energy doesn’t get spread too thin? Remember that generosity begins with the generosity that we show our own self, our vessel. Our self love is the eye that we see the world through. You’ve been forced to reconstruct the lens in which you see the world through.  As Mercury re-treads over your sign this month you get the opportunity to fortify, clarify, and rebuild. Prosperity and bounty are out there for you to hunt. Your inner bear knows the way, it’s just a matter of loving that bear enough to get you there.


It’s your season Capricorn. Gosh it feels good doesn’t it... wait what’s that you say? Not so great. Well there is a crazy extra emphasis on your home sign because the ruler of your sign, Saturn, moved into Capricorn almost exactly as the Sun moved into Capricorn - weird.  This added heaviness has so much to teach you, and no, it’s not as degrading as your natal Sun may want it to be. In astrology, we think of Capricorn as the strict parent that forces you to clean your room even though you just want to sit on your bed and draw. We need that discipline and we need the parents to teach us this with kind loving firmness. There is so much to learn about self-acceptance this month for you Capricorn. Are you actively disciplining yourself to be more kind, loving, and firm with yourself? This is actually an opportunity to learn and teach others about discipline, structure and hard work, but it starts with re-learning the healthy expression of the inner parent. So many of us were raised by parents that were either too controlling, abusive, or not present enough with us. Capricorn, the beginning of 2018 is about freeing yourself from all that so that you can truly teach the rest of us.  



Well should I start with the good news or the bad news? I’ll start with the not so fun news, this season is going to hard. There I said it. You’d think Capricorn season, being so close to yours, would be a good time for you but no that’s not necessarily the case because Capricorn is all about commitment... and let’s face it, commitment freaks you out a bit. This time period may have you feeling like a failure but it’s not the truth. Saturn in Capricorn is all heavy, and you my friend are all about lightness. Your little feathers don’t want to get crushed under the weight of all this heavy Capricorn shit. What is being asked of you? What is the purpose of all this? Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t know how you’ve made it this far but you have. You are here. You may struggle a bit this month... but there is good news, are you ready for it? Ok good. Let me see here, the good news is that it is helping you to grow, it’s helping you to see that there is nothing to fear, that you are strong and that we need the visionaries. You are the visionary genius Aquarius, this is the time to use all this discipline and heaviness to create. To set your vision on what you want to commit to in this life. Watch what happens when you create a vow to your visions. You may not fly off with this till the end of January, but that’s ok. This is the planning stage.



Oh what’s that you say Pisces? You are ready to step into your healing path even more this season. Sweet, cause we need you. Some might call you a fool for investing into things that you know you need to assist you in your path. Watch as these same people call you for help towards the end of this month. The intuitive guidance you are receiving right now is unmatched to any other time in your life and it will continue. You need to invest in your structure, your foundation and anything else that helps you stay grounded as you grow bigger than you ever thought possible. Watch your steps, stay in your body. Set equal time for dreaming and practicality. This is a time where you may need to do a re-haul on your personal finances and set up a budget that includes a set amount for your inspirations and evocation tools. You are going to fly this year but the Earth will always be below you, remember to touch base with it.