Love Versus Logic

This Thursday we have a full moon in Aries at 11:40 am PST in 12 degrees of Aries.

This is the Harvest Moon. 

What are you harvesting this month? 

It may be related to how you interact with others, especially in close friendships or romantic relationships.

The illusion of power or control is an impressive one.

When we can respect each other as sovereign, the need to control disappears.

We are returned back to our natural state: love.

Love is not logical, at our core once we remove all the veils of what it is to be human, we are left with love. We aren’t the facades pecking orders, we are all so much bigger than that.  

So big in fact that is hard for many to comprehend so they lean in harder flying their flags, yelling and preparing for destruction... after that, it seems more logical.

This full moon can bring many conflicts to interpersonal relationships. This is the time where the sun and the moon are in opposition. The sun represents what we shine out into the world, and the moon represents our inner emotional world.  

The moon moves quickly spending approximately 2.5 days in each sign. So when they are pulled in opposition each month, we have the opportunity to clear the air and learn more about ourselves so that we can find more equilibrium.

This full moon is an internal job, not a good time to engage in relationship arguments or issues if you can help it.


And... that’s not the only opposition that is occurring this week.

We also have an opposition between the planet that brings us abundance/expansion and the planet that brings sudden, lightning bolt changes in our life. Both of these planets are what we consider outer planets, it’s likely that we will all be feeling some changes in the world or our larger communities.

If you have more cardinal energy in your chart (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) then you may be feeling this more personally as well.

The other opposition is with Mercury the planet that represents analytical thinking and the moon which represents our inner emotional world.  This opposition paired with Mercury being right next to (conjunct) the Sun means that breakthroughs in our consciousness aren't just possible, but probable.

As we experience this opposition, we will have breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. We are learning that what matters most is not of logical nature.

Logic always takes a backseat to Love.

This time of inner renewal and getting a clearer sense of the bigger picture comes at a perfect time for more quiet, self-reflection and inner listening.

Before we talk it out, it becomes vital for us to think it out.

Before we text it out, it becomes necessary to reflect on it.

“How would I like to hear this?”  is a great place to start.

And on that note, please reach out if you want a couples reading.

I offer Astrological chart readings and Intuitive Healing sessions for couples, schedule your free call.

I promise it helps in more ways than you can understand at this time and it's cheaper than a divorce..

But that happens too, it's all good if it's done in commitment to Love.

I'll leave you with the song from my wedding ceremony, because it's Harvest Moon after all..

Infinite Love,