Uranus in Taurus until 2026

Uranus just changed signs from Aries to Taurus.

The first few weeks of this transit have so much to teach us, so pay attention.


The planet of weird, of astrology, has a unique orbit and it hasn't been in Taurus since 1934-1942.
FDR had a Taurus stellium in his 8th house and Uranus on his rising in Virgo(great depression era reading would be wise at this time). Uranus in Taurus until 2026. Expect the unexpected at the start of this transit. Look back to any shifts that occurred for you in May 2018 when Uranus dipped his toe into Taurus for a bit before retrograding back into Aries.

Uranus is the greatest change maker moving with lightning speed.

It represents the aspect of culture and evolution in which the old ways need to be destroyed in order for the new ways to be born. It is uncomfortable, it can be painful and if one is able to move with these changes it can be exhilarating.

Fear will keep us in a state of resistance, love will keep us in a state of flow. Notice where you have been stubborn, notice where you have been withholding.
Create flow.

Uranus is the father of father time(Saturn). Uranus the God of the sky rules time differently than Saturn. Uranus shakes things up and shifts things in an instant.

Liberation, Shock and Revolution are the themes most associated with Uranus.
You want to to know where this transit is hitting your birth chart.

Uranus and the sign which it rules, Aquarius mark our unique imprint. Our evolution as a soul/souls in a temporary meat bag.
Those of us with stronger Uranus placements in our charts are typically thought of as the weirdest of the weird.
Uranus is shocking change, it is the tower card in tarot and it is the planet that rules astrology and metaphysics. Uranus is the electricity that propels lightbulb moments and huge energetic shifts.
Collective awakenings are common when Uranus is active.

Uranus moves from Aries which rules individuality and identity to Taurus which rules personal finances, sensuality, Earthly delights and the femme.
We may see changes to the financial system and to Earth based resources.

Notice where you have fear, notice where Taurus is in your chart. There will be the ability for release, let it all fall apart so that we can all rebuild.
Taurus is our physical bodies, our food systems and our financial systems. The Earth itself and the resources will be changing.
Slot of the way it changes depends on the way we work these energies at a personal level.
Taurus in Highest Vibration:

Divine Femme










Committed Clever

Taurus in Lowest Vibrataion:









Want to stay in the high vibe during this transit?

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Aries Season Horoscopes

Welcome to Aries Season everyone!    The first sign of the zodiac that represents the spark of life. 

That fighting spirit within us all.

The day where night and day balance we call the Equinox and on the Spring Equinox we are welcomed into Aries time. 

So Happy Astrological New Year and Happy Spring as well!

Aries season is the time of new beginnings and warrior spirit being awakened within us all. 

Which is especially true for those of us that have more of the fire element in our chart. 

As well as people that have a lot of Cardinal energy in the chart which is Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

When the sun is in Aries we will have a full moon in the opposite sign Libra.  We will also have first quarter moon in Cancer and last quarter moon in Capricorn so this is a cardinal cycle of new beginnings.

Cardinal cycles are all about starting out and moving energy forward. 

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If you know your sun, moon and rising zodiac sign than you will want to read each one of those. 



It’s your time to shine Aries, so why you feeling so down?  Ok maybe you aren’t feeling down just a little confused?  Don’t know where to spring it all forward? Well it makes sense. You’ve got some major players all up in your sign causing pushes and pulls and fairy spells.   The planet of communication is trudging backwards through your sign.  This reminds you that where you invest your energy, resources and time is important.  It’s reminding you to not wrap your identity up into how well you can explain yourself or how well you are received by others. It’s reminding you to just be you and the rest will settle itself out.  You are going to go farther this month if you just decide a path and push push push. It’s time to meet what lies ahead and to do so with determination.  Forget what anyone else has to say about it.




Taurus this change into Aries time is so very lovely for your sign.  A welcome shift.  It brings more balance and stability which you have been so desperately desiring.  With that shift comes the time to finally let some things go, to release because so much goodness is waiting for you on the other side of that release.  Stability never comes from clinging to the past.  Celebrate the breadth of your emotions and when you can do that everything will change.  When you clear the physical space of clutter you know how good that feels, the same thing is true of our emotions. The purge has arrived and what will follow will truly blow you away to an even more beautiful stage and place in your life.  Welcome change even if it scares you, you will always have a firm piece of Earth to stand on Taurus.  Trust this.  You are held sweet bull you don't need fight so hard, I promise.  Surrender has a unmatched beauty that has been hidden in a culture that teaches us to just fight harder.



A time of careful consideration has arrived, you may be forced to make an decision that is not exactly what you planned on.  Or maybe Gem, you find yourself bound to an agreement you made in the past that certainly is not working in your present.  It's almost as if your blindfold is finally being removed and you can see who is here to support you and who is here to for purely their own rewards.  This should not however taint your vision of new people, trust your first instincts they are always right in the long term.  Remember to lean into your friendships, reach out after the cold dark winter.  You will find your mojo within that unconditional love of your community, if you really open to it.  You are the joy in many people’s lives, remembering this fact will help you to not feel so heavy. Anything that helps you lighten up this season will assist you in making future plans.  If the option is available, always make decisions from levity not from weight and you will be happy with the results.



The time has begun for you to really spread those crab wings and fly little crustacean.  Wait what crabs don't fly?  Ok then you'll have to hitch a ride on a friends back.  Your success depends on your ability to ask for support and receive that support. This season can really accelerate your achievements if you can get past some of your hang-ups that are self-protective.  It’s ok to be scared, most people are when they are moving some big things forward.   But it’s not ok to hid away and still expect the same amount of success.  It’s time to open up a bit to trust that big expansive world out there will hold you up and celebrate you.   Because they need what you have to offer.  So utilize the first part of this Aries season to get your ducks in a row and decide which one of their backs you will jump on.  Then go, go, go.



I have a question for you Leo, how happy are you?  Which leads me to the second more important question: How long have your gratitude lists been lately Leo?  As you make your way through another flavor of fire season I encourage you to lengthen that list by a page or so.  This season includes learning more about giving and receiving. How can you do both more gracefully?  This is a new beginning for you emotionally, so celebrate that inner change. It’s not a surprise that another external beginning is also happening for you at this time.  A new job, partner changes or a move perhaps. Aries season is all about starting out and for you Leo it may be a time for you to start out with your own truth and gratitude and shine that out into the world for everyone else to share in.  The north node in Leo is lit right now making it clear that your destiny is calling to you, will you keep playing or will you answer.  Maybe you should answer in the most playful way possible.



How do you find peace and solitude when the world around you seems to be so loud and messy?  Likely this has been really busy and strange for you Virgo.  So you might find yourself sticking closer to home this Spring time.  It is your favorite time of year to be home, spring cleaning time!  Meditation, rest, re-setting your nervous system and body work are all going to assist in your clarity coming deep from within because come this next season you will be more active and moving a lot more forward.  But right now is the time to pretend you are cocooned back in the womb where everything is precisely how it should be, everything has a place and there is absolutely no chaos or clutter. Recreate that for yourself Virgo in whatever way you want to but make sure to communicate your desires to any wombates or partners.  It is not a time for you to compromise your needs for others so just be clear about that one.



What a busy big time for you Libra.   Are you dealing with some confusion and challenges?  Lean into your renewed sense of  greater conviction and clarity to move forward.  It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others, to stop looking to others for approval and accept who you are.  You are love, you are balance, you are peace but this month may feel anything but peaceful, anything but balanced.  And so it is during these times that the collective needs your art and beauty even more than usual.  It’s time to decide and leave the internally difficulties behind.  This is your time to start out on the path of your dreams, the reality is that we all need your dreams more than we need the reality that we see out there being so clearly displayed for us.  Not everyone will get you Libra and that’s ok, you don’t need everyone, the right people will be drawn to your honesty and integrity.  You are like the beautiful swan that has returned from their trip south, so just glide forward across that water so that everyone can be graced by your presence.



Now is the time for you to break the old bonds that have kept you immobilized in the past.  You emerge from the watery Pisces time with a fresh fire of transformation to ignite your freedom and expansion.  The expansion now comes from within and you totally got all this.  Neptune may still be making you feel a little sleepy and dreamy but you can use those dreams to your advantage Scorp.  Just keep writing down all the details and ideas that are coming in right now, store them away for the future.  The scales are finally weighing in your favor if you can continue to play clean and fair.  Reach out to your community and continue to work your body so that you keep positive momentum on your goals.  Aries time is going to be a big one for you, but you've gotta take good care of that mind of yours.



Finally the renewal time has arrived, which probably has you singing sweet hallelujah!  Your sweet fiery friend is lighting your way to rebirth.  Now I know you don’t always get along with that asshole warrior Aries but hear me out..you need him now. Rely on him, lean into him and utilize his abilities of boldness and decision making to move forward.  He brings you clarity, revitalization, alertness and focus. To be honest Sag you could use a bit more of all these things right now.  The spark of life is available to you right now, but only you can decide how you use it..so tell me what is it that you want more than anything this Spring?  It’s time to go after it and stop getting lost in all the other blinking lights.  Ready, set, go.



This is the time for you to really look into what it will take for you to fully and finally forgive.  To forgive others but most importantly to forgive yourself.  A friend introduced me to practice of Hoʻoponopono and it is such a beautiful practice.   Of course us Americans have over simplified this practice but it is still a beautiful way to think about forgiveness “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”.   Sweet Capricorn just because you work so hard on the physical plane does not mean that there aren’t people who work just as hard on the non-physical.  Lean into that right now.  It's ok to not always see results, many times they are simply felt.  Breathe, slow down and adjust your goals where necessary.  Then when you are ready to forge forward again, which I’m guessing will be tomorrow, make sure you leave your armor at home and try to have a bit more compassion for yourself and others.  You are so strong that the armor is no longer necessary.



This is a powerful time for you to manifest Aquarius.   Maybe you’ll never feel truly secure here on this dirt ball of a planet.   But remember that you create your reality so maybe ask yourself what is gained from not feeling secure here?  Could it be that if you don’t truly belong here then you belong somewhere else?  Yeah I wonder this all the time too, why are we hanging out on this dank ass planet?  I mean don’t get me wrong the plants and animals are great but the humans….But I want to remind you that we are here in this time, space, reality for a reason.   Maybe just maybe you haven’t been seeing things as clearly as you could be.  What if you could manifest even more riches so that you could help all the animals and plants?   I mean maybe money isn’t something that you don’t align with after-all.  Maybe money isn’t something that only dank ass people have.  Think of all the good you could do with that extra do-ray-me.  So maybe just maybe you could open your magical little paw up to a expecting a little more money not out of necessity but out of the fun of it.  Abundance is addictive and something that you feel into.  When you finally decide that you belong here that’s when you feel it all.  There is so much here.  See a penny pick it up, all day long it will bring good luck.



You are stepping away from so much insecurity in your past.  You now have the understanding that not everybody sees life the way you do.  That the way you see things is a gift. The best way to summarize this season’s horoscope is by quoting Osho from his book of Zen tarot  “Friedrich Nietzsche in his book, speaks of the three levels of Camel, Lion and Child. The camel is sleepy, dull, self-satisfied. He lives in delusion, thinking he's a mountain peak, but really he is so concerned with others' opinions that he hardly has any energy of his own. Emerging from the camel is the lion. When we realize we've been missing life, we start saying no to the demands of others. We move out of the crowd, alone and proud, roaring our truth.


But this is not the end. Finally the child emerges, neither acquiescent nor rebellious, but innocent and spontaneous and true to his own being. Whatever the space you're in right now--sleepy and depressed, or roaring and rebellious--be aware that it will evolve into something new if you allow it. It is a time of growth and change.”

Get back to your craft already and hone those inner child skills of creation.



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New Moon in Pisces

The Pisces New Moon conjunct the wounded healer Chiron on March 17th at 6:11am PST

Oh here we go.

This new moon is sure to stir up some serious soul wounds.  

Chiron is the archetype of endless painful lessons that keep showing up in our lives and can make us feel abandonded by God /ess.  Oh goodie, right? 

As always with Chiron though these wounds don’t get stirred up for you to suffer, they get stirred up as an opportunity for you to heal even more.  Yay.  

These lessons have a capacity to help us open up to others and help them with their pain.  Hopefully it makes us want to relieve the pain that we see out in the world around us.


This New Moon means the Sun and Moon are both in mutable watery Pisces.  This New Moon is also forming a square to Mars in Sagittarius, another mutable sign but a fire mutable which brings transformations to how we move forward to which direction we choose to take.

Simply plan for some process time. 

Allowing some of these wounds to come to the surface for healing.   Escaping this is an option, but not a wise one.

As we get closer to the renewal of Spring Equinox and Aries season this last bit of purging and integration becomes necessary. This is a great time to start a Spring cleanse and clear out your skeletons in the closet both literally and metaphysically.  A great time to work with me.

Jupiter has turned retrograde you can check out my video on that here.  Jupiter is in another water sign, Scorpio.  The New Moon is trining Jupiter in Scorpio bringing even more emotions and transformations both to our relationships but also to our internal landscape of what past beliefs we are ready to shed.

What self-awareness or personal discoveries are coming up for you?

What are you dreaming about?  Is there any symbolism to your current situation?

  What reflections in your relationships are getting lit up?  Journal it up.

Then set new intentions for Spring.

Virgo Full Moon- Methods to our Madness

This Thursday brings the Full Moon in 11 degrees of Virgo, the sign of the virgin. When the full moon is in Virgo our emotional landscape is set to overthinking things.  We become methodical, anal-ytical focused on routines, rthythtms and rituals that are needed. 

This can be helpful energy to work with depending on your personal birth chart. 

When the Sun is in Pisces we can sometimes be led down the rabbit hole of delusions and substances that aren’t always best for our body or mind. 


And not only do we have the Sun in Pisces but we also have Chiron the wounded healer, Neptune which is the collective spiritual or subconscious, Venus which is the personal planet of giving and receiving both energy and money.  And lastly Mercury which is the personal planet of conscious mind, processing and communications of all kinds. 

ALL IN PISCES!  The deepest water sign of the zodiac...eeek and yay and wow and weird..

The Earthy sign of Virgo is much needed at this time to help us reach our goals.  But Virgo like all signs has a shadow.  Pisces brings us to the "all one" consciousness and sometimes Virgos judgement keeps us sifting and sorting and separating us from each-other.  And this is certainly not the time to isolate.

Both of these signs serve their purpose, both have a shadow side.  How will you find balance between these polarities

If you’ve had a chart reading with me before then look to where 11 degrees of Pisces and Virgo fall for you.    This is where you may notice some tension and learning moments in your life.

Along with this opposition at this Full Moon we also have some external societal shifts occuring.

Pluto square Uranus unearths some major icky hidden things to the surface so that it can bring transformation, change and warrior energy to where our government needs to shift.

Neptune squaring Mars brings a spiritual influence to our forward movement as a culture and in learning institutions.  I expect some compassionate insight and rulings to take place at the beginning of March.

On a more personal level Mars is squaring Mercury helping us all to process and express where we desire to move forward and how to balance our intuition with what we are learning about ourselves and how we want to proceed out into the world. 

All in all this is a time to stay grounded and work towards goals.

And just in time for you I have a free challenge that is kicking off this Monday to develop your intuition, learn a bit about the energy of each day of the week while getting healthier and happier.

Infinite Love,


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More info on the Full Moon and how it may look through the houses: