Virgo Full Moon- Methods to our Madness

This Thursday brings the Full Moon in 11 degrees of Virgo, the sign of the virgin. When the full moon is in Virgo our emotional landscape is set to overthinking things.  We become methodical, anal-ytical focused on routines, rthythtms and rituals that are needed. 

This can be helpful energy to work with depending on your personal birth chart. 

When the Sun is in Pisces we can sometimes be led down the rabbit hole of delusions and substances that aren’t always best for our body or mind. 


And not only do we have the Sun in Pisces but we also have Chiron the wounded healer, Neptune which is the collective spiritual or subconscious, Venus which is the personal planet of giving and receiving both energy and money.  And lastly Mercury which is the personal planet of conscious mind, processing and communications of all kinds. 

ALL IN PISCES!  The deepest water sign of the zodiac...eeek and yay and wow and weird..

The Earthy sign of Virgo is much needed at this time to help us reach our goals.  But Virgo like all signs has a shadow.  Pisces brings us to the "all one" consciousness and sometimes Virgos judgement keeps us sifting and sorting and separating us from each-other.  And this is certainly not the time to isolate.

Both of these signs serve their purpose, both have a shadow side.  How will you find balance between these polarities

If you’ve had a chart reading with me before then look to where 11 degrees of Pisces and Virgo fall for you.    This is where you may notice some tension and learning moments in your life.

Along with this opposition at this Full Moon we also have some external societal shifts occuring.

Pluto square Uranus unearths some major icky hidden things to the surface so that it can bring transformation, change and warrior energy to where our government needs to shift.

Neptune squaring Mars brings a spiritual influence to our forward movement as a culture and in learning institutions.  I expect some compassionate insight and rulings to take place at the beginning of March.

On a more personal level Mars is squaring Mercury helping us all to process and express where we desire to move forward and how to balance our intuition with what we are learning about ourselves and how we want to proceed out into the world. 

All in all this is a time to stay grounded and work towards goals.

And just in time for you I have a free challenge that is kicking off this Monday to develop your intuition, learn a bit about the energy of each day of the week while getting healthier and happier.

Infinite Love,


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More info on the Full Moon and how it may look through the houses:

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