Order 2018 Astro-Intuitive Master Planning Class

2018 Master Planning Class.png

Do you want 2018 to be the most epic year of your life?

Are you ready to karate chop your fears, regrets and haters into metaphysical submission?

Then join Ms. Sparkle and Shine Guidance as she gives you insight on the Astro-Intuitive happenings in the year to come and how to best deal.

Learn when the retrogrades, eclipses, and changes are occuring, along with general themes and elements that are strongest this year and how it works with your individual make-up.

It helps to have your planner ready and your chart available but it's not necessary.

This class is packed full of helpful info to guide you to your Sparkle and Shine in 2018.

The recording is less than the cost of a tee shirt at $18 and it will be sent to the email you provide. So you'll be able to revisit throughout the year.

When you purchase you have to chose a time that you want it emailed to you.

I'm so excited to help you shine brighter!

Infinite Love,