Ten Ways to Get More Present Right Now

Why would we want to get more present?

Especially if something painful or stressful is happening?

Well if we can get really present with ourselves, often times that connection and alignment is actually going to bring us to a place that we previously did not think possible.  It’s going to help us grow.

I’m not saying that we won’t still experience pain, we will.  We are human.

We just are better able to handle it when we are in the present moment.

It means living the full life experience.  It makes us more capable of seeing the beauty and joy in everyday life when we can be present through the painful or hard times as well.

When we choose to experience those moments, we are choosing a full life.

Springtime as a mom is one of the craziest un-grounding times of the year.  I’m literally running around, trying to sign them up for camps, trying to get my writing done before they are out on break, trying to feed them when they just want to find snakes and dig outside, trying to not spend all of my time driving them to playdates and cleaning out the car.

Ugg the struggle is real.  So here is what I do to sense into the present while everything around me is moving a mile a minute.  I hope you find a few of these helpful.

Ten ways to sense into the present:

  1. Take a deep breath.  That action immediately shifts the brain out of survival and into thrival mode.  Literally when you breath shallowly it prepares your brain for war and when you breath super deep it sets your brain up to chill the f%4k out.
  2. Place your hands on your belly and connect.  This action helps to get you out of your head and into the belly which will help lead you to more of your intuition.
  3. Smell something delightful. Essential oils are a personal fave, or flowers, or incense, or perfume, or your kids head, whatever just smell that thing.
  4. Get in water if you can. A bath, a shower, a hot tub, soak it up to get into the present.
  5. Get barefoot Get barefoot and get barefoot outside if you can.  Nothing can bring you more presence than feeling the Earth beneath your toes.
  6. Light a Candle There is no simpler a action(if your lighter is handy) and it can change the mood dramatically.  We actually release more oxytocin in candle light and you guys know I’m a big fan of that hormone. 
  7. Pause Everything For a Tea Time.  Literally whatever you feel like needs to get done right now can wait until after you’ve recharged and made yourself present with a good ole cuppa tea.
  8. Ask for help.  Focus your asking of help to where you want to be, what you want to feel.  Example: Guides from Divine light please help me feel into ease with this move.  Let it feel easy. Boom.  I’ve shifted without even knowing that I was doing it.  It’s in my expectation.  I’m not complaining I’m asking for help.
  9. Laugh Or talk to someone or text someone that makes you laugh.  It is such amazing medicine to bring you into presence.
  10. Ask someone for a Hug Not a quickie, a real slow long hug snuggle that makes you get into your presence, into your body and out of the mind. 

Slow everything down, you aren’t meant to get it all done today.

With love,