Beauty Medicine

Learning to use Beauty as your medicine.

To begin to use Beauty as your medicine, we start by looking at your daily beauty ratio for daily well being and success.

This is a great practice on it’s own, being more aware of your exposure to beauty or your lack of exposure.

Your stress levels come through via the beauty medicine ratio.

First take a minute to come up with a list of things that signify beauty to you.

Things that help you sense into more beauty in your life, start with little things and work your way into bigger things.

Examples would be a certain smell or flower. Watching the leaves fall from the trees. Going on a walk, getting a massage A trip to a warm beach with sand on your toes and warm water.

Now take the time to create an Ugly list, yup I said it, make an ugly list.

It is a list of things that make you feel like poo, or literally strip you of any sense of beauty.

For me it would be spending a large amount of time in my kids bedroom or trying to organize their rooms or being on social media for longer than is needed, now sure sometimes some beautiful things pop up there but right now at least on my feed the beauty ratio is lower than I want.

Or going to run errands at a crowded place, editing my content for my new website, or calling a big company to figure out a billing issue when they raise rates without telling you why.. I think you get the point.

Now what I want you to do is create a daily ratio of beauty to ugly for right now.

If you are 40% Ugly to 60% Beauty I’d say your doing pretty well.

When you find yourself at 90% Beauty then it’s time to celebrate or complete an ugly task…I’ll leave that one up to you.

I find it best to do this around 12pm each day because then I create awareness and can try to adjust or see if something else is up for me of why I got such a high ugly score.

If you really allow yourself to soak up your Beautify moments, I guarantee your ratio will speak to that.

If you’ve had a really hard morning then it’s a good time to get your beautify list out.

Go for a big one that you are able to accomplish.

The bigger the ugly ratio the more beautify medicine you need!

Maybe it’s even just calling a friend and getting a beauty medicine tea date on the calendar.

For now here is one thing that is consistently on my beauty medicine list.  Whenever my ugliness ratio is way higher than I want it to be, I listen to this song.

But like everything else seeing the beauty in person is always more powerful(so go see Medicine for the People in person):