Special and Astro-Intuitive Info


Nothing else matters.
Forget the results.

Don’t rush to results.
Because you miss everything else in the meantime.

Right now as we are learning more about ourselves,
what we need,
what we want and what our purpose here is;
nothing else matters really.

We don’t get to decide the results.

At the end of this week we get a beautiful full moon week in Virgo and if you are attaching to results you will notice anxiety,
you will likely notice panic.

We need to remember our soul, our purpose and that brings us back to the present and to the intention.

Everything else will work itself out.
Virgo energy has a way to cleanse and sift through all the garbage to get to the shiny stuff.

So for now all we can do is understand more about:
What keeps you from truly serving your soul?

What fears rise when you think in terms of relating to others and serving everyone else?

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 12th and the build up it brings may have you a little worried about details.

Counter all that energy with some focus on purpose and intentions.

This is a week to clean house, but the house may be in your psyche more than you expect.

Sure cleaning, organizing and getting rid of crap that isn’t serving your psyche helps.

We also need to look at our attachments to results.  Our brain wants us to believe that we know everything, but listening to what the messages the universe is sending to us constantly is much more fruitful.

Listening requires the lack of resistance.
We could use some clean up and cleaning out so we can hear clearer.
Trying meditation, alter space, exercise all very Virgo.

So where do you feel like you could make more space?

Attune your mind to the divine, forget the rest.