The Truth about Friday the 13th and Fear

This is an edited version of a post I wrote a while ago that applies to Friday the 13th and Fear.

Friday is the day of the week named after the Norse Goddess Frigg associated with Venus.   


Friday is the most feminine of the days, we have been taught to fear a day that represents the feminine.

The feminine planet of love and passion.  

Frigg was a seer and mother. She was powerful.

The number thirteen is associated with the feminine because it’s association to the moon, there are indeed thirteen full moons in a year.

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There is no man in the moon. La luna is undeniably feminine.

So Friday the 13th is when our intuition is heightened.   And our love and our senses are also heightened. But it was the powerful feminine that was the most dangerous to the greedy, so it was taught to fear her. And it was the fear of her that allowed for the death of her.

Fear of this day is so extreme it even has a name: friggatriskaidekaphobia

This is a powerful day for love and magic so therefore this scared some people.

Some of us are frightened by this idea of trust, openness and empathy.

So doesn’t it make sense that on a day that there is added influence on our intuition and trust that many experience or expect the opposite. 

That is if we allow fear to rule our lives.

Sure some fear is healthy, but many people give fear too many opportunities to overpower. Fear can ruin great things if you allow it to. Fear can keep us all complacent, mediocre.

Your brain can and will think of every possible outcome and present them to you with great emphasis on dread. Many times this fear has a way of bringing up a memory of other times you’ve gotten hurt.

Fear is a very loud lie, with lots of little lies that hope to overwhelm and confuse you from living from your truth.

Our intuition is much more quiet and unobtrusive. It’s easy to ignore our intuition because it is never rooted in fear, only in love. Fear will not let us off so easy. It is a loud noise that we must learn to dismantle in order to tone it down, then we can finally turn up the volume on the intuitive parts of us.

Intuition is the quiet whisper.

In order to hear our intuition louder we must release some fear.
We can look to moon’s shape to release the fear…

Look to the O’s to release Fear:

  • Origins-I can now look to see where this fear feeling originates from and because I can feel it, I can look at where this is emotion is stored in my body. I feel it so I can release it.


  • Observation- I can see this fear. I can fully face it without getting swept into it. I look at it to be able to release it.


  • Oxygen and Oxytocin root of both words means -keen -pungent -sharp -strong It’s not by chance that the longer we inhale the more oxytocin we release(the love and trust hormone). Oxytocin also puts us back in the present. So get to that deep breathing. And with the exhale send that fear out of that pain body and bless that area with love.


  • Orgasm Ok yes maybe I just added this word to get your attention. It worked right. But seriously you know they are great for releasing right? They are magic. So why not have more.

    Obviously if you haven’t done 1-3 you may not be present enough to have that orgasm. So go back and try 1-3 again.

It is most true that all of us could use help with fear and anxiety.

Working with Abigail is one way to work with your fears.

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Happy Friday the 13th!