Taurus New Moon Oracle: Spring Clean Your Soul

This Saturday, May 4, 2019,  we will have a  New Moon at 3:45pm PDT happening at 14 degrees in Taurus. 

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, stubborn and stable, embodying its archetype of the Bull. Taurus delights in pleasuring the senses, is dedicated, and patient. It’s no wonder that we experience this energy when Spring is at its peak, and gardening is in full-swing for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere. 


Neptune sextiles the Sun and the Moon in Pisces, which brings ease and opportunity to work with your dreams for inspiration on goal setting. Pisces is imaginative and boundary-less, so harness this energy by really tapping into your inner vision of what you are bringing forth into reality. Dare to dream big!

The Capricorn conjunction of planets Pluto and Saturn with the South Node are all in retrograde, and sextile to Neptune, so keep paying attention to your dreamtime bringing information into your awareness highlighting where more time is needed to work through your soul’s karma. Don’t be discouraged though, the energy of this aspect is one of excitement and opportunity.

Challenges often bring wisdom.

Venus in Aries forms a square to those planets in Capricorn, which will light a fire under your butt and give you a reality check on what you are attracting. This insight will help you make some changes and take action, leading you toward the life you are manifesting.  

Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus squares Pluto and Saturn which can bring  impulsive and bold communication to express what’s been brewing below the surface, so be sure to slow down and think about what you are trying to say before those words come flying out of your mouth. A little restraint could very well prevent a conflict. 

Mars in Gemini pushes us forward and brings intensity in making decisions, adding an indecisiveness to our process. Don’t overthink and get stuck in your head. Use this energy to be curious rather than analytical. Trust your intuition and inner knowing. 

The cosmos is working together to bring a massive shift in each of us. We need to heal our karmic wounds so we can grow into alignment with our Highest Selves, for the greatest good of all, and all this energy is creating the perfect opportunity to do the work. 

Notice what is coming up for you to heal. 

Where is there a disconnect between your words and actions and the life you want to lead? 

What limiting beliefs or fears are swirling around in your thoughts? 

We must go back to the source to create change and healing. Everything is a vibration of energy, so pay attention to your vibe. If you feel restricted or contracted, you are not in alignment with your Highest Self and need to shift toward expansiveness and love. 

Focus on the dreams you have for yourself and how you envision yourself feeling.

Where can you bring more pleasure into your life?

A ritual I enjoy at the New Moon is creating a vision board, this would be a great time to start one. Set aside some time to light a candle, sit down with a cup of tea. Go through old magazines, junk mail, catalogs, or anything you can find images and text and just start cutting out what calls to you. Then arrange it in an appealing way and glue it on some paper or poster board. Put it somewhere you will see it every day. 

Consciously create the life you wish to cultivate.



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