Crystal Yoni Eggs

It’s Springtime! Time to get your 🥚 from Sparkle and Shine Guidance

So excited to have updated my store to include these GIA certificates Eggs in all sizes, both drilled and undrilled.
These are the powerhouse in the crystal world.

Yoni eggs strengthen and wake up your pelvic floor muscles.

These are what to have at your side, or better yet between your legs.

Why would I want to walk around with a crystal egg inside me tho?

I say that Crystal yoni eggs are like taking the crystal in your bra to a whole ‘nother level.

If you’ve seen me around town with my basket of yoni eggs you will know that I am passionate about these beauties.

I am all about healing and women having more fun and health in their lives and this is one of the best tools I know of to get there(beyond doing the deep intuitive healing that I also offer). Here are some of the benefits of crystal yoni eggs: -Better stronger more mind blowing deep orgasms

-More natural lubrications aka(creative juices) flowing strong, can help you learn to squirt 😉 .

-Increased libido

-Stronger pelvic floor muscles 💪🏽 -Less pain or numbness during sex/in your life

-Added benefits from whatever crystal you choose. -Better posture/muscle memory for overall health. -Trauma release/ emotional healing

-Fascia release

-Hormonal balancing/ creating ease in your cycle/menopause

- Increase the natural flow of your Qi.

Stock is running 🏃‍♀️ low on my page so please click the link in my profile to ensure you get yours before they are gone.

Each purchase includes US shipping

AND an “how to” 20 min instructional video with me.

And men...if you are reading this.

One of the best investments you can make is to buy a set of these for the woman you love.

To learn the benefits of each crystal egg go here

Check out my video on what, why and when Yoni Eggs can help you: