Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius

The partial Solar Eclipse New Moon occurs on February 15, 2018, at 27 degrees in Aquarius.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury will all be in Aquarius for this new moon and since in astrology we say that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury basically we are going to be flooded with Uranian energy. 

Uranus rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius and it represents what many call Father Sky.

All this energy makes the theme for this eclipse is lightning speed change, personal and collective innovation and progress. 

Freedom, individuality and intuition are honored while traditional ways of doing things that have no substance are tossed out the window. 

Oprah said it not me.. times up.


Some people get confused because the sign for Aquarius is the water bearer while it is an air sign but let me explain.  Aquarius is the last of the air signs in the zodiac it's got mastery, it's not gonna be just like the other air signs. 

Water represents healing. 

Aquarius brings healing, sometimes so quickly and rapidly that it's difficult to keep up.  And Aquarius reminds us to not get lost in the water; to stay in contact with logic there is purpose in combining the two spheres of the brain.  The cerebrospinal fluid flows between the intuitive/creative right and the logical/reasoning left, bringing us to full consciousness. 

Gosh no wonder we say Aquarius is the wanderer, there is so much to work out and understand.  So much going on up there..

The time of Aquarius combines the water: our emotions/intuitive right brain with the air: our intellect and reasoning.  The masculine and feminine.  We learn to see through patterns and programs that may have kept us trapped or lost before.

We are able to create a new blueprint if we have the courage and trust that we can indeed change our future. 

Do you believe in time travel?

Back to the future style.

When the air shifts quickly and there is enough water molecules in the air, we get thunderstorms. 

Uranus ruled Aquarius time says things can change with lightning speed, eclipses are the time of changes in general so we are getting a double whammy of social and personal evolution.

This New Moon Eclipse energy sets the tone for the next six months until the July 12th solar eclipse in Cancer. 

How you spend next week will set the tone for how the next six months may look.  So join me for the upcoming webinar.

So this is a great time to ask yourself:

What are you able to release resistance on? 

Remember that wise saying for the next week or two:  "What you resist persists."

What are ready to look at differently? 

What are new ways that you can look at the future?  What are the steps you can take today to get closer to that future.  Change is inevitable.

I get really annoyed by this new age bullshit about the New Earth taking form without any effort or changes to our inner development.  Like the mothership is going to come down and rescue the "good people" and the "bad people" will just have to stay here and pay for their sins. 

Guys I'm sorry to say this but we are the mothership...we are moving through space and we are evolving as we go.  Any effort that we make to change, grow and shift on the inside effect the whole damn mothership.

We've all got to do the work, that's why we are here.

"Seeing things differently..squinting..we realize that normal is an illusion of our making.

Normal comes from the Latin word normalis, from norma ‘carpenter's square’.  

And I’m so glad my name isn’t Norma by the way."

This time is meant for you to commit to your uniqueness, a time to reject mediocrity and consumption on the most basic forms.  The consumption of other people's ideas of you and the world itself.  

It's time to be brave and adjust your own perception.  A great time to work with me.

So I'm reading "A Wrinkle in Time" with my kids.  There is a part where they are on there journey and Mrs. W is asking them to look into space to see if they can see this thing, the big evil thing.  Anyway Meg is squinting her eyes not knowing what to expect and because of that it is so very difficult to see the thing.  And after a while her eyes adjust, nothing else changes except her perception.

She now can see the thing that had been there the whole time.

That immediately reminded me when a friend and I were in Hawaii out in the middle of the ocean we were determined to see the dolphins.  So we would look down into the water with our snorkle on.  And all you'd see is blue, blue and more blue.  The senses were overwhelmed with all this blue and you had to take a while and re-focus your sight and then you'd see them way, way down it was like they appeared out of nowhere.  But they didn't appear out of nowhere, our eyes just couldn't see them until they adjusted, caught up.

Ok one more thing about the dolphins: my friend and I separated naturally, I know we were meant to have our own experience with these mighty spiritual beings.  They came to the surface to breath and when they did that's when I felt connected to them and they got so close that I had a momentary freak out, these are live creatures that are strong and big and in a pod and I'm here all alone, literally alone with a pod of dolphins....what on Earth..I'm still in disbelief that it actually happened.

But when I connected with them, I heard them. 

And I heard what they are here for and what I am here for and everything was ok.  

Like everything, all of it my whole existence. 

And that message is to all of us that don't quite feel like we fit in here.  The less you fit in, the bigger the message that you came here to share.  Don't wish to leave here, keep doing the big work to change it here. 

You might not fit always fit in with the humans of this time, space, reality but that is precisely why you are here. 

To move us forward.

Infinite Love,