Horoscopes for Eclipse Time

Here are the horoscopes for Aquarius Eclipse Season.  If you know your sun, moon and rising zodiac sign than you will want to read each one of those.  When the eclipses occur in Aquarius we can expect big changes to group status or issues when trying to work within a group.   Cultural differences, inter-galactic belief systems, and group think problems can all be brought to the surface.   To read about the eclipse in general go here

Aquarius time reminds us that we just have to be true to selves so that we can offer the best to the group. 

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Does it feel like things have shifted?  Do you feel like the struggles that came through these last few months are finally easing up?  Good!  Now that you have more awareness and strength to fight the good fight.  There are things in your life that you’ve been hoping that they would just go away or change on their own.  Now though you know these require your attention so that you can really step into a whole new happy paradigm.  Remember Aries is the archetype of the warrior but you have to be fighting to actually see results in your life and many times this requires courage and endurance both traits we know that you can muster.  Life is for the full living and now is the time for change. At times it can feel like you are going at it alone, this time though is the opportunity to see how much that story is old and outdated.  Watch and see who shows up for you, you may be surprised at the small army of friends that have your back.



You are stable, steady and secure; now sure, maybe you have moved a little slower than usual during the last month but all that is certainly changing.  No one said you were lazy, you just have had some molasses slow time period pop in and you needed the slowing of your roll.  But the time has come to up your game and move forward.  You are being called upon this month to show others the value in planning and using reason and comfort as your guide towards meeting a goal.  You are certainly not one to burn out quickly.  This month people are going to be calling on your knowledge in meeting goals without losing your center.  But I want to remind you that just because you are a good friend doesn’t mean you always have to answer the call.  There are plenty more times where you teach by example and less by word.  This time is for tending to yourself, moving you forward which will help your friends I promise.  Stay true to you this month and by doing so you may notice a creative surge filling inside of you that wants expression.  Go with the creative flows.



Oh sweet Gemini, some changes in life seem more dramatic than others.  We all know that life is full of change and Gemini’s can typically handle these changes more gracefully than others.  However it is important to acknowledge when we utilize our brain so that we don’t have to really feel the emotions that these changes bring up.  As the sun moves through Aquarius(another Air sign) it can be easy for you to get in your head and go with the levity.  However this is the best time for you to open to feeling all the changes you’ve been through these last few months.  You want to do this now before we land in Pisces season next month.  So do a little writing, do a little processing, somatic body work is great for the Gemini archetype.   Have you tried Thai massage?  So vital for your busy nervous system, Gem.  Make “me” time a priority to process all that has changed. Only then can you truly move forward with more love and respect for self and others.  



Oh this season is gonna be so good for you Cancer.   As opposed to last month where you may have noticed more heavy challenges.  Last month also brought you to more maturity which is gonna help you accelerate serious leaps in your personal and professional life.  Aquarius season has probably brought you a breath of fresh air.  Sure you may take some things personally that float around this season but this is a time for cutting away the bullshit and showing up stronger than ever.  After all, we all know crabs love fresh air as much as they love water so use this time to socialize and network two areas where you are strong but can hold yourself back for fear of being seen.  This is not a time to get stuck in your thoughts or dreams for they can also bring delusions and old patterns.  The fear of being truly seen is a big one for many.  And yet that’s exactly what you are being called to do, be seen and heard.  So go get ‘em and remember that you are worthy and your intuition is so needed.



The full moon eclipse on the 31st is in your sign.  This brings awareness to your emotional well-being and mastery over past conditioning about your past beliefs of “truths”.  The conditioning from our society tells many a Leo how vain they are and oh how dramatic they are, while also telling everyone what products they can purchase in order to feel more beautiful and to stand out in a crowd so they aren’t a plain jane. The paradoxes are now evident.  The old conditioning told us that there is something wrong with loving ourselves just as wild and free as we are.  Only lions can truly see past that bullshit and love themselves and their pride(I mean tribe) just as they are.  So now Leo enjoy how this eclipse brings more freedom from old ugly belief systems that have held you back from really shining like the sun.  Your heart is pure it's just up to you to be aligned with that.  You are free at last, to shine no matter what anyone else thinks.



Success seems to be knocking at your door in some form or another this season, Virgo.  It may be easy for you to brush over it or not want to be acknowledged for this.  Do us all a favor and don’t ruin this for yourself.  Let yourself feel, feel all the accomplishments you are not the same person you were four years ago.   It took strength and determination to get you where you are now.   You didn’t always know if you’d make it here but you have.  This is a good time for you to practice sensing into satisfaction.  And yes we know Virgo it could always be better, likewise it could always be worse.  So maybe take some time to refresh your gratitude list and sit in this space of fulfillment.   As a whole we do not do this enough as a culture and Virgo’s mind can make it difficult to focus on achievements instead of imperfections.  You are strong and you’ve come so far baby, let yourself steep in that fact.  And keep eating your greens, you're actually doing a-ok.



This time period Libra is essential for you to process, release and move on in some form or another.  We all struggle with guilt at times but for some reason you may be finding yourself replaying old scripts more than usual.  It’s time to forgive yourself and others.  “Just forgive and move on”, it’s impossible to do this stage in the healing process without allowing yourself emotional release first and Libra let be honest, this one can be tricky for you yet oh so necessary.  Now is the time to reach out to other healers that can help you move forward into the beautiful unknown without all this excess baggage with you.  You love beauty and justice just don’t forget to leave yourself out of that equation.  The best practice is forgiving of the self.  For all the times you learned by example, for all the times you only saw the good in others, for all the times that you may have hurt others out of simply wanting peace.  It's ok we all make mistakes and right now is a good time for you to release those mistakes, offer them up to the universe then do a happy dance and move forward.



As far as big stuff goes for you Scorpio, this is a mellow time on the intensity scale.  It’s a time to look at your ways of giving and receiving.  It’s a time for you to be honest in your love life and about your personal needs for fulfillment.  It’s also a time to review and sit with, process how much clearer your vision for yourself is than just a few short years ago.  This is a time to slow down, process, feel and spread out a bit.  Now sure your stubborn nature may rear its head or tail during this week, so make sure that you are truly fighting the right fights, if not go take a nap.  Don't let yourself get pulled back into the past.  You are worthy of being in the present.  And at this time you may use some of this clarity to focus on your productivity.   It’s a good time to focus on systems before the water of Pisces season revisits and you dive back into big projects.  Where and who do you spend too much of your time on?  Where do your boundaries get watered down?  Look at working on ways to scale back and fit in self-care.



Well my friend, just as you thought things might be chilling out for a bit, you’ve been hit with some unexpected changes.  Now likely the changes are more internal which can be even more difficult to adjust to and get support in.  It can be hard for Sags to slow down enough and focus on the self enough in order to understand exactly what the hell is throwing them for a loop.  This work is vital though.  It’s not a time to expand, as we know you like to do, it’s actually a time to contract, focus, get real with yourself.   A time to strengthen your roots and mentality with intuition, honesty and uncovering your truths.  What have you been hiding from?  These eclipses are uncovering some of that with the purpose of moving you forward.  So dig in, don’t brush over.  Optimism is good, but feeling is even better.  This is a time of disillusionment which is to say you are being freed from illusions that have once had the power to hold you back.  Well not anymore.



What Capricorn you mean you didn’t know that you could actually fly?  I know, I know you love the Earth and having your feet on the ground, it’s what you prefer.  There are times in life where that is so vital, yet right now you are being asked to jump.  What’s hidden in your fear of leaping?  You are being asked to jump higher and further than you thought you could do on your own.  I know you don’t have wings or a personal hot air balloon.  This seems unfair and scary to you.  Yet there is no satisfaction in staying where you have been, the New Earth is waiting for your talents and your practicality.   But to get there you need to work on your trust, on your wings and on your courage, inner fire.  What makes you so sure that you are undeserving for the air to carry you?  There are fears in that belief that are being uncovered for you to heal.  The only way to really share what you have to offer with those that truly want your skills is to have the courage to jump.  We can’t wait to see what you build for us on the other side.



Oh sweet, sweet Aquarius I am so proud of you.  I see you making the changes, I see your bravery, I see you fighting the good fight.  And best of all I see you shifting out of the belief that having "another" will complete you.  You are complete on your own and you doing the work to own that shit.  As soon as we honor that we are complete on our own, that’s when he or she walks into our lives.  We first have to learn that you are the only one that can truly nurture your own heart.  You can live your dream without the help of another.   Of course having a passenger is always nice when you are making your way into unknown territory we all know that.  And you are finally able to stop believing the stories that were told about you, a new story is taking form.  You can be an amazing co-pilot.  And as you journey through this crazy strong eclipse journey your heart and your soul will be so much different than where you once started.  Be open to changes of heart, be open to finding a new version of freedom, be open to playing just for the hell of it and be open to dreaming a new dream for your entire life.  Then put the ink to paper and remember that truth is just for our making of it.



Hey there Pisces time to snap out of it.  This eclipse season is a wake up call that you never asked for.  The water is so warm and cozy we know you don’t want to come out of it into the cold winter air.  But there are truths that are wanting to be seen.   You are an individual and yet you are a dreamer.  Some part of the dream has died and it's ok to mourn this loss.  You are an individual and it would be silly to not make this time about you and your healing.  Just don't get lost trying to project or pin this on others.  Come back to your healing journey, get selfish.  This is a time to tread lightly and process with trusted ones, not intimate ones.  The emotions are amped at this eclipse time and the potential to lash out or go too far are abound.  DON’T DO THAT.  This time can feel like someone popped a bubble that you were floating in.  But don’t worry there will be new floaty bubbles showing up soon.  Right now is a time of internal wake-up calls and learning new methods for communicating your desires and needs.  Wait what’s that you say?  You don’t know what you need right now?  Ok I think your homework is pretty clear then.  A good counselor or healer is worth their weight in Gold.


Infinite Love,