Total Eclipse of The Lion's Heart

The total solar eclipse is on Monday August 21st at 10:15am PST in the Sign of Leo.

The sun, moon and north node will all be in the courageous sign of the Lion.

The total eclipse in 28 degrees of Leo is all about learning to lean into our personal self-worth and the courage to live our lives as creators.



And this great American eclipse is exact on the glittering star of the Lion's heart in the Leo constellation. 

That's pretty spectacular.  

What does the heart of the lion represent to you?

I see the courage in the felt experience of life.

Our life is for us to create.

No more blame, no more shame, we will no longer be led by fear.

We now know, every decision we make in fear is an agreement for some part of our soul to retreat.

Nothing can tap us into our heart more than a total eclipse on this exact point: we are all awakening and upgrading our lion's heart.

The astrology never lies.

So honor all the places you've been scared, then send the energy of your heart to those spaces.

Courage will win.

With this total solar eclipse it is igniting yet another Grand Fire Trine.

Uranus in Aries helps us to accept change so that we can have more change.  The Sun and Moon in Leo activated our internal courage and creativity, while Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius asking us to take truth and not shy away from standing up to the "father figures" in our life and in our culture as a whole.  Black Moon Lilith conjunct Saturn teaches us the hardest lessons that we want to run away or distract from.

This is the biggest wake up call to America and we all need to honor that the word democracy is in fact one of action.  

It states the people rule, not one person, certainly not one white man in a country as diverse as ours.

We need to honor that for so many of us we really want to not have to act.  We want to follow, we want it to be easy.  

Leo forces us to become our own heart centered leaders so that we can all collectively create a new paradigm.

One in which you aren't more valuable because you have light skin, one in which you aren't more valuable because you have a penis and you certainly aren't more valuable for having a strong body. 

We are all valuable... we all got that sparkle, yo.

And as the sun moves into Virgo shortly after this eclipse we will have more understanding about what our bodies need from us in order to shine brighter.

We are now able to create a future with the choices we make every day in our personal lives.  The macro is the micro.  The energy speaks the same way.

When my son told me the other day "Mom I'll never forget to feed people because you've taught me that, I've seen you." My heart just about exploded.

Then my daughter chimed in that I should only give food and not money because they may spend it on drugs.

I replied that it was none of our business how someone spends the money we give, that's their karma, we just gotta focus on our own karma and being helpful when we can.

In every choice, we've just gotta focus on our own choices.  And that is how the lion's heart of courage works is that it's contagious and it's an energy of the awakened heart that will change the world.

If we all do this then it's done.

Democracy starts with each of us honoring ourselves as part of the solution.

We will lead with the lion's heart, we will drown hate in fierce waves love and courage.

You will surrender to the fierce feminine because that's the only choice you have.

This is a super powerful time to set intentions for the next six month cycle.  Look back at the last six months, honor yourself and how far you've come. 

Set intentions about where you want to have more fun, creativity, romance, freedom, courage and strength.

Grab a pen and paper and check out this activity to help you intention set.

Pause as you need to as you move through the activity portion.

Infinite Love,